Chairman Bob and the New Socialist America

On his way out the door of the New York governor’s office, Andrew Cuomo gave clemency to a communist terrorist, David Gilbert. Then a California parole board voted to free the Palestinian Marxist killer of Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan.

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The ONLY COVID Facts You Need

I know, the Nazis running our country these days have total control over the news media and social media, and they only allow ONE narrative in the USA right now, their false narrative. That has conned millions of Americans into voluntarily accepting a “fake vaccine” that has already maimed millions and killed tens of thousands.

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Eviction Moratorium Fiasco

There has been a fair amount of focus lately on the CDC eviction moratorium, including court findings and the fact that President Biden ignored them. By doing some research, we can find out the facts of this case, including the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to the constitutionality of the different actions taken.

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Texas is Taking the Bull by the Longhorns (Somewhat)

In the UK, France, and other areas of Europe, resistance to the jabs and lockdowns in the form of demonstrations is increasing and reaching significant levels. Canada is completely lost to global communism as is Australia and New Zealand and the USA is not far behind.

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The Failure of the Church, Part 3

The failure of the church has not been overnight but at the same time, it has occurred very quickly. From the 1600s to the mid-1900s, there was very little change but from the mid-1900s until today it seems that there has been a total collapse of the ability to stand for the principles of God.

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A Few Words for the Hyper-Conspiratorial and Devotees of The Science

What we must do is encourage critical thinking skills—outside schools and an academia that dropped this ball decades ago. Dominant — well-moneyed! — institutions have become barriers to knowledge, rational thought, and communication, instead of conduits of truthful information, learning, and understanding. This may be the real crisis of these Twilight Zone times we’ve entered.

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Know at Least These Five Things to Survive

As an Economist I can tell you with absolute certainty that the ruling class, has caused another great depression for their benefit, due any day, tomorrow morning would not surprise me. I know of no knowledgeable person who disagrees with this conclusion.

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Replacing “President” Harris:  The Long Game

In the meantime, pray for Americans and our military trapped in Afghanistan.  Thousands will likely not be able to get out.  I know private charities and groups (former military) are running “digital” rescue flights to get Americans home using technology to coordinate with those trapped outside the bigger cities, God bless them.

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America Has Lost its Moral Compass

The disgraced former CIA director David Petraeus, once called “America’s greatest living general,” is lecturing America that we didn’t try hard enough at building a democratic Muslim nation in Afghanistan. This retired General cheated on his wife with his biographer, as he bungled the military operation in Afghanistan and then took over Obama’s CIA.

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Does Trump Even Have A Plan?

As of this morning, 295 days have passed since the November 3, 2020 elections which resulted in an overt global Marxist overthrow of the USA via the most blatant election fraud in the entire history of elections, worldwide. Millions have been spent to uncover hard evidence...

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Our Leaders Have Lost Their Cotton Pickin’ Minds

We’ve got Jen Psaki standing out in front of the cameras every day, pretending that she knows what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t have a clue as to what’s really going on. In fact, she learns more on CNN and Tucker Carlson with Lara Logan than she knows from her hideout in the White House.

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Look At Us Now

All of this mess—Afghanistan, the border, the inflation—was easily avoidable! It was never carved in stone. But after that travesty of a 2020 election, we had Democrats in charge of everything. They made these messes!

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Politics as Religion

Despite their atheistic or pantheistic denigration of Christianity, the ideologies of the left, like Communism or wokeism recycle Christian elements or themes, which even in their denatured or mangled state are still recognizable in terms of their source. Even Christian confessionals become infused with discussions over political ideology.

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The Anti-Vaccine “Extremists” Among Us

While some fanatics brand coronavirus vaccines as “Mark of the Beast” technology, the Afghan Taliban terrorists see vaccines as a CIA plot. There seems to be some historical evidence for the Taliban view.  Indeed, it was reported that the CIA used a fake vaccination campaign in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

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“Your Papers Please” Is Only the Beginning

Dr. Yeadon is more than right.  I tell this to young people working in the groceries, some look at me like deer caught in the headlights, but others listen and I tell them where to find information.  I sent one clerk to the web for Dr. Ryan Cole’s White Coat Summit 17-minute speech.  We must stop this now!  Speak up and save our country.

