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Another week of looting, rioting, destroying business putting thousands of Americans out of work, destroying neighborhoods, police precincts and obscene images such as the one of cops washing the feet of a black woman of faith on their knees. This took place in Cary, NC.  Law enforcement’s job is to serve the community in keeping the peace, answering calls relating to things like rape, murder, drunks,dangerous gang violence, domestic violence and sometimes, help deliver babies – regardless of skin color.

Interact with people in their cities and towns on a friendly basis but they have to maintain a professional attitude or no one will respect them. Like a school teacher, otherwise you’ll have chaos in the classroom.  We older folks remember TV shows like The Andy Griffith show.  Of course, that show took place in a small town vs. cops who risk their lives everyday in crime infested mega cities like NYC, LA, Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, Seattle, Chicago and too many more.

If the officers mentioned above want to get together out of uniform on their own time and have discussions and meetings with people of color, no problem. But, they are not policy makers. The citizens of Cary can and should attend city council meetings and bring forth their concerns as police departments (I believe in most cities in the U.S.) answer to mayors and city councils. Getting down on their knees in uniform sends a clear message:  You either grovel and beg forgiveness for something you had nothing to do with or we will continue to burn cities and kill innocent people.

What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was the act of one officer (Chauvin) and three others who stood and watched had nothing to do with Cary, NC. George Floyd should not have died May 25th but there’s always more to the story.

We know from irrefutable video Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes.  Chauvin at 5’7” (avg weight for male at that height is 135 – 150 pounds).  Floyd at 6’7” 223 pounds with fentanyl, cannabinoids and meth in his system. (Also ‘free morphine’, not sure what that is but apparently has something to do with heroin. Officer Lane’s attorney (he’s also been charged) said in a recent TV interview that body cam film will show all that happened.

The anchor asked why the public could not see those video cams worn by those officers?  The attorney replied the FBI and state investigators were reviewing them. Instead of waiting for due process and a complete investigation, seditionists, anarchists, run-of-the-mill thieves and useful fools took over.

Video:  Busted Looting Suspect Admits on Camera: ‘Just Trying To Get Some Money’  You get what you vote into office: Democratic Texas candidate Kim Olson – “Even if people loot, so what?” Olson said in a video that was first reported by The Washington Examiner. “Burn it to the ground, you know, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation.”

At the time and one can hope the Minneapolis PD training manual has now been changed, a knee on the neck was allowed; Hennepin County is where that arrest took place: Police training expert speaks about fatal Minneapolis incident– In that article the training expert explains use of neck restraint. Here is the language from their training manual

“Only sworn employees who have received training from the MPD Training Unit are authorized to use neck restraints. The MPD authorizes two types of neck restraints: Conscious Neck Restraint and Unconscious Neck Restraint. (04/16/12)”

Whether or not Chauvin was a sworn employee who had the proper training will come out at trial unless plea bargains are agreed upon.

Looting and burning has severely hurt cities and towns across the country

As I said in my column last week, Americans finally let out of their cages by DemoRAT governors and mayors over COVID-19 have now seen their paychecks go up in smoke, again.  Trying to get back on their feet, protesters totally out of control aided and abetted by criminal enterprises, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, have once again reined terror against their own.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Target does not re-open stores in cities where officials did nothing to stop the rioting.  Once Minneapolis was burning, Target closed all their stores in the state.  I know the one in No. California where my sister lives shut down after being looted; no one knows if they will ever re-open.  More jobs lost.  More tax revenues lost for the city to provide services for their communities.

In fact, it won’t surprise me if more companies and big-box stores simply pull out of cities that endorse lawlessness.  Want to burn down and loot our businesses costing us tons of money and forcing us to lay-off workers?  Fine, we’ll go elsewhere.  The rioting since May 25th has cost tens and tens of millions of dollars in destruction to both private and public property.

And speaking of useful fools:  Top Democrat politicians kneel for George Floyd while wearing African garb that symbolizes the selling of African slaves to elitist European Whites

The rank insanity of ‘cancel culture’

This new lunacy has sprung up the past two weeks.  If you are perceived to be a racist you are hereby “cancelled” from your job.  Pressure from BLM and other racist organizations hammering on gutless employers, networks and even Hollywood to ‘cancel’ individual’s livelihood.

Paw Patrol is the most successful cartoon show on the planet.  The star is a dog who is a cop.  Now these zealots are demanding the show be cancelled because it portrays that furr-baby as a cop.  ‘This s**t is going too far’: Ice Cube defends ‘PAW Patrol’ amid cancelationNo, he’s not white.

