By Dr.Laurie Roth

Afghanistan Christians are not being allowed to get into the Airport to wait for any flight out, but instead have been ordered out into the explosion and kill zone, very exposed to wait.  What are they waiting for?  It is vividly clear at the ordering of the Biden administration and his evil State Department, they are waiting to be attacked, exploded or burned alive since most are Muslim converts to Christianity. They aren’t waiting for a rescue apparently by Biden and his endless resources

Our whole nation is still a gasp at the notion that Biden would remove all our military from Afghanistan, first before safely taking out the civilian population somewhere between 10,000-70,000.  On top of that horrifying action, Biden thought it was wise and helpful somehow to turn over the names of all the civilians there to the Taliban.  You can’t make this stuff up in a horror movie designed to shock and illicit screams from all watching.

Real Christians and concerned Americans are donating big money and resources to save the thousands of Christians being forced to wait outside the fence of the Airport and wait for death instead of rescue by America.  Kenneth Copeland, a real Pastor and man of faith, has donated a big plane to help, while many others have coughed up big money in the private sector.

Beck has proof that the Biden State Department has been calling neighboring countries and ordering them not to allow any Christians from Afghanistan into their country. Many of the surrounding Muslim countries have tried to show mercy and would allow a temporary stay just to get them out of the deadly kill zone they are now in.  Think of it, people.  Biden, the U.S. and our military could have in 24 hours enough people, protection and planes in Afghanistan, to get all the civilians and Christians out of there but he won’t.  He doesn’t want to or he would have.

So far, Beck said he has not only raised 30 plus million to get them out but of this writing, had already rescued and flown out 5100 Christians to undisclosed locations.  The rest are in a kill zone, waiting to be set on fire by the Taliban, blown up, shot or tortured.  Look what one person in America, coordinating a rescue effort can do, thank you Glenn Beck.

Bottom line people

Don’t talk to me about Biden’s alleged dementia.  It is very clear he and his handlers have a bold plan to make sure Christians waiting to get on any plane (not provided of course by Biden or the state Department) will be exposed, blown up or burned alive.  Of course, then there are those pesky 10-50,000 civilians left there to die with no protection, thanks to our satanic, un-American evil and fake president, Biden.

It is high time for Impeachments, arrests and Trump to return.  It is also time for more Americans to stand, no matter what against dangerous vaccine and mask tyranny, the stealing of your Constitutional rights and planned destruction of America and her people.  Get into groups., protest, stand up to evil Governors and up to Biden and his evil minions now or because a vaccinated slave who turns in their neighbor, sells out and dies an early death.

We are at war for everything that matters.  Get messy, organized and fight where you can.  Remember this.  Our real power, direction, strategic advantage and win is from our Lord Jesus. He has promised long ago in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to save and help us if we will submit to Him and trust Him.  “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”

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