By Steven Yates

“[B]ecause I am mad, I hate you. Because I am mad, I have betrayed you. And because I’m mad, I’m rejoicing in my heart, without a shred of pity, without a shred of regret, watching you go with glory in my heart!” —Paula Alquist, Gaslight (1944)

The other day I read an article on gaslighting. The author, who has a book on the subject, explained in detail what gaslighting is and how it works.

In a nutshell, it is the process of manipulating a person through mind games of various sorts to gain power over them by making their question their perception of reality and eventually their sanity. Gaslighting can be used by bullies, abusers, and cult leaders. The term originated with the 1944 film Gaslight, in which a man does this to his wife. The manipulator or abuser operates slowly, so the victim won’t figure out what’s going on.

Gaslighting involves telling increasingly brazen lies — even in the face of what the victim can plainly see is true. The manipulator or abuser says things and then denies saying them.

Or he moves the victim’s possessions around in stealth, putting them in odd places or hiding them so the victim will think she’s misplaced them. This causes confusion and disorientation when it happens repeatedly.

The point is to keep the victim off balance, leading to mental paralysis and shutdown. Should the victim cry foul, the manipulator or abuser says his target is crazy and encourages others to call him/her crazy. The intention is to further shake the victim’s sense of what is real.

Suddenly the question surfaced:

Can an entire society be gaslighted?

Possibly as a last resort, by elite manipulators who want to get rid of an unwanted political figure who is exposing them? Or an unwanted movement that has imagined life without them and would get rid of them?

Trump got into elected office four years ago despite strong opposition from the Establishment — whether you call it the Swamp, the Deep State, the Global Corporatocracy, the Power Elite, or what-have-you. These are the people who own and control Corporate Media, whose bias has been unprecedented and have not bothered to hide it. Some members of Trump’s own party do not hide their contempt for the man or his unwashed supporters in their red MAGA hats.

The Establishment spent four years trying to destroy Trump’s presidency, first with hoaxed allegations about supposed Russian collusion. This dragged on for two years, wasted billions of taxpayer dollars, and found nothing.

Later came Ukraine and impeachment—all the while Biden’s son and offspring of other Power Elite denizens such as Nancy Pelosi were eyeball-deep drawing millions from corrupt Ukraine-based corporations.

Again: nothing.

In between were events like Charlottesville. What was clear: the cultural left had metastasized, like a cancer. It doubled-down under Trump’s watch, and actually grew stronger. The George Floyd riots ratcheted up cultural leftism still more. Last year we saw a surge of out-and-out Marxism which targeted U.S. history for cancellation. I’ve written about this. (By the way, the reason I keep using the term cultural left is that there is no substantial economic left in America. An economic left would defend the interests of workers. But the American working class is too white and too male. The cultural left has therefore thrown workers to the wolves in pursuit of gender-idiocy.)

Trump survived all this.

Not only that, by the start of 2020 he was well on his way to winning reelection by a landslide. For most voters it really is the economy, stupid, and according to the official numbers, the economy was roaring. Somehow, under the watch of this racist, white supremacist president, the official black and Hispanic unemployment rates had fallen to historic lows! The Dow, meanwhile, hit record highs!

Then, oh-so-conveniently, along came Captain Covid!

Borders slammed shut to air travel like steel trap doors. Supply lines were disrupted. Tens of thousands of businesses deemed “inessential” were forcibly closed by lockdowns (although “big box” stores owned by billionaires stayed open).

Official U-3 unemployment surged to double-digits. Remaining work and much education moved online. Mask-wearing in public became ubiquitous. If you refused, you could be confronted by a busybody you’d never seen before. “Essential” stores and facilities had up prominent signs ordering mask-wearing on their premises. Also appearing everywhere were lines and diagrams on floors telling you how close you could stand to the person in front of you — “social distancing.”

And all of a sudden, the bad economy was Trump’s fault! Also the Covid death numbers! He’d “mismanaged” the “worst public health crisis in a century.”

The rest, as some say, is history!

It seemed clear to me that in addition to pursuing a last ditch opportunity to harm the Trump presidency, a great social experiment had begun.

The official narrative is that the “pandemic”was an unlucky accident: a coronavirus that had evolved in bats jumped to humans at this exact moment. If you believe this, search (not on Google!) for Event 201. It was held October 18, 2019 at the John Hopkins University Center for Health Security, jointly sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. Its working assumption was the need for a coordinated public-private response to a pandemic caused by — you guessed it — a coronavirus.

The very thing that may have already appeared in Wuhan, and which the Chinese Communist Party (dutifully?) kept under wraps until air traffic from there had spread it around the world.

Trump closed off air traffic from China. For this, again Trump was called a racist. (And because he used the phrase China virus a few times.)

