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We have seen that Bill Gates is not the Mr. Nice Guy that he would try to make you think.  He is known as a philanthropist and has given many millions to many causes but most of the causes are not to proliferate the human population but to reduce the human population.  As I stated in an earlier installment, he wants to use vaccines to control the population.  Controlling the population entails limiting the population.  Vaccines do not do that; they are intended to keep people alive.  Gates does not have a good record of providing safe vaccines. He was kicked out of India because his vaccines either killed a lot of people or left them physically handicapped.  India is now suing him and his pharmaceutical company.  Even in Italy, there has been a recent call for him to be charged with crimes against humanity: Days after it was revealed in an intercepted human intelligence report that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced Coronavirus vaccination program in Nigeria, now an Italian politician has demanded the arrest of Bill Gates in the Italian parliament. Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. She also exposed Bill Gates’ agenda in India and Africa, along with the plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, in 2015 it was the Italians who exposed secret Chinese biological experiments with Coronavirus. The video, which was broadcast in November 2015, showed how Chinese scientists were doing biological experiments on a SARS connected virus believed to be Coronavirus, derived from bats and mice, asking whether it was worth the risk in order to be able to modify the virus for compatibility with human organisms.[1]

There is a different scenario that I see for his great push for vaccines. Number one is money. He is a wealthy man, estimated at $107 billion, but some people can not get enough.  He has admitted that he has spent over $10 billion over the last ten years funding vaccines and he has seen a return on investment of 20-1.[2] The other aspect is he is a control freak and thinks that he has the right to call for every person to be implanted with a bio device that will be able to track everything you do and everywhere you go.  He even believes that a person who refuses to be vaccinated should not be able to travel beyond where he/she lives.[3]

Bobby Kennedy Jr. has even stated that money is one of the big factors behind Gates’ push for vaccines: If you are one of the millions of Americans wondering why Dr. Anthony Fauci is vehemently cheerleading and praising a coronavirus vaccine for ALL Americans … Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says follow the money. Bobby Kennedy Jr. dropped a bombshell on the Thomas Paine Podcast, detailing an apparent agreement between the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Bill Gates-backed pharmaceutical company that has the best chance at this point of securing lucrative contracts for a national coronavirus vaccine.

That puts your government in bed with Big Pharma and Gates and could pay as much as 50 percent of the profits to the NIH, the parent agency that employs Dr. Anthony Fauci — who again — is lobbying for the vaccine. Does Fauci get a cut of the bounty too? Or has he already been cut in?

Federal officials are not commenting on Kennedy’s alarming information. But … the NIH is the key player in deciding what vaccines get approved for coronavirus and the NIH and government would profit wildly, as Kennedy said, if the Gates-backed pharma play Moderna Inc. gets the green light. Kennedy slammed both Gates and Fauci on numerous occasions during the exclusive interview with Paine. Gates’ company is already in human trials with the vaccine. Just weeks after the outbreak? [4]

One has to ask how does an unelected person garner so much power in a political system where it should only be elected people that can call for what Gates is calling for, mandatory vaccines, travel restrictions and the calls for no large gatherings until a suitable vaccine is in place for this non-pandemic pandemic.  Keep in mind that he is for population control and he will use vaccines to achieve that goal.  His vaccines in Africa intentionally sterilized women without their knowledge.

The Microsoft co-founder and prominent eugenicist has been more outspoken in recent days than perhaps ever before about his desire to vaccinate the entire world, in this case as soon as possible for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And the reality is that many more will die from the vaccine than from the virus itself.

Speaking during a recent segment on CNBC, Gates admitted that in order to make vaccines “work” for the most vulnerable groups, they have to be super-charged, in a sense. And this super-charging means that some people are going to be injured or killed as a result.

“We clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they’re most at risk of that,” Gates 00stated about his plans for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination.

“And doing that so that you amp it up so that it works in older people, and yet you don’t have side effects if we have one in 10,000 side effects that’s way more, 700,000 people who will suffer from that.”

Bill Gates also says flu vaccines do not work for older people

During this same interview, Gates admitted something that we, too, have reported on: that influenza vaccines are pretty much useless in older people.

Though supposedly high-risk seniors are pushed to get their flu shots annually, Gates confessed to the fact that this yearly ritual does nothing to protect them against the flu.

“The efficacy of vaccines in older people is always a huge challenge,” Gates stated. “It turns out the flu vaccine isn’t that effective in elderly people.”

“And that actual decision of, ok, let’s go and give this vaccine to the entire world, governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed.” [5]

This COVID-19 is not the pandemic that they claim it is. H1N1 had a mortality rate of 39.5%, COVID-19 is around .4%. Influenza has caused more deaths than COVID-19. This is totally a political play and I’ll say it was initiated by the Democrats. I could be wrong, but I’m probably not. They are willing to destroy America to get rid of Trump and this is proof.

Keep a watchful eye on the Democrats.  They do not care if you lose everything just as long as they think they can blame Trump, they’ll do it.

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