Re-Elect Same Incumbents: America Will be Dead by 2024

Since 1993, I and so many others tried our very best to get Americans to understand our elections were being stolen through modern technology.  Millions of words, thousands of examples, speeches by me and so many others with proof.  Get rid of hand counted ballots in front of the public and the tsunami of voter theft was underway.

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There Comes a Time When Time Runs Out

This is the world we live in now.  This is the “New Normal.”  This is the Left’s idea of “Building Back Better.”  It may seem like the world is spinning out of control, but our mighty God has His hand firmly at the helm and the evil ones behind all the mayhem and destruction can do nothing that God does not allow.  Our world is under judgment, as it should be.

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The Missing Mandate

The so-called “mandates” have been the right tool to give the Constitution the final push to fall it into oblivion. The United States Constitution was the supreme law of the land. All laws must derive and be based on the principles established on the Constitution. Most of the mandates that are now enforced upon us do not derive from the Constitution, therefore, they are illegal.

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Steven Yates: Who Am I? and What Do I Stand For?

I become a Christian at a summer retreat between ninth and tenth grade, and joined a group of peers who met and studied Scripture twice a week. In the early ‘70s, no one questioned this. We even had a teacher-moderator whose job wasn’t endangered by her direct and open involvement with us. There was far more tolerance then than exists today.

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We Must Be Crazy

There must be something seriously wrong with us, the American people, that we continue to tolerate the deluge of toxic idiocy poured on us by what we call our public education system.

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Our Bedrock Community Known As America

What’s happening to Western Countries cannot continue if we hope to hold a shred of freedom and/or viability for future generations.  When respect for the rule of law diminishes to a point of what’s happening in Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, St. Louis, Baltimore and Los Angeles—those are the markers that lead us into a lawless society.

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It’s the RIGHT Dividing the RIGHT

So long as the American patriots allow themselves to be divided by their public servants and fellow citizens out to make a buck in their pet agendas, they will remain unable to unite, fight and win the future of freedom and liberty together.

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Can Ukraine Survive Putin and Biden?

Sounding tough about the Russians and the Chinese, Biden actually favors a global accommodation with both of these adversaries. That means the integration of capitalism with communism, creating a one-world socialist state. The Russians call it "convergence." Democrats call it "social democracy." This is the "Great Reset." It's happening now.

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We Warned You That It Was Coming

Back in June of 2020, I wrote an article warning about corruption within, namely politicians that history teaches that you can only oppress a people for only so long before they lawfully retaliate (Exodus 1:12).

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Plastic Is NOT a Environmental Threat

However, as many now understand, little in these attacks against industrial revolution products have anything to do with science or truth. The roots of the environmental movement’s agenda lay in the determination to destroy free markets. The use of fear of ecological Armageddon creates political power and massive funding for them.

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Biden’s Press Conference: Why Weren’t These Questions Asked?

If Joe Dementia Biden or his handlers keep him from dealing with reality, it means our country will be dealing greater consequences down the road.  I’m reminded of Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote: “We must prevent human tragedy rather than run around trying to save ourselves after an event has already occurred.

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America: Stay Awake

In the Germany of the 1930s, for instance, very few people were Nazis, and most Germans dismissed them as a bunch of hotheaded fools. Before long, the hotheaded few cowed the dismissive masses, and as a result, millions lost their lives. America Stay Awake. It has started to happen here too. Time is of the essence.

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The Federal Government v. The American People – Oral Arguments

What is life like when bureaucrats, Congressmen, lawyers, and judges alike, all ignore their oaths to support the Constitution and their duty to protect our rights? What do we do when a government formed to protect our rights, which gets its power from our consent, instead ignores our consent and destroys our rights?

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Guard With Jealous Attention The Public Liberty, Part 1

We have people that don’t bother to vet the candidate that they are voting for and we have people that don’t even bother to vote at all! They don’t vote then complain about who is in office. Dumb as a rock. They give the excuse that they’re not going to vote for the lesser of two evils. Sounds logical until you think about it.