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FDA Caves Under Immense Corruption

So, until now, they have worked closely with global Marxist collaborators in BIG Pharma, BIG media, BIG international corporations, universities and even small “Christian colleges” like NO-HOPE COLLEGE in Michigan, to essentially “force vaccinate” via bribes or under threat of lost wages and income, kicked out of classes, and even threat of incarceration in a mental facility for making your own medical decisions.

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The Origin of Covid-19–Updated, Part 4

Mosher points out that the Chinese authorities "ordered all of the early samples of the coronavirus collected by private and university labs in China---vital for tracing the origin and early spread of the disease---to be destroyed." Facebook moved to suppress his information as "False," and the mainstream media called him a "conspiracy theorist."

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The Quagmire In Afghanistan And At The Border

On February 23, 1945, U.S. Marines planted Old Glory on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima. It marked our victory over the Japanese. It’s been America’s iconic symbol of victory over tyranny since that epic moment. All Americans who visit the Washington DC Mall step up to that enormous bronze statue that dominates the area.

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Pastor Continues Preaching Despite War On Churches

However, humans are basically religious and instinctively believe there is more to life than the bare bones of existing. So they invented something or someone to worship, indicating a power higher than all of us. Eventually, Jesus did come to earth, the Bible was written, people learned about God and gathered strength through His teachings.

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The Failure of the Church, Part 2

Education was very important to the pilgrims but that education was based solely on the Bible. Virtually all of our colleges and universities were formed to educate and train men to be preachers.  They were founded by ministers and taught by ministers. Many reading this may not be aware that most of our colleges and universities were founded by ministers for the purpose of raising up ministers.

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News From the Front Lines

Having said that, it’s important that we’re also vigilant and understand all that’s happening in this world right now. While many prefer to remain ignorant, not able to stand any “bad news,” it falls upon God’s people to remain informed, and inform others, being wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.

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Governor Jay Inslee Has Joined the Forced Vaccine Traitors

Would you allow someone to force their way into your home and put a gun to your head without a huge fight?  Of course, you wouldn’t, so don’t allow a rogue Governor on ‘control steroids’ to do the same with forced, experimental vaccines that facts say don’t keep you from getting Covid-19 anyway.  Stand and fight.

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You Are Not Alone

Totalitarian regimes historically achieve and maintain control over a population targeted for enslavement by means of menticide, which is accomplished more quickly and effectively when the subjects are isolated from one another.

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Afghanistan: Predictable Outcome

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it authorize a president or Congress to steal from the people's treasury to fund foreign humanitarian efforts or nation building. Humanitarian efforts should and are funded through private organizations and charities. The fact that there's never enough money is the fault of dictators, potentates and crooks running countries around the world.

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Biden Arms America’s Enemies

Why do we have a moral responsibility to the people of Afghanistan when 2,400 Americans died and 20,000 were wounded over a period of 20 years trying to help them establish a democratic form of government? This wasn’t even the original mission. We were supposed to go in and get out, after killing terrorists.

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Enough of the Mad Science, Part I

Many of the most published and celebrated scientists and doctors all over the globe have been screaming as loudly as they can, to STOP THE VACCINATIONS due to “never before seen” massive adverse reactions and permanent damage to human beings, including death. But ALL “mainstream” communication outlets are blocking their dire warnings...

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The Free Exercise Thereof

Read the Mayflower Compact.  "The advancement of the Christian Faith" was the reason the Puritans came to America.  Today, Christianity has been relegated to the back of the bus, equal in standing with a myriad of other gods riding in the rumble seat of the Government.

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Kicking Sand in America’s Face

Red China is kicking sand in our faces, trumpeting to the world that the USA is no better than a broken reed to lean on, a straw man of an ally who drops the ball and runs away when the going gets tough. “Better surrender to us while you can! Don’t expect America to help you.

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The Most Incompetent President, Ever!

And to top off the Afghanistan debacle, this cognitive deficient president has opened our borders to an invasion of illegal refugee migrants, literally waltzing over borders to enjoy food, housing, and medical care paid for by us. All at the expense of our own poor, our own homeless, our veterans, and our own dispossessed.

