Now we get it. Putin good, America bad

The main point of our last article, in our opinion, is that Putin is no "clean cut Russian boy." In fact he is very dangerous. It seems strange that some people are having such a hard time understanding that. Still, the criticisms to our last article continue to drift in. Hopefully, THIS article will inhibit any further criticisms, but we aren't holding our breath

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The nature of constitutional law

The advent of constant constitutional infringements against the people and their states over the past years has caused an increasing number of Americans to return to the Founding documents for guidance. Some 240 years after our founding as a free independent nation, it is once again in style to be a “constitutionalist” in the model of our Founding Fathers

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A monetary litmus test for Mr. Trump Pt. 1

Recently, various analysts and commentators in the alternative media have darkly speculated that, rather than presenting a real opportunity to “make America great again”, Donald Trump’s ascendency to the Oval Office actually provides the Globalist International with the perfect opportunity to take a giant stride in the direction of a “new world order” in which America will be reduced to a mere satrapy in a grandiose scheme of totalitarian “global governance”.

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Obama’s birth defect captured by Sheriff Arpaio

On Thursday, as announced, Maripoca County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference to settle, once and for all, the legitimacy of the birth certificate Obama produced to prove he was born in the U.S. Known as America's toughest law-enforcement sheriff, he declared he would prove that the certificate in question was a phony....and....he did!!

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Arms wide open and eyes wide shut

Anyone who has been the least bit interested in the presidential race has been subjected to numerous political headlines, political analysis, political polling and political posturing (ad nauseam) over the importance candidates have placed on capturing the “evangelical Christian” vote; particularly as we saw in Iowa. I’m not going to discuss the personal faith of any candidate--whether they’re sincere in their beliefs (I have no reason to doubt) or even raise the possibility that their statements of faith could be simply a tool to garner more votes.

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