Cancel all cop shows!  I wonder how uber-liberal, Mariska Hargitay, star of Law & Order for the past 22 years, feels about possibly losing her multi-million dollar a year paycheck?  A & E has a massive hit show for many years, LIVE PD. I haven’t owned a TV for 3 ½ years and don’t miss the big, fat cable bill because I watched so little TV.  But while in California last September and bored in my hotel, my little sister told me on the phone to watch that show on A & E.

I did and when I got home on a streaming network.  I must tell you it is hilarious but sad at the same time.  I believe most Americans have no idea how difficult it can be as a police officer on the beat.  What they deal with every day of their shifts.  Drunks, druggies higher than a kite, domestic violence calls which are very dangerous, robbers armed and dangerous while cops pursue them at night so they don’t kill someone.  You name it, they’ve seen it all and it is very dangerous work.

What most people don’t see unless they watch that show (which goes from state to state during each episode) is how cops interact with people once they pull them over – regardless of skin color.  It is hilarious to watch people in all their stupidity and believe me, some are so damn dumb you wonder how they make it through the day – especially the dopers.  One can only hope after seeing their appalling appearance on that show (and other real-time cop shows) they just might think it’s time to make some positive changes in their lives.

Sad to watch detainees’s spit on cops, lie to them (I don’t got no dope when a bag of crack is sitting on the front seat), scream the foulest language you’ve ever heard in cops faces, try to kill the cops detaining them.  Cops who give the person being pulled over a break – regardless of skin color.  Cops laughing and joking around with the detainee trying to keep things light so they don’t get out of hand.  What you see in real time IS real for those cops because too many get shot or killed. Tragedy happens in a split-second.

Mississippi cops launch manhunt for gunman who ‘shot and killed a beloved deputy, 77, who was working to help raise his grandchildren after their mother died’, June 13, 2020 – “Mississippi authorities are on a manhunt for a suspect who fatally shot a sheriff’s deputy after grabbing the cop’s gun while he was taken into custody”.  Suspect is black. The dead deputy sheriff grandpa is white.  The GoFundMe for George Floyd’s family has raised just under $14 million. I could not find a GoFundMe page for officer James Blair who was raising his grandsons.

Due to a coordinated effort by BLM and their hate whites supporters, A & E has now cancelled that show putting untold numbers of people out of work; production, travel agents, all who put together a show together.  Those on location – now hotels, gas stations and restaurants lose patronage.  There is a huge back lash by fans so perhaps A & E will reverse their decision (after all, it’s their big money maker) and put the show back on the air.

A & E has taken the toxic PC line: “Going forward, we will determine if there is a clear pathway to tell the stories of both the community and the police officers whose role it is to serve them. And with that, we will be meeting with community and civil rights leaders as well as police departments.”

In other words, alter reality to please the racists who hate cops.  That show already “tell the stories of both the community and police officers” blah, blah, blah.  It’s live. No editing.  It’s events as calls come in to respond to a situation requiring police.  That show is transparency. Maybe that’s why the thugs in BLM and ANTIFA don’t want people watching because it shows how fair and compassionate white cops are towards black and brown skinned people.

Defund police departments

Another absolutely insane idea promoted by racist and criminal enterprises and incredibly STUPID sheep.  Let’s have community policing instead!  Yeah, go ahead and see how that works out.

Those fools want community-led public safety system?  Community by community or would that be county by county? Any oversight from the state or just allow your cities and towns to turn into crime infested racial crap holes?

Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Votes to Replace Police with ‘Community-Led Public Safety System’

“By “defund the police,” the left means replacing the police with Sharia patrol, Black Panthers, La Raza and other anti-Christian, anti-white social justice enforcers…The police reform bill introduced by Democrat lawmakers this week empowers radical left-wing groups such as La Raza (The Race), a Communist brown supremacist group, to monitor police officers across the country.”

Seattle has long been a city of drug addicts, homelessness and political correctness. This past week we saw yet another layer of insanity being called autonomous and cop-free zones.  After as expected when things got tense and violent between protesters and cops, Seattle city officials ordered the police force to stand down. Police were told to evacuate the Capitol Hill area.  Now residents and businesses are suffering.

Their mayor, just like their governor is BRAIN DEAD.  Kshama Sawant serves on the Seattle City Council.  She was born in India, obviously hates anything America stands for including people with white skin; “off with their heads” is her favorite shout-out.  Sawant is known as a ‘firebrand’ who uses militant style tactics to get what she wants.  Sawant lives in an $800,000 house and can really “feel” the pain of black Americans.

Sawant is a major cheerleader for thugs in BLM, ANTIFA and the local criminal element which has taken over six blocks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood including a police precinct.  Sawant is the first open socialist to be elected to Seattle’s city council.  Say, how’s it working out for you folks in that barricaded area?