Although the majority of coronavirus “positives” were asymptomatic and actual Covid illnesses had a survival rate of over 99.95 percent for those under 75 and not suffering from comorbidities, lockdowns continued — sometimes coming and going unpredictably, like the belongings of the gaslighting victim in the movie. This was accepted because Corporate Media kept viewers paralyzed with the latest positives and deaths 24/7.

All of a sudden, Trump’s reelection was not assured!  Or so went the mainstream narrative!

What the Democrats did next defied rational explanation if they had any motive other than to position for the presidency someone easily controlled—and for Biden’s VP, an unscrupulous opportunist who built her career as a California prosecuting attorney putting black men in prison in record numbers. She looked like a progressive!

Fake polls placed Earpiece Joe in the lead, when he wasn’t leading anything. Trump filled arenas, whilst Joe could barely fill a high school auditorium. Trump’s supporters remained enthusiastic, while progressives (those who supported Sanders prior to the DNC’s blatant steal of that nomination for Hillary Clinton) hesitated. They aren’t the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree, but they’re smart enough to know that Earpiece Joe is Establishment through and through. The Establishmentprotects governmental-corporate alliances against the common people, and will never give them national healthcare or absolution of student loan debt or anything else they say they want.

Nor will it solve the very real problems in black communities. But it can enflame them for its own purposes. The George Floyd riots again.

Catherine Austin Fitts has made some interesting observations about the patterns these followed (if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, scroll to around 28:40).

Were the riots orchestrated? Were they part of the same systemic campaign as the lockdowns, their purpose to further destroy Main Street and redistribute America’s wealth upward into the hands of the corporate wing of the Power Elite?

Fitts observed that the billionaire class has increased its net worth by 27 percent since the start of the “pandemic.”

She also wryly notes the incongruence between ordering churches shuttered because churchgoers could transmit the virus, but it’s okay to attend riots. What I recall: many rioters weren’t wearing masks or social distancing as they smashed, looted, and burned property — including small businesses owned by black men and women.

Come to election season. Never a great speaker to begin with, Earpiece Joe seemed to spend much of his time behind closed doors (perhaps out of fear of uttering dementia-caused gaffes in public).

November 3 arrived. At the end of the day, Trump was confounding the fake polls and looked to be on his way to reelection.

By the following morning, Biden was leading in swing states — soon to be contested states — with early-morning spikes in votes clearly visible on graphs.

On November 7, Corporate Media declared Biden the winner!

Some of us suspected all along that this election would be stolen, because as I’ve said many times past, the Establishment wants Trump gone. He can’t be controlled.

Nor will his following bow before the altar of political correctness, the cult of “woke.” White supremacists, all, therefore!

Now, we are fed lies 24/7 … about almost everything!

The Corporate Media lie factories insist that we are the ones lying or are delusional, presenting “fake news,” “baseless conspiracy theories,” “without evidence,” etc.,ad nauseam.

A judiciary collectively refuses to look at the charts and hundreds of signed affidavits testifying to wrongdoing in those swing states and declares there to be “no evidence of fraud.”

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along…. 

I’ve started calling this the Iron Wall of Denial.

The number of votes cast turns out to exceed the number of legally registered voters by 1.8 million. Wrongthink! “Fact checkers” (paid by whom?) flagged that claim when I posted it on Flakebook not long ago. “False information,” Flakebook called it.

Finding that stat wasn’t easy. Search on Google or Yahoo, and “fact checking” is what comes up. These are Big Tech’s algorithmic narrative control efforts, hard at work!

So we come at last to the question of the hour.

Can an entire society be gaslighted?

Can it be made to believe, e.g., that racist white cops are purposefully hunting down and killing unarmed black men?

Can it be made to believe its members are in danger of sickness and death if they do not wear face diapers to “protect” each other,and if they don’t allow their livelihoods to be destroyed?

Can the population be made to believe that only Big Pharma can save them?

Can as many people as possible be made to feel crazy for thinking that absent unprecedented fraud, Trump actually won, by being told, also 24/7, that their claims are “false” and “baseless,” the product of “unhinged conspiracy theorists”?

Can the population be incentivized to see Biden as the legitimate victor because he always appears in front of a large backdrop reading Office of the President Elect? (Constitutionally, there is no such thing!)

Almost nothing is as it seems, or is presented in Corporate Media. Our world has been turned upside down. Even the Nashville explosion appears differently on actual footage than what the media reported. Where did the explosion actually come from? The RV, or across the street?

There are official narratives, and then there is what alternative media sources, sometimes you own senses, and your own free mind, are trying to tell you.

Which do you trust?

Is the Establishment gaslighting us all, or trying to?

Corporate Media wants you to not know about the middle-of-the-night vote spikes for Biden, on charts you could see with your own eyes; or the hundreds of sworn affidavits, signed under penalty of perjury, testifying to direct observing wrongdoing in voting locations.