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Mengele, Fauci, Zyklon B and the Poisonous Clot Shot

“If you have a demographic that has a nearly 100% recovery with no treatment, why would I put an experimental death liquid into them?  According to Dr. Michael Yeadon, director of vaccine development for Pfizer, he says for every one child who would die from Covid, which is one in a million, 50 will die from the ‘vaccine.’..."

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Will You Fight for Freedom?

Going through the provisions of various bills offered by Democrats in Congress, he presents the case that “A Democratic caucus of the Congress of the United States, aided and abetted by a few liberal Republicans, cast the South Vietnamese people into Communist slavery.”

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Nazi Vaxxers – The New Segregationists

We have been lied to by the mad scientists (Fauci, Gates, Soros), the cowardly politicians (both political parties), the global Marxist owned media (all mainstream mediums), many conned or cowardly doctors and nurses, many of them are more worried about their paycheck than the health of their patients. We have been lied to by pretty much everyone in a position of power.

By |2021-08-17T01:42:42-04:00August 17th, 2021|

Did GloboCorp Assassinate 3 National Presidents to Further the COVID Narrative & Import Vaccines?

What I fear is that once full FDA approval comes (and it will come), we’ll see an onslaught of vaccine passports, mandates, and restrictions: whatever it takes, until those who refuse are unable to leave their homes. Or are even rounded up and put in camps, because come to think of it, in the present environment of combined corporate and governmental encirclement everywhere you turn, there is nothing sacrosanct about your home!

By |2021-08-17T00:56:36-04:00August 17th, 2021|

Arizona Voting Integrity Laws

There have been a lot of claims lately that all voter integrity laws from republicans are racist while all from democratic are a move toward free and fair elections. Beyond the partisan propaganda, a recent case at the Supreme Court asked the question if Arizona’s election laws are racist?

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Stop COVID Injections: Cut Off the Head

Career criminal, Anthony Fauci, long ago lost the respect of many governors and a large number of Americans.  Only the brainwashed continue to think Fauci the Faker has any credibility left.  Doctor Death as he is called, needs to be indicted along with a number of major players in this scheme.

By |2021-08-16T14:46:35-04:00August 16th, 2021|

The Failure of the Church, Part 1

There are many American’s that don’t understand the relationship between America and the Church. This is because of the failure of two of the most important institutions in America the education system and the church. For a couple of generations, our school system has utterly failed to teach our kids the real history of this great country...

By |2021-08-15T02:22:20-04:00August 15th, 2021|

Has The Great Tribulation Begun?

The voting tragedy and travesties of the 2020 elections must be completely turned around through very forceful and persistent action if we are to have any hopes of restoring the Historic American Nation as a viable entity. There are those still insulated from the nefarious things that take place around the world daily and the Pollyannas would rather not be perturbed and disturbed by being forced to have to think of or confront such things.

By |2021-08-15T01:49:11-04:00August 15th, 2021|

Just Get The Damn Vaccination

Last week, Larry Hogan announced that he will require employees in 48 different Maryland state facilities to be injected with an experimental gene therapy.  If they refuse, they will be subject to strict mask requirements and frequent invasive testing.

By |2021-08-14T02:47:58-04:00August 14th, 2021|

Dear U.S. Uniformed Freedom Fighters

Yes, I am talking to you, those in uniform who swore an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the free people of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That means all members of the U.S. Military, all federal, state, and local law enforcement, all members of United States National Security Agencies and yes, all judges...

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Russia Stokes Anti-Vaccine Protests

RT is a Russian channel funded by the government of president Vladimir Putin, the former KGB Lieutenant Colonel. The Russians – and the Chinese – have been busy for more than a year trying to discredit President Trump’s signature achievement. They have targeted Trump supporters with a series of false claims, including that the vaccines contain “Mark of the Beast” technology.

By |2021-08-13T02:14:19-04:00August 13th, 2021|

When Employers Practice Government Tyranny

A united sit-out strike will end this insanity. When trucks don’t move, products aren’t delivered, goods can’t be sold and services can’t be rendered, all because no one showed up to work – then the employers will find the true value of their employees and the dangers of “going along to get along” with corrupt politicians and mad scientists.