Imbicile Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan [Demorat] said of that autonomous zone: “It’s like a block party”. Really? Since when do block parties have heavily armed thugs only allowing inside the stupid and gullible? Inside an area where anarchists have taken over public property (police precinct) and are taunting police to do anything about it.

Street preacher attacked in Seattle’s autonomous zone: ‘Stop choking me!’ (Photos)

Well, things are different in Nashville, TN:  Nashville Protesters Set Up ‘Autonomous Zone,’ Governor Says It ‘Will Not Be Tolerated’ – Cops simply tore down the barricades and that took care of that.

What any mayor with a spark between his/her ears should have done:  you stop the problem before it becomes a riot. Short video:  Police dismantle an Antifa “autonomous zone” in Asheville, NC. Not today, stalin.

Truck Drivers Say They Won’t Deliver to Cities With DeFunded Police Departments – “Seventy-seven percent of truck drivers say they will refuse to deliver freight to cities with defunded police departments.” I say good for them.  Truckers or their companies who might suffer drivers who get beat up or cargo stolen, trucks torched, are under no legal obligation to deliver to cities run amok with lawlessness and that’s exactly what that lunacy called community-based policing will turn into.

Seattle police union chief says his city is ‘closest I’ve ever seen’ to being ‘lawless state’ – “And, if…unreachable activists have taken over an East Precinct voluntarily given up by an elected officials’ decisions, what’s to stop them from taking another precinct?” he asked. “And…West Precinct — where 300 protesters marched on it two nights ago, where officers were ordered back inside, outside the perimeter — If we lose that flagship precinct, that houses the 911 communications center. Therefore, if that becomes disabled, how do we provide public safety services to the entire city?”

What were they thinking?I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this:

Two police officers in Atlanta shot and killed a 27-year old black man last Friday night.  The immediate reaction by thugs was to burn down the Wendy’s.  Wendy’s had nothing to do with what happened but once again, people in that community who worked there are now out of jobs and the thugs win again.

It seems Rayshard Brooks was drunk (he blew a breathalyzer which proved that to be the case) and sleeping in his car in the Wendy’s parking lot.  Two officers checked to see if Brooks was alright; Brooks got out of his car.  A long back and forth ensued as what usually happens when someone tries to reason with a drunk.

Now, Brooks clearly says on the video he didn’t want to drive, he lived close by and his sister lived up the street.  As the two officers tried to cuff Brooks, that’s when all hell broke loose.  The video shows Brooks violently begin to resist so the officers attempt to cuff him. The body cam is knocked to the ground but you can hear the taser being used and then gun shots.   From another video angle you see both cops chasing Brooks, Brooks firing back at them with the taser he managed to wrestle from one officer.  Then gun shots.  Brooks is dead.  The two videos can be watched here.

I have to ask, what were they thinking?  Brooks didn’t want to operate a vehicle while intoxicated.  Why couldn’t those two cops ask if he had a cell phone and then call his sister to come pick him up?  I saw several episodes on that now cancelled show LIVE PD where cops did exactly that with a drunk.  They waited until a family member came and picked up the drunk, cited the man or woman and all was well with no violence.  Brooks shouldn’t have resisted arrest but, come on, a harmless drunk who was willing to walk or call a family member to pick him up and instead you decide to arrest him?

As for Brooks pointing and shooting the taser back at the cops, it’s hard to tell the distance.  I suppose they (cops) will claim they had a sincere belief their lives were in danger.  Yes, tazing a person by pointing the taser gun at a person’s chest can and has caused the person to have a heart attack and die, but like I said, there was a bit of distance between Brooks and the officer who shot him. Those two cops have due process rights but one would think due to the toxic environment out there in America right now they might have made a better choice.

There are bad doctors, roofing companies, dentists, engineers, school teachers – from all professions including priests, pastors and deacons but it doesn’t make each and every one in any profession bad.  The same applies to cops and it’s up to a Chief of Police to make sure their police force is well trained and bad cops removed from the force. Looting and destroying cities and communities is not the answer.

Speaking of training, last week on Sean Hannity’s show he had on his sensei. Hannity has been taking martial arts training for 7 ½ years.  What his sensei (trainer) and friend talked about was self-defense.  How you can bring down a person regardless of size by using several non-lethal methods.  Like jerking fingers back towards the wrist and holding; very painful.A person will drop instantly to their knees.  How to fend off a knife or even gun attack using various martial arts moves.