Or the roles played by electronic voting machines, which we know can be hacked. How, precisely, were scales tipped so that possibly millions of votes for Trump were converted via digital magic to votes for Biden? (This might help answer that question; Eric Coomer now claims to have received death threats and be in hiding.)

Corporate media are feeding us official narratives 24/7 presenting context-free accounts of the latest Covid cases and deaths, with no distinction between those who died with Covid (but from a comorbidity) and those who died from Covid. Once this distinction is drawn, the death count drops astronomically (by about 94 percent!!)!

We are also to ignore the fatalities from heart attacks, motorcycle wrecks, etc., of those who happened to have tested positive for the coronavirus and so are “Covid deaths.”

Has the official number of Covid deaths hit 300,000 yet? How many could have been saved with hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, both safe if taken properly, without waiting for Big Pharma’s barely tested but oh-so-profitable syringed elixir? “Unproven,” sayeth the Establishment of the former, despite the results of many doctors who found themselves threatened with the loss of their licenses to practice medicine.

Upside down….

Again: gaslighting tries to get its victims to question their perception of reality, their judgment, and even their sanity. All the while, those doing the gaslighting pose as the trustworthy adults in the room.

And because of total media saturation — because none of us have the time or resources to check and personally validate every single claim in circulationit has worked spectacularly!

Does anyone, therefore, not see that this same gaslighting will continue into 2021? With information about those other cures for Covid ruthlessly suppressed by Corporate Media propaganda, you’ll eventually be asked — no, told, ordered(if you want to board a plane or reenter public space, that is) — to take that elixir, shooting into your arm unknown (but possibly genetically altering) ingredients.

Dropped down the memory hole are the following inconvenient truths:

  • Never before has a vaccine of this type been rolled out prior to four-to-five year period of research, development, and testing. Not only do we have almost no idea of the effectiveness of this thing, or if effective, how long the effectiveness will last, we have no idea of any long term effects? By the time these appear,possibly with over a billion people vaccinated, it will be too late!

We’re told that the vaccine has to be administered in two doses. This, too, is unprecedented. Will we even be told if people start dropping dead from the vaccine, or will these be reclassified as “Covid deaths”?

  • After years of effort, no one has been able to develop an effective vaccine for a coronavirus. Developing a vaccine for any virus is immensely difficult if only because viruses are always mutating. Thus the reason the “experts” tell you to get a flu vaccine every year (plus how they tend to be on Big Pharma’s payroll).
  • Now we are told that this coronavirus has mutated, and that the new strain is more transmissible than the old. On the most charitable possible reading of what we know, is there any reason for thinking any vaccine we presently have will work on the new strain?
  • And speaking of the flu, does anybody know what happened to it this year? I’ll tell you. The case numbers dropped from 59 million from the start of flu season in October 2019 t0—

Are you sitting down?

To 877 cases.

That’s not a typo. Eight hundred and seventy seven reported cases of the flu this year.

Because most others are being reclassified as Covid cases.Covid is a bad flu! That’s all it is! It is dangerous to specific populations or people with certain conditions, but not all that dangerous to the rest of us. Like the flu or a bad cold, it is an inconvenience, not a death sentence, especially for those who have built up their immune systems.

Americans, and other populations around the world, have allowed their economies to be demolished and themselves to be gaslighted by Power Elite controlled organizations such as the WHO over a bad flu! One of the people at the helm of the Power Elite, and the biggest billionaire promoter of arguably unsafe vaccines, has no medical or public health credentials at all! You know his name. Surely we are entitled to ask, Who is Bill Gates?

His sidekick, Tony Fauci, has been positioned by the Establishment as “the nation’s leading infectious disease expert” when he is far more a career bureaucrat. Federal bureaucrats do not actually diagnose or treat patients.

The question for you as we enter this new year, ladies and gentlemen: do you trust the Establishment’s relentless fear machine, denial factory, billionaires, and “experts” whom we can be sure do not have your best interests in mind — or your own eyes, ears, and capacity to do investigative research (those who have time)?

Dr. Ron Paul — anyone remember him? Unlike Gates, he was an actual medical doctor before he went into politics — recently observed:

“Americans should pause and reflect on the lies they are being sold. Masks are just a form of psychological manipulation. Many reputable physicians and scientists have said they are worthless and potentially harmful. Lockdowns are meant to condition people to obey without question. A nation of people who just do what they are told by the ‘experts’ without question is a nation ripe for descent into total tyranny. This is no empty warning — it’s backed up by history. Time to stand up to all the petty tyrants from our hometowns to Washington, D.C. It is time to reclaim our freedom.”

What will you do today to reclaim your freedom? What will you do to expose thegaslighting of America? I would start by taking off that ridiculous face diaper. Then I would turn off Corporate Media.All of it, including Flakebook’s “fact checkers.”

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