By Sidney Secular

December 4, 2021

What would libbers say if you told them that “St.” Karl Marx was a rich spoiled brat as well as a hateful and despicable character, along the lines of the typical libber leader of the Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer variety. Most discourses of Marxism degenerate into exercises in intellectual futility and factual foolishness all supported by an implied assumption that Marx was a godlike being worthy of emulation. All of this idiocy arises because his ideas are seen to have intellectual and moral gravitas. The truth is that Marx was unable to formulate anything of sense or value even had his life depended upon it. Rather, Karl Marx was a repulsive, greedy, parasitic lout whose theories have been tainted by his freakish worldview, and thus are proven to be both repulsive and absurd when compared with normal, rational and intelligent life perspectives.

Marx hated the bourgeoisie. In fact, he hated everyone, and especially those who accomplished things in life, principally if those accomplishments meant that they had achieved and obtained things he believed due and owing to himself! Despite the money showered on him by his wealthy and indulgent father, Marx was always in debt. Communist Manifesto co-author, co-conspirator, and co-weirdo Friedrich Engels was also, like Marx, a spoiled brat and the son of a wealthy industrialist. Let’s face it, any decently trained psychiatrist can easily point out why the pampered sons of capitalists hated capitalists and embraced those whom they considered their victims. Did Karl and Fred consider themselves victims? It would seem so!

But victim status notwithstanding, Marx happily and without guilt accepted ongoing financial support from Engels throughout his life. However, even this “charity” for Engels was obtained dishonestly as he stole money from his father’s business’ petty cash account to support himself and Marx. Meanwhile, the great champion of the worker Marx, hovered over his ailing relatives waiting for them to die in hopes of inheriting something from their lives. This morbid way of life led him to express to his wife and/or Engels extremes of joy or anger depending on the provisions of the wills of his unfortunate relatives when they passed on.

Marx never worked to support himself and as a result, his mother strongly suggested that he should engage in a little of the capitalism he so severely condemned. As well, Marx rarely bathed forcing his mother to constantly hound him to change his underwear. Even friend and fellow oddball Engels described his constant rages as sounding like a thousand devils pulling him by the hair. The narcissistic Marx expected to be worshipped as a prerequisite to showing any normal human affection towards others despite his own ill nature and offensive persona. The “Marxman” also fathered an illegitimate son by his maid but shifted the blame to Engels. In a rare
show of actual humanity, Engels raised the boy as his own, and only admitted the truth on his deathbed! But the boy was fortunate to have Engels as two of Marx’s daughters and a son-in-law committed suicide! And while Marx believed that he had the answer to universal well-being, he was so lazy that three of his sons died of malnutrition while forcing his wife to scrape up the money for one of their coffins.

In another mark of his psychotic mentality, Marx employed a loutish, libidinous, and completely useless private secretary merely because he felt a man of his “exalted status” should have one! Obviously, Marx knew nothing of the working classes he claimed to champion. But it wasn’t just his ignorance in the matter, but his opinion of those for whom he supposedly spoke. Actually, Marx despised “the masses,”
calling them “asses”, “rogues”, and “stupid boys.” However, that is not an unusual situation with “liberals.” These people always consider themselves above not only those with whom they disagree, but those for whom they claim to speak. It’s a wonderful scenario for them as they have no guilt stealing and tyrannizing both sides. All that they have, they deserve simply by virtue of who they are.

Das Kapital, the three volume treatise supposedly on economics is inscrutable to economists; actually, that means that it is errant nonsense. Marx’s hatred of his fellow man translated into a desire to see society, especially Western civilization that had raised man from the cave to the height of power and knowledge, destroyed root and branch. The natural outgrowths of such a “philosophy” of nihilism were the diseased movements of “Cultural” Marxism (political correctness) promoted by the Frankfurt School including Critical Race Theory and a general “intellectual” atmosphere that finds fault with whatever works, especially if it works well and benefits humanity. Thus, Marxism denigrates movements and philosophies that promote, or would promote healthy societies, and especially nationalism, Western Civilization and the foundation upon which that Civilization rests, Christianity.

It’s amazing how little his brainless acolytes know of their guru! However, they are so far gone that they would take up his banner even if they were aware of his personal repulsiveness, the senselessness of his drivel, the diabolical foundation of all his schemes and the disaster to which they will lead. At this point, they are too heavily invested emotionally and “intellectually” in their madness to “repent” and seek the truth. This is readily apparent as the “Demonrat” Party continues to destroy our society even while their “base” continues to debase itself and the world by going along with increasingly impractical, unworkable, demonic and suicidal schemes. There is an ancient Greek saying very fitting for the world as it is today:

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

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