By |2021-08-13T12:52:48-04:00August 13th, 2021|

We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

It is time to move from the Church House to the School House.  It is time to move from the Church House to the Court House.  It is time to move from the Church House to the State House.  It is time to move from Church Street to Main Street. Religion is Politics.  It is time to take back what the Devil stole.

By |2021-08-12T02:46:48-04:00August 12th, 2021|

Part 6: America’s Twilight Years—Education, Erasing Cultural Foundation

In 2020, Black Lives Matter and Antifa anarchists ruled the streets of many American cities. One faction celebrated a lifelong known career federal felon.  George Floyd proved himself a model for everything wrong in a human being: drug addict, woman beater, car thief, robberies, passing counterfeit money, porno star, shoplifter, federal prisoner…just an all-around nasty, contemptable human being.

By |2021-08-12T02:10:17-04:00August 12th, 2021|

A High School Diploma… For Nothing

Late last month the Oregon legislature and governor passed a law that, in its own words, “prohibits the State Board of Education from requiring for a high school diploma that student show proficiency in any academic content area if student successfully completed credit requirements”

By |2021-08-12T01:39:13-04:00August 12th, 2021|

We are Many, They are Few, OK let’s act like it

Have you been to a school board meeting recently? Have you checked what texts and supplemental materials are being used? It is hard for people to represent you if you are silent. Yes we need to constantly call them out but actions speak louder than words.

By |2021-08-11T01:04:03-04:00August 11th, 2021|

Secret Communist Plan Fulfillment

Despite President Biden's lack of mental acuity, he will be propped up by his puppet masters until 2024, unless he resigns early to let Vice-President Harris run as an incumbent and as the first female President. Remember that Luciferian Alice Bailey in the early 1930s foretold that 2025 would be the year the "outer form" of the "World Federation of Nations" will be "taking rapid shape...

By |2021-08-10T02:49:45-04:00August 10th, 2021|

Communists Stoke Anti-Vaccine Protests

RT is a Russian propaganda channel funded by the government of president Vladimir Putin, the former KGB Lieutenant Colonel. The Russians – and the Chinese – have been busy for more than a year trying to discredit President Trump’s signature achievement. They have targeted Trump supporters with a series of false claims, including that the vaccines contain “Mark of the Beast” technology.

By |2021-08-11T16:50:32-04:00August 10th, 2021|

At Best Negligent Homicide, At Worst Murder

Walk Out Wednesday on August 11, 2021 is being planned all over the country. The federal EUA law and the FDA, including the FDA Fact Sheets, state unequivocally that each person has the “option to accept or refuse” the shots. These shots are experimental and investigational and have not been licensed by the FDA.

By |2021-08-10T10:11:14-04:00August 10th, 2021|

COVID-19: The Canadian & The Walk Outs

This really goes to heart of what caused the panic thanks to the prostitute media which birthed lockdowns based on a science project by a 14-year old child.  How obscene is that?Pushed hard by career criminal, Anthony Fauci and all the other “experts” who’ve brought Hell to America wrapped in fake science.

By |2021-08-16T01:55:36-04:00August 9th, 2021|

Communists: Today’s Democrat Party, Part 4

It should be disturbing for the Democrat Party to outwardly and blatantly demand that we live according to the dictates of the communist party. Democrats consider people wanting the government to act within the boundaries of the Constitution as extremists is a prospect that was introduced during the Obama administration.

By |2021-08-08T01:25:59-04:00August 8th, 2021|

Lawlessness Abounds

So while those who literally burned thousands of businesses and homes to the ground, attacked police all summer long all across the country, while police were told to stand down, citizen patriots in America are now considered the most dangerous people in the world — “patriot terrorists.”  Matthew 24:12 reads, “Because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

By |2021-08-08T00:50:08-04:00August 8th, 2021|

Medical Dissenters Sabotaged and Silenced in Stalinist America

Politicians on both sides of the aisle tell me I’m unpatriotic, that I’m a killer, that I should be as frightened and freaked out as the rest of the sheeple, and that I’m a full-fledged creature of sin for not listening to our omniscient and all-powerful government to get the jab.  Well, they can kiss my...

