By Andrew C. Wallace

I have determined that one possible way to help free us of Communists is to exercise my Freedom of Speech Rights to inform Biden,”THE USURPER” and his Insurrectionists of how much they are hated and despised by Americans. They are unlawfully ruling against the desires and best interests of the country. The resentment and hatred of the insurrectionists by citizens is so powerful that they can never win a fair Constitutional election. The Communists have exercised their only option for control, raw power and the barrel of a gun.

I believe that never before in our history, not even during our Revolutionary War and Civil War has the anger of the people been so inflamed. People are now so enraged because they feel they may have no other alternative but violence. All other options have been denied.

People actually hate and despise Biden (THE USURPER) and his Superiors, the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and their Chinese Communist partners.

People also despise actions of the corporations, media, banks, elected officials, bureaucrats, judges, military flag officers, and all compromised government employees, et al., controlled by the PSRRC.

My feelings are so intense that I can’t even tolerate seeing the PSRRC’s Loathsome Lying Corrupt Biden, (THE USURPER) on TV, without cursing him out loud.

Most men I know do the same thing. The Ignorant, Apathetic and Lenin’s Useful Idiots don’t know or feel anything, as they help the Communists lead them to their own destruction.

When The PSRRC and their puppet, Biden, “THE USURPER” had millions of workers fired , they created an army (lager than U.S, Military) who hate them for damn good reasons and are armed to the teeth. The USURPER went too far this time. If he wanted a backlash that he could attack, then he will get more than he can handle. The proper response to retaliation by THE USURPER would be guerilla actions that no military has ever been able to defeat, and certainly not with our compromised Flag Officers who have not won a war in 75 years. These same military officers with support of most politicians have been eager to sacrifice the lives of our Armed Forces to profit the Military Industrial Complex, when critical issues of National Security were not evident.

Administrators and many Faculty of our Universities are advocates of Communism, Critical Race Theory, Climate Change, Illegal Invaders, Green New Deal, A National Income, Reparations, et al. They advocate everything that will destroy the Republic. These are not stupid people, but they are venal, demonic and ignorant of reality. Academics think they are superior to the rest of us. Public funding of most non professional university programs is not justified, or in the public interest. Funding of fun, games and debauchery is unconscionable; when we are in need of infrastructure and many of our citizens are in dire need. The negative quality of education at all levels is driving the demand for “School Choice” which Biden, ‘THE USURPER’ is fighting.

Most Blacks are good people. But when it comes to slavery, many never seem to learn that Democrats were responsible for the institution of slavery in the South, and continue to support slavery to this day in the Democrat Inner City Plantations. This ignorance of many Blacks and poor people is the result of fake schools and fake media, also controlled by Democrat Communists who they voted into office.

The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), 1/4 of 1%, and their “Richly Rewarded” and “Above the Law” Minions act as if they have the God Given “Divine Right of Kings”. This arrogance of attitude, superiority, and entitlement has earned these venal parasites the utter contempt of the people.

Chinese Communists in cooperation with our PSRRC controlled government and corporations declared war on the world with the Corona Virus, killing millions. This was the biggest “Crime Against Humanity” in history. It was used to beggar the people, destroy small business competitors, gain political advantage, and control the people with fear and brutal unconstitutional power. Every Faux authority involved in these crimes has lost all credibility and incurred wrath of the people.

Our military is very unhappy. It is being destroyed by Critical Race Theory, incompetent and anti-American Flag Officers ( who have not won a war in 75 years), forced vaccinations, reduced standards, Soviet style political officers, dangerous rules of engagement, et al. No one should want to serve or die in no win wars of no critical importance to the United States except for the profits of the PSRRC’s Military Industrial Complex.

American people are really enraged by Biden, THE USURPER’s open borders, support of illegal invaders, and efforts to take away our right to keep and bear firearms. Its simple, INVADERS are destroying Medicare, Social Security, American Dream, Voting Rights, all government benefits and increasing crime and diseases. There is no upside, none. We have no need for uneducated illegals, possessing no skills, who don’t speak English, many are criminals or diseased and we must support, or deport them, look at European experience. If we lose our right to keep and bear arms, we will be slaves overnight. Observe Canada, Australia and every Communist dictatorship.

The PSRRC has been sucking the life Blood out of our people since the inception of the Unconstitutional Private Federal Reserve Bank and Tax Free Foundations in 1913. Our dollar is unconstitutional Fiat, and unlimited printing is transferring the productivity and wealth of the working people to the wealthy and those who choose not to work. You are not a Racist or a Domestic Terrorist if you object to these Communist ideas which have failed every time they were tried. By definition, money is a store of value, our dollar is not. It was designed with no Constitutional backing so it could finance no win wars, transfer workers resources to the PSRRC and cause economic collapse on cue. Like the Chinese, the PSRRC want digital money for total control. Tax Free foundations have allowed the wealthy to control everything into eternity at the expense of the people.

Every part of the faux government is corrupt and controlled by the PSRRC and their Communist minions. We can never have a Constitutional Republic without the Constitution and “Rule of Law” being enforced, which is impossible so long as the rotten FBI exists.

Our founders came to America to escape life in European cities, now our cities are much, much worse than in Europe. Our citizens are enraged by this reality.

A majority of the Federal Government was unconstitutional before the Election Insurrection, now it is all unconstitutional and has no authority, none.

Citizens of both parties realize that Democrat and Republican elected officials are incompetent, corrupt and cowardly. BOTH parties are controlled by the PSRRC. People have heard about the old days when these criminals could expect pitchforks, tar and feathers. Now the people can see no alternative to violence because there are no other viable options.

I believe it is my Constitutional and Christian obligation, duty and right as a citizen to do everything possible to prevent the bloody destruction of my beloved country.

Those of us who have served our country and survived, will not allow our honored dead to have died in vain; we will fight the PSRRC and their Communist minions, which includes Biden,”THE USURPER”, until we die.

We would get the added Bonus of a return to Freedom and Prosperity when the PSRRC, Communists and Biden, “THE USURPER” are defeated.

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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