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The Brainwashing is Nearly Complete

It appears that the brainwashing of the New World Order Globalists is nearly complete.  While there definitely are many Americans with eyes to see what’s right in front of their noses, most are happily going along with the plan of the planned-demic, oblivious to the wicked agenda of The Great Reset.

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Dear Vaccinated Americans

No one has the Right to force or coerce inject another person with anything, for any reason whatsoever. And no one is immune from legal liability or criminal prosecution, when they are involved in force injecting others, knowing that those injections are causing massive harm and death, thanks to more than a million VAERS Reports.

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Patriot’s Agenda for Return of Constitutional Republic

The preferred method is to elect patriotic officials who are dedicated to protecting the Rights of the People, and who will force the Federal Establishment to conform to all original specifications of the Constitution. The only other option is Guerilla Warfare and resistance to all unconstitutional laws.

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Sick of The Lies

I’m just so sick of all the Lies. Lying seeks to covet and steal.  In order for the lies to work they must separate you from the truth.  Truth is the natural enemy of the lie, and therefore must be removed from any reasoning process.  They have taught the world that everyone has a right to their own opinion making opinion equal to truth.  Lies hide behind opinion.

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The Absolute Right of Informed Consent

The evident problem right now is that all too few Americans seem ready and willing to call a spade a spade—bluntly put, to recognize that, with respect to “Covid-19”, this country is not dealing with “science” at all, unless it be the science of criminology. Indeed, if Dostoevsky were writing a novel about the present “pandemic”, he would be compelled to entitle it, not Crime and Punishment, but Crime without Punishment...

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Communism for Dummies

As Nyquist notes, what makes all of this even more disturbing “is the way in which current Russian mobilizations coincide with Chinese mobilizations, and how both coincide with the ongoing pandemic.”

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Why Are We Content to Believe Lies?

So much of what the world feeds us is bunk.  Most Americans are incapable of discerning good from evil.  Look around at the confusion that reigns in America today.  We have been lied to and we don’t even know it and we wouldn’t care if we did.  The delusion is strong.  Even in the church.

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The Origin of Covid-19—Updated, Part 12

In my book, COVER-UP published a long time ago, I first referred to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). In January 2018, DARPA first announced selecting 5 teams of researchers to support PREEMPT (Preventing Emerging Pathogenic Threats). On July 19, 2018, DARPA under PREEMPT solicited proposals targeting animal-based viral threats, and which comply with gain-of-function policies.

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Israeli Scientist Blows Down the Covid House of Cards

As I wrote to Tom thanking him for the letter and asking if I could use it, if this doesn’t blow down the covid-19(84) house of cards, then nothing will — short of an actual civilian die-off that will be literally impossible to hide as life insurance companies find themselves overwhelmed with claims and in danger of going under financially.

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Chosen by the Deep State, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett

The three Supreme Court Justices placed on the court by President Trump were actually chosen by Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway. Brett Kavanaugh replaced Justice Anthony Kennedy on the court. Kennedy was often thought of as the “swing” vote. All three of Trump’s appointees have been “swing” voters, as we just saw with Justice Kavanaugh siding with the left against medical freedom and for Biden’s unconstitutional healthcare medical mandate.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

The bottom line is that stealing elections is nothing new, but as American as apple pie. Both John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush won the by stealing their. A long time ago, the famous frontier hero David Crocket, a strong opponent of Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal policies, accused Jackson’s supporters of stuffing ballot boxes during the 1801 and 1835 Tennessee Congressional elections, which Crocket lost.

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The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Kennedy brothers, Jack and Bobby, who were both anti-communist Democrats, were alarmed by King’s communist associations and ordered J. Edgar Hoover to conduct surveillance of King. That resulted in tapes, under seal by a federal judge until 2027, that also show King participated in sick and disgusting sex orgies.

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The Church Has Become a Vehicle to Implement the New World Order

Before 1900, there were only 18 Philanthropic Foundations operating in the United States. However, between 1910 and 1919, 58 new foundations were created. During the 1920’s, the total number grew to 173, and during the 1930’s, tax exempt foundations grew to 288. The 1940’s and 1950’s saw the greatest growth of these foundations such that the total number became 2,839.