It was very interesting and a great idea for police departments across the country.  Of course, it’s a different story when you’re being shot at, but for the incident above with Brooks, the minute he started to resist, if those cops had martial arts training, likely the outcome would be completely different.  This is something YOU can bring up at your next city council meeting and with your local Chief of Police and Sheriff.

America, We Are Leaving – This man has been a cop for 27 years.  What he has to say is the truth racists and stupid fools who align themselves with BLM and other insurrection groups don’t want you to hear.

The Founder of Blue Line Bears Is Broken as She Recognizes That the World Hates Her Dad Just for The Uniform That He Wears.

The Department of Justice has already arrested a lot of thugs for their criminal activities during riots.  I have no doubt serious examinations of each individual will divulge if he/she has connections to BLM, ANTIFA or both.  Here is a lit of individuals and federal charges against them.

DOJ reveals striking details of riot arrests, including helicopter laser strikes and precinct arson

Lawyers who targeted NYPD with Molotov cocktails hit with new federal charges, face life in prison – Now that’s good news.

In 2012, John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute wrote a Tanks on Main Street: The Militarization of Local Police – While I agree with his column, in some places like LA, some of that heavy duty equipment is needed and could very well be needed if Trump wins a second term.  He is absolutely right about no-knock warrants and small towns and cities like mine not needing to outfitted like a military force bound for Afghanistan.  It’s food for thought.  Too many innocent Americans of all skin colors have died.

The bigger picture – “So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” – Benjamin Disraeli, former Prime Minister of Great Britain”

Most Americans are not as well informed as you and I which is why it’s so important to keep NewsWithViews up and running.  It’s up to us to get the truth out to anyone who will listen.  These riots and destruction are not spontaneous events.  They are well planned and well- funded which is why my dear friend’s suggestion to use RICO statutes to go after BLM, ANTIFA and any of their spin-offs is so important.

As We Suspected Groups Behind the Riots Include Domestic Terrorists, Black Lives Matter, US Islamists and Others Linked to the Democrat Party

Americans must open their eyes and understand the diabolical plans to destroy this country began way back in 1909 when the blue print for destroying our economy was being hatched with first, the Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913 and then the income tax. Destroying states rights was imperative thus we had the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which was NOT ratified by enough states which I proved beyond any legal threshold.  However, judges and politicians are too gutless to address that fraud.

I have written several columns (below) – VERY important columns on who really controls governments and political parties.  If you read one over lunch or morning coffee, in a week you will have a good beginning in understanding of the powerful elites working to destroy our beautiful country and suck us into a utopian one world government.  These are people who want no public exposure, are richer than one can imagine and they are absolutely ruthless.  Soros is just one of the evil doers who can’t get around public exposure on donations to non-profits.

These riots, the dividing of Americans along racial lines is all part of the grand plan.  Americans are being skillfully manipulated playing on emotions not facts.  We can reject it and fight back with the truth.

The House That Evil Built  (2013)

The Destroyers Who Control Congress, the White House & Media (2009) World States Super- Secret Constitution

Treasonous agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations (2005)

Treasonous agenda of the Trilateral Commission (2005)

Book by Dr. Stanley Monteith, a dear man now deceased:  The Brotherhood of Darkness

Four important short videos:

Explosive, profanity-laced call involving Chicago mayor leaked – 976,272 views since Jun 9, 2020

Hannity: Seattle is the latest big liberal city to lose control of a critical situation – 608,508 views since Jun 11, 2020

All members of Buffalo PD’s emergency response team resign in protest (GRAPHIC VIDEO) – 2,645,779 views since Jun 5, 2020

Reporter on the ground in Seattle details ‘anarchy’ on the streets – 1,345,447 views since Jun 11, 2020

Tucker Carlson has done some hard hitting, accurate and truthful reporting on the riots and players.  I hope you will boycott these companies:  At least 37 advertisers have stopped advertising on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show in recent months after the host’s controversial comments. Here’s the list.  There is nothing “controversial” about his comments.  Truth is not controversial.  Of the 37, I buy none of their products and services anyway.  I did eat at a Red Lobster traveling through Flagstaff, AZ last year; won’t make that mistake again.  I’m sorry for employees but those ‘woke’ companies do not support the First Amendment and truth.  The only thing they understand is the bottom line, therefore, they won’t get my money.

WE THE PEOPLE must sacrifice our time and energy to restore our country and stop those working to destroy it.  This might also be a good time to call your Democrat mayor and governor:  I will not visit your city because you refuse to put down the anarchists and insurrectionists running amok in your city.  I will not hold my company’s conference in your city or anywhere in (whatever state) for the same reason. I will not vacation with my family in your state.  Oh, their ears will perk up, make no mistake about that.

For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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