By |2021-08-07T01:25:59-04:00August 7th, 2021|

The Origin of Covid-19—Updated, Part 3

The French government built the lab, and the Pasteur Institute taught Dr. Zheng Li Shi how to manipulate HIV genomes using a gene insertion method called "reverse genetics system 2." Dr. Shi has been senior scientist at the WIV, and the Chinese Communist Party, or People's Liberation Army (PLA) bioweapons experts encouraged Dr. Shi to use reverse genetics to create viral strains...

By |2021-08-07T21:34:27-04:00August 7th, 2021|

Mandatory COVID-Injections: More Information & Resources

My August 2, 2021 column, Mandatory COVID Injections: What Can Be Done? provided some resources to fight back against employers demanding workers submit to taking a COVID-19 experimental injection or lose their job. Demands which violate federal law and the Nuremberg Codes.

By |2021-08-06T02:06:03-04:00August 6th, 2021|

Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop

We’re doing it because politicians, teachers’ unions, cracked college professors, A-list celebrities, Big Tech, and all the rest of the usual suspects are telling us we have to! The mystery of it is, why are we obeying them?

By |2021-08-05T02:19:21-04:00August 5th, 2021|

This “Racism” and “Woke” Thing is Getting WAY Out of Hand

Dr. Seuss’ “Cat in the Hat” is now a racist book!  That’s like saying if you drink white milk instead of chocolate, you’re a racist.  If you like daytime more than nighttime, you’re a racist.  That’s like saying the reason that Tom Brady won the Superbowl stems from the fact that he enjoys “White Privilege.”

By |2021-08-05T01:48:29-04:00August 5th, 2021|

CDC has Been Cookin’ the Books

In other words, our entire existence is awash in a sea of outright lies. We are drowning in bold faced lies. We can all see the lies, but people allegedly on our side of the battle are lying too. The only news network I know of in the USA today that has shown some regard for reporting the pure facts is OANN, which is why most of the big cable TV companies won’t put them on their systems.

By |2021-08-04T09:42:21-04:00August 4th, 2021|

The Deadly Politicization of America’s Medical Care

Thousands of honest physicians and scientists are screaming the truth and they’re being censored and deleted.  The 1947 Nuremberg Code stands as a testament against medical experimentation.  Yet, worldwide history is repeating itself. This is a new genocide. Will Americans wake up to the realization of medical tyranny...

By |2021-08-03T02:33:29-04:00August 3rd, 2021|

Mike Lindell’s Controversial Cyber Symposium

Some conservatives such as geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist question whether the hard evidence will ever be forthcoming. He gave me an interview on America’s Survival TV outlining his theory that Lindell, a strong backer of former President Trump, has been set up by Deep State forces to make charges that cannot be substantiated and that the symposium could backfire.

By |2021-08-03T01:37:12-04:00August 3rd, 2021|

Is This Year One? Part 2

GloboCorp might have preferred us peasants to believe we are “free” because we can vote and consume, that we live in “democracies,” that the “rule of law” is in effect, etc., etc., all while its corporate-backed trade dealers spent the past three decades destroying the U.S. manufacturing base to raise corporate profit margins, Big Food and Big Pharma pumped us full of...

By |2021-08-02T03:27:32-04:00August 2nd, 2021|

Mandatory COVID Injections: What Can Be Done?

Why?  I submit to you – and I could be wrong as I’m neither a doctor nor a scientist but only one who has spent thousands, not hundreds, of hours researching for the past 17 months – COVID is not a virus but a weaponized flu, if you will.  That might sound preposterous unless you have read as much as I have which I’ve covered endlessly in columns.

By |2021-08-03T00:21:42-04:00August 2nd, 2021|

My Body, My Choice, My Ass!

Isn’t it funny how Marxist democrats who have spent 48-years fighting for a mother’s “right” to murder her own children in the womb, are the same maniacal nut-jobs fighting tooth and nail for their “right” to inject anything they want into YOUR body, claiming you have “no right” to decline?

By |2021-08-01T00:10:30-04:00August 1st, 2021|
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