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Consequences of a Government Run Amok

I believe all Americas should learn a very important lesson from this. When you use government to do what it is not authorized to, you open a Pandora’s box of tyranny and subjugation. Before we allow our employees in government to approve legislation, we should first imagine it being used by our most hated enemies against us.

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Transgender DNA Males Competing Against DNA Female Athletes: Woke Senseless

Can you imagine all those trans-athletes with five o’clock shadows, hairy arms and a package between their loins arriving at the athletic event in dresses, high heels and makeup?  Good grief! What a show!  After they set new “Trans-records” in the butterfly, crawl, and breaststroke, etc., they could all hug each other and give butterfly kisses because they are so happy for each other.

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A Stand in the Park: Resistance in the UK for 2022

On this occasion I was not going to listen to the usual brass band which would sometimes leisurely play there, but I was there to meet a group of complete strangers who have been meeting each Sunday morning in parks across the UK and around the world, to stand up peaceably for freedom, jobs, small businesses, against lockdowns, harmful laws and against people behind ‘The Great Reset’.

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The Role of the Church in Politics, Part 2

The corruption of our government has gotten to the point where they don’t even attempt to hide it. If you remember during the Obama administration whenever a state attempted to clean up their voter rolls, something they are required to do on a regular basis,  the Attorney General, Eric Holder, took every one of them to court to get them to stop.

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2022: The Best and Worst of Times

God is doing a work in the land, and we can join Him, learn the lessons we need to learn, let His fires refine us, or we can resist Him, call Him a hard or severe master (Luke 19:25) and let the fires burn us.  We can be lights in the darkness and salt in the time of peril if we choose.

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Lawlessness Breeds Lawlessness

Using fear, fake statistics, and the cover story of a health emergency, they have criminally and treasonously aided and abetted our country’s enemies. Their subversion, inversion, and perversion of American law is so base, so vulgar, and so massive that, should the...

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How King’s Dream Became a Red Nightmare

Honest conservatives like Biorseth have to look even deeper. Communists have targeted black Americans for exploitation almost since the time of the Russian revolution in 1917.  The article, "Black Liberation and the Communist International," describes a Soviet campaign, launched shortly after the Russian revolution, to exploit the “Negro question” in the U.S.

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No More Medical Community

The Supreme Court could have and should have made sure that every healthcare professional was protected from these unconstitutional medical dictates forced upon the entire industry by Medicare and Medicaid. But they didn’t, due to the overt political nature of that court.

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Why Climate Change Is a Fraud

My paper shows if human CO2 emissions were to stop, the small human-caused CO2 increase would quickly fall, meaning there is no scientific basis to claim there is a climate emergency or worry about our grand kids. My paper overturns IPCC’s climate fraud with a clarity that can win in a court of law.

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2022: A Look Ahead

I think it likely that Republicans will retake one or both houses of Congress when November gets here, if only because the party out of power in the Executive branch usually wins big in off years. That might stymie the Bidenistas, but then what? November is still eleven months away, though, and they can do a lot of irreversible damage in the meantime.

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Communist Cancel Culture vs. The Christian Canon

The hour nears midnight when doom awaits us. We must call this attack for what it is -- a deliberate effort to destroy all that made us the most free and successful country on earth in order to make us yet another casualty of their never ending schemes and producing another bunch of field workers and mindless "pee-ons" on the coming Global Plantation.

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Capitol Murder: Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed 5’ 2,” 110 pound woman, posed no threat of imminent serious physical injury or death to either Lt. Byrd or members of Congress. By Lt. Byrd’s own admission, he did not even identify who he was shooting at or if that person was armed with a lethal weapon or not.

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What God Do you Serve?

Everything that is happening in this nation is the fault of the church.  “Evil walks on every side when the vilest of men are exalted.”  Truth is surrounded by evil and the pulpits are complicit with the coup.  America’s problems are Spiritual not political.

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The Droning On of Racism in America: What Is It Exactly?

The invective today has a much broader connotation, meaning essentially that the accused is not on board the woke / critical race theory bandwagon. So, if you don't hate whites in general, you're a racist. Ironically, this means that unless you are a racist, you are therefore a racist.

