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Dear Robert,

Thank you for the manner in which you expressed your opinions in your response to my article “The Three “C”s of Tyranny and Damnation”.  Believe it or not, I do respect your opinions because I understand that you have sincere concerns you would like addressed.  Thank you for the respect you showed me in the wording of your letter. I will endeavor to answer some of the questions and concerns you expressed.  I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to publish your letter along with my response.  Of course, your name and e-mail will not be published.

Robert, I am quite certain that you have never actually read the Word of God to any real extent to seek the wisdom and knowledge it contains.  However, I would like to quote one verse here before I go any further into my response to you: II Cor. 3:17, “Now the Lord (Jesus Christ) is that Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”  I think you will understand this scripture much better by the end of this letter.

To begin with Robert, you have a vast misunderstanding of what “true” Christianity is, and it’s little wonder with what passes today as Christianity.  Truly “born again” and totally “converted” individuals that have given and surrendered their lives to Christ and have purposed in their hearts to follow His Word and to keep His commandments as John 14:15 states, will, by their moral conduct, be the best provider and protector of “true” liberty.  I think it important here, Robert, to look at the meaning of “liberty” as found in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.  Most seem to think that to be at liberty means we are free to do as we please at all times.  This is a huge misunderstanding and will always lead to chaos and eventually back to tyranny.  Liberty is the freedom to live, prosper and pursue happiness so long as we do no harm or violence to others and do not infringe on their rights and “liberties”.  Along with the blessings of liberty comes the responsibility of protecting the liberty of others and the duty to live morally and righteously as God’s Word teaches.  Now, let’s move on.

As you may know, or perhaps not, if you were educated in the public “fool” system as I was, that the foundations laid for America by the pilgrims and puritans were solidly Christian.   As is proven by the first compact, covenant or charter on how those on board the Mayflower were expected to conduct themselves as a “civil body”.  The Mayflower Compact as it was called, also stated the goal that they were to accomplish upon landing in the new world.  Simply stated, it was to preach, teach and propagate the gospel of Christ and His Kingdom in their new land.  These people had just fled “religious” tyranny in England.  They had no desire to start a new one in their new home.  They had come to what was referred to as by many as the new “promised land”.  They had come to establish a society where people could worship, or not as they felt inclined.  It is interesting also Robert, to know that not all of the people on board the Mayflower were Christians.  They did not have to profess Christ to live in the new community.  They were simply expected to live by the “moral” laws set forth in God’s Word.  Even the non-believers understood that no society can long exist as a free people without solid and unchangeable moral foundation.  Morality is the “glue” that keeps a society, free, prosperous, content and peaceful.  Even a single-family unit cannot function without a solid moral foundation.  I ask you to just take a look at our decaying nation as absolute proof of that.

Robert, I don’t know your age, but I’m going to guess that you are a bit younger than me.  I will be seventy-two in September.  Please allow me to share with you a little about our country when I was a “young’un”.  It may come across as a little “hokey” or “corny” to you.  And you may think it a little prejudice or tyrannical by today’s misled ideals.

First, I would like to point out that at that time my Dad and Mom were not Christians.  They both were born again in Christ several years later.  My Dad even preached a little and loved witnessing to all he could about Christ’s saving grace.  Although our home was not a Christian home, we lived by set moral standards that were still prevalent, accepted and expected then.  As a matter of fact, most of our community were not Christians, but the church at that time set a moral standard that most people could see and respect.  And most generally lived their lives by that moral standard.  Even by the unbelieving in the community, immorality would not be tolerated.  In those days, the preachers and pastors taught the whole council of God’s Word.  They exposed the evil in society and offered the people a “better” way in Christ.  Divorce was very rare.  Child abuse was almost unheard of.   There were no school shootings, even though we could take a gun to school so we could hunt on our way home.  Pregnancies outside of marriage were extremely rare.  Boys dressed and acted like boys.  Girls dressed and acted like young ladies.  As a young child, I was taught respect for ladies and my elders.  There was no problem of knowing which bathroom to use either.  Murders were also very rare.  Home burglaries in our area were non-existent.  Stealing of any kind was virtually unheard of.   No, Robert, most folks were not Christian, but because Christian values were taught, upheld and “enforced”, we had a very peaceful and content life in general.  We were not “church goers” as a family.  No one looked down on us or shamed us.  Even though we were not Christians we lived by Godly morals as was expected and were treated kindly by all.  We were poor, I guess, but my brother and I never knew it. Dad and Mom loved us, fed us, clothed and gave us shelter.  And they instilled in us a strong moral value system!  No, my parents were not Christians at the time, but Christian morality was still pretty much the standard the whole community lived by.  We were walking in the “Freedoms” offered to all by what was at the time still somewhat Christian (Godly) society guided by God’s moral standard.

Yes, Robert, in one sense you are right.  A society totally influenced by Christian values would expect people to live by a solid moral value system!  Murder, rape, stealing and unprovoked violence would not be tolerated.  That is why, as a young boy growing up in Monterville, WV, we never bothered to lock our doors!  We felt safe all the time everywhere we went.

You were right in one other aspect also, Robert.  A Christian influenced society would not tolerate sexual perversion because of what it does to the youth and is destroying the very foundations of a nation.  Surely you can understand that, Robert.  Even creation itself proves that this is a violation of “natural” laws!  In a Godly society such abominations as pedophilia, incest, rape, bestiality and more would come under very severe judgment.  As it should be!

You may want to think about this also, Robert, there is no such thing as a non-religious individual, society or government!  All people, societies or governments live by their own “philosophy” on life.  That is their religion!  Humanism, belief that you are God and doing what is right in your own eyes, regardless of how it affects others is a religion!  Or as you mentioned in your letter, there is the Islam religion. You either convert to their religion or die!  Women are treated as property.  Whereas in a “truly” Christian home, women are highly favored and respected.  Or perhaps you would prefer Buddhism or Hinduism where all life is considered sacred.  No one dares kill a cockroach, rat or any other creature.  It could be their “reincarnated” family member!  Also you would be taught that whether you are reincarnated as a cockroach, monkey, dog or poor beggar, if you are the best “creature” you can be you may come back as a “holy cow”!  Research other “religions” Robert, like Shinto, Taoism, Jainism, Sikhism and Confucianism and compare them to the true religion, faith in Jesus Christ and you will plainly see why other nations and societies never had what America once had.

All governments, which all tend to tyranny if not restrained, base their law systems on someone’s “religious” moral code!   Robert, you are far too intelligent not to understand what I have said is the truth! A society based and governed on Christian moral values and precepts in a free society dwelling in the “liberty” that the moral laws of Christ offers to all who reside there.  “That” society will be a prosperous, contented and peaceful society.

Otherwise, you have America today!

In Christ’s Service,

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