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I was ousted from my first business today for not wearing a mask.  (I have never worn a mask.)

My husband drives for UPS.  Those in the delivery business know that they haven’t had a break in, well, almost a year.  Once covid was declared a “pandemic” and draconian measures were set (“two weeks to flatten the curve”), it was like Christmas every day in the shipping business.  Everyone started buying online.  And it never slowed down.  Covid ran into Christmas which ran into 2021, and well, I get to see my husband on the weekends, when he’s not catching up on stuff he couldn’t get done throughout the week.

Kansas has been slammed for over two weeks of arctic weather, snow and ice.  That makes delivering even more challenging, and with longer hours.  So when I received the call from him today (Next Day Air was late, and his workday went from getting off maybe around eight, to getting off around ten if he’s lucky), asking me to please find some waterproof, warm boots for him, it seemed priority.  For the last two weeks he has come home frozen to the bone, peeled his boots and wet socks off, and laid them by the fire to hope they dry out enough by morning.

I can’t recall the last time I bought a pair of boots; I wasn’t sure where to look.  Then I remembered a Boot Barn opened up in town about a year ago.  I went there.  It was 3:45 in the afternoon, and by my line of sight, there were no other customers there.  (unless the one I thought was an employee was a customer)  The parking lot was empty.  I was asked if I had a mask, to which I replied I have an exemption.  By State ordinance (not law), people with exemptions are, well, exempt from the ordinance.

No matter!  The lady kindly explained there were no exemptions honored in the Boot Barn.  They offer curbside pickup and delivery for those who won’t or can’t wear a mask, regardless of State ordinances.  (which I agree are silly things anyway)

The truth is, I’d gladly shop online for pretty much anything anymore, but boots for my husband to have that day does not afford me that option.  I simply got in my car, drove across the street to an Academy Sports and was in and out in fifteen minutes, with boots in hand.  Maskless.  (Apparently Karen does not work at Academy.)

I mean, it’s your business.  I guess.  I don’t ever have to shop in your store again.  There are plenty of other places to get merchandise.  It’s the lack of logic I can’t seem to get around.

The State “mandate” is masks UNLESS you can socially distance.  Three people in a 3000+ square foot building meant I could “socially distance”.  Stores are required by this mandate to require masks, but are excused for exemptions.  So it was a company decision to not follow the State guidelines, and a company decision to not honor my exemption.  Okay.  I can do business with another company.  (Like Academy.)  Isn’t that the premise of a free country anyway?

Actions have consequences.  Brick and mortar is struggling.  Overhead is greater than online shopping.  I don’t get hassled shopping online.  It’s a no-brainer for me, but still, the logic….

I think the thing that I can’t seem to wrap my head around, the tenet that pulses in my homegrown American veins, is do I have the ability to make decisions for my own life or not?  At what point did we shift to the State being our overlord?  I’ve read the Constitution and that’s not the intention of the Founding Fathers.

The inconsistencies and contradictions in this fiasco exhaust me.  Plenty of parodies have been made about them, it seems a waste of time to revisit them.  (e.g. wear a mask from the door to the table, then take it off when seated – in the same restaurant – walkway =  covid vs. tables =  no covid; no public gatherings but “protests” and riots are fine; arresting a lone individual on a beach because covid, but mobs burning down businesses is fine; the list goes on and on and on….)

Now we’re being instructed on [the absurdity of] wearing multiple masks (but make sure you can breathe).  If masks work why do we need to social distance?  If social distancing works, why do we need to wear masks?  If the vaccine works, why do we need to wear masks and socially distance?

[But for kicks, here’s a pretty exhaustive list of the debunking of the effectiveness of facemasks.]

The entire conversation is exhausting and I have no ambition to revisit all of the contradictions, but let it be known that there is no “settled science” as to masks, social distancing, lockdowns, the alleged vaccine, or even coronavirus itself.  We have one group of individuals commandeering the narrative for their agenda and silencing every voice that questions it.  THAT is un-American.  THAT is communist.

We are well at the point in America that Americans better be clear about what defines us.  (Yes, yes, I understand the ignorant, unbalanced ever-growing confused crowd out there.  I’m not addressing these.)  We’re knocking on the door of 1984 and our ability to reel it in is dramatically declining.

I’m not addressing the literal millions who are ignorant or willfully socialist and communist.  I’m addressing Americans in the truest form of the word:  a country founded for liberty of the individual not order for the collective.  Every concession to our individual liberty for the mythical illusion of the collective good is another nail in our coffin.  The State (Big Brother) does not have the individual’s best interest in mind.  The State is not our friend.  The State neither cares about our liberties nor endeavors to preserve them.  The State is engaged in a deliberate plan to herd the individuals into a collective, to redistribute the wealth of individuals for a ruling class, to literally rule over a class of workers rather than foster a culture of creative pioneers.  The State has broken American law, dishonored American principles, and disgraced morality in its purest forms to achieve its end.

Whether the State is telling the truth or lying or even something in between about the alleged pandemic is not even the point.  The point is coronavirus and that narrative is the tool being used to dismantle America from its original intention and purpose.  Until President Trump is successfully placed back into the office he was elected to before the usurpers pulled off their heist, we are without American leadership in the cesspool known as the District of Columbia.  It has been commandeered by enemies of the People and allies of the CCP.  That means we must lead ourselves and our communities.  Exactly how that looks I cannot say for sure, I only have ideas.  But I can tell you what it does NOT look like:  it does not look like willful submission to tyranny.  In two words:  Civil Disobedience.

So I return to my original point, Americans better be clear about what defines us.  We must exercise every liberty we have to expose and arrest the tyranny spreading its tentacles across our beautiful land.  We must refuse to acquiesce to tyranny, even when it costs us.  Walking out of Boot Barn and shopping across the street, never to shop there again is elementary.  We need to accelerate our efforts on every level.

We’re never going to turn the tide until we remove the power we’ve given the global machine.  We must support patriots and Americans and penalize and cut off globalist agendas.  Move your money out of the big banks.  Take the face diaper off and support American businesses.  Get on a social media platform that doesn’t censor (Gab).  Deactivate and delete every account (business and social) that compromise American principles.  Every point of influence needs to be warred over.  Stop supporting the liberal platforms designed to destroy our nation.  Change banks, shopping venues, entertainment selections, schools, homes, jobs and even communities if that’s what it takes.  I know there’s a mass exodus out of California and New York, but there are more places that need to feel the sting of spitting on loyal Americans and incorporating communist policies.

Dan Schulze gave an excellent short presentation on what true patriotic Americans should be doing right now, with a very specific and simple way to return to conservative America in this video.

The window to save our Republic from a communist regime is quickly closing.  Christ only needed twelve men.  Gideon only used 300.  David took on Goliath by himself.  We have plenty of examples of courageous leadership.  We must align with Heaven and walk it out.

To paraphrase Esther, “For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise … from another place and you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty [in the Kingdom of God] for such a time as this?”

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