by Lee Duigon

May 26, 2022

When you grow up, you’re supposed to grow out of the habit of offering up lame, ridiculous excuses that no one over five years old would ever believe.

Someone forgot to tell our education bigwigs that.

First we saw it from the National School Boards Assn. You’ll remember that the NSBA raised some hackles last year by sending a now-infamous letter to the White House that got the Justice Dept. and the FBI spying on parents as “domestic terrorists.” Well, as bad as that letter was, it seems there were earlier drafts that were even worse. Some of them have been leaked.

How’s this for a mob of school board characters? They actually asked the government to send troops (!) and MPs… to deal with thoroughly unspecified “threats and acts of violence” against school board members, time and place not mentioned. One conjures up images of Khrushchev’s tanks rolling into Budapest in 1956. Really, who do these people think they are? And where do they think they are?

It seems the soldiers and the MPs were wanted to suppress parents’ objections to their children being “taught” Critical Race Theory (“All white people are born racists”) and force-fed transgender propaganda. How could the NSBA tolerate such insubordination? It’s a peasant revolt! Call out the National Guard!

This did not go over big with the American people, so an excuse was needed—and fast. First they tried “The puppy ate my homework,” but that didn’t fly. Then they came up with a winner: “That guy who wanted troops sent in, he was only an interim CEO, he’s gone now and the whole thing was totally his idea, his bad, and the rest of us, we had no idea what he was up to, we had nothing to do with it,” blah-blah. Honk if you believe this.

The very next day, the State Farm Insurance Co. found itself in need of a pathetic lame excuse. The story had gotten out that State Farm had mobilized hundreds of employees to distribute tranny books to schools, community centers, and libraries… targeting children ages five (!) and up. The public didn’t like that at all. State Farm tried to deny it, but there on their Facebook page was a thank-you note from a school in Tacoma.

In record time, they found a scapegoat. It was some “diversity” schnook in their Florida office, “four levels below,” on the organization chart, the Chief Diversity Jidrool in Indiana—all his fault, we had no idea what he was doing! It seems they got a lot of “customer inquiries”—translation, angry people melted down the switchboards—and so they promised not to deliver any more filth to kindergarten kiddies.

Uh, if Little Mr. Nobody in Florida was four levels below Big Mr. Diversity in Indiana, doesn’t that mean that State Farm has at least five levels of Diversity crapola? And which has what, exactly, to do with providing car insurance?

Public schools have emerged as the most convenient venue for groomers. School boards used to be staffed by normal people, insurance companies used to sell insurance, and no one was required to go along with and “affirm and celebrate” anyone else’s absurd delusion.

And full-fledged adults had no need of paltry lame excuses.

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