by Lee Duigon

July 14, 2022

You’ll own nothing, have no privacy… and you’ll be happy! Such is the promise offered to humanity by Klaus Schwab, Mr. World Economic Forum.

How’s that promise shaping up for us?

In Sri Lanka, ham-fisted government policies reminiscent of our own Green New Deal have exasperated the people beyond their means to tolerate it—booming inflation, shortages of food and other necessaries. They can’t stand it anymore; so they stormed the presidential palace and have chased their lunatic “president” out of the country. He was to have departed yesterday.

In the Netherlands the government’s goons are shooting at farmers who have been protesting equally insane new policies that will destroy their livelihoods. All in the service of Saving The Planet, dontcha know. There’s no indication that this mess will calm down anytime soon.

And in Canada, libs allied to the Trudeau Regime want the government to monitor “private communications” (which won’t be private anymore—so there!) so they can come down on anyone who has a difference of opinion with the rulers. Dissent in Canada has a new name: “misinformation.” We have not been told how they plan to control what is said in private communications. Will they steam open people’s letters? Create algorithms that will rat them out for any discouraging words posted on the social media? They’ll come up with something.

Is this whole world sliding into tyranny? Is freedom an endangered species?

Our Declaration of Independence, our country’s founding document, states that we “are endowed by [our] Creator with certain inalienable rights.” That means our rights are God-given and cannot and may not be sold or taken away from us. Not even by the government.

Oh, but they try! If they can’t buy our rights, they’ll use force. They’ll use fear—and chaos. Riots and all that. So they have the FBI spy on parents who don’t like what the teachers’ unions and race-baiting educators are “teaching” their children. Our national border is ruptured—on purpose. And the Biden Regime still has its sights set on establishing some kind of “Disinformation Governance Board” which would come down on anyone whose mind’s not right. It seems we don’t need no stinkin’ inalienable rights.

They want a world government, run by themselves, so passionately, they can taste it. And they don’t care who they have to hurt to get it.

As Plutarch observed some two thousand years ago, it’s not hard to impose a tyrannical regime on a city or a nation. The hard part is keeping it in being. He also remarked that tyranny is a nice lofty perch—but there’s no safe way down from it.

(And to think that all that King George III wanted was a stamp tax…)

They’ve thoroughly enjoyed subjecting us to mandates, lockdowns, an invasion of illegal immigrants, hysterical warnings of “insurrection,” Critical Race Theory, and transgender mania. Enjoyed every minute of it. This has to stop. If we can stop it with an election, good for us. But it does have to stop.

Let freedom ring! And when they try to stifle us… sing louder! And appeal to a righteous God who sets up nations and sets them down as He sees fit.

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