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Biden’s Disorganized Dictatorship

At the same time, the communist paper recognizes the Supreme Court as an obstacle on the path to dictatorship, insisting there is a GOP majority on the Court standing in the way of social progress. A caption in the paper over the photos of Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch declares that “the Trump Supreme Court Appointees tip the balance...

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QANON Dies Hard

Actually, Dave misrepresented both Trump’s apparently sincere belief the vaccines would protect people and end the pandemic, as well as his decision to concede the election to Biden, which he did by leaving the White House. But Dave is consistent in one regard: the pretentious X22 Report continues to mislead and manipulate well-meaning, sincere patriots.

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The Origin of Covid-19—Updated, Part 11

When I asked a physician friend who has treated 1000 Covid-19 patients how Omicron occurred in South Africa at this time, he replied as follows: "The major problem was mass vaccinating into the teeth of a pandemic. Select vaccination campaigns targeting at risk populations (old people, those with co-morbidities associated with a worse outcome) would have been acceptable.

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Variants, Propaganda, Fear and Genocide

Between 1933 and 1939, about half of the German-Jewish population and more than two-thirds of Austrian Jews (1938-1939) fled Nazi persecution. Others stayed as they hadn’t the wherewithal to leave or they thought the situation temporary, but by 1939 it became too late. The citizenry had become so fearful that they bowed their heads and said not a word despite seeing the pervasive evil against their neighbors.

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Advanced Managing of the American People

The argument of Congress that this must be done to keep people safe, is just another tyrannical attempt to punishing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty. And while I believe the drunk driver should be punished for the harm they do, I am not willing to enslave myself to government simply because they say so.

By |2022-01-10T02:49:02-05:00January 10th, 2022|

REAL Insurrection vs. January 6, 2021

But in the end, public perceptions often trump reality and it’s the criminal cabal in D.C. that’s in charge of creating public perceptions. They totally control what the American people are allowed to see and hear, based on what they deem to be “appropriate content,” also known as their “approved propaganda.”

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January 6th: A Date That Will Live In Maximum Hyperbole

On January 6, 2021, an estimated 700 American citizens broke into the U.S. Capitol.  They didn’t carry guns or firebombs or heavy artillery.  At the very most, history will call it a spontaneous “riot.”  One female suffered a gunshot death by a capitol police officer. One officer suffered a heart attack.

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No, You Didn’t Test Positive for COVID-19

Americans who are informed about this monstrous plandemic scheme have been fully aware of the problem with testing for this phantom virus since April of 2020 – specifically the PCR test.  The column below goes into detail about that test promoted by both the CORRUPT FDA (Federal Death Administration) and the CORRUPT CDC (Center for Disease Creation)

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Christian Resistance in This Dark Hour

Over the last month, I have heard from so many whose jobs are threatened if they do not get the covid shot. I have written countless religious exemption letters for people. I told you from the very beginning – if you comply with the masks you will be made to comply with the “vaccine” – and look where we are?

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The Role of the Church in Politics, Part 1

One of the biggest lies the government and the church have perpetrated on Americans is that there is no place in politics and government for the church.  The facts deny that idiocy on all levels.  Moses was instructed in Exodus 18:21  Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.

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2021: The Year of the ‘Jab’ in More Ways Than One

Only the Lord God Himself knows what the year 2022 holds in store for us.  As Christians, even in the midst of turmoil, WE, of all people should remain strong and steadfast.  Unmovable. Unafraid. And we should be ready at all times to provide answers to all who ask us about the faith that we have.

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Be Prepared for More Chaos

But the fact remains that one death was tied directly to that event, the murder of Ashli Babbitt, a U.S. military veteran. She was a Trump supporter. The Capitol Police killer was exonerated of any wrongdoing. That was a disgrace. That was a threat to our Republic. Our system of checks and balances failed.

By |2022-01-08T14:10:09-05:00January 8th, 2022|

Democrat Party is a Wholly Owned Satanic Subsidiary of the Luciferian Globalists

I encourage you with one final thought. In the book of Daniel we learn that there will be people who abandon God in the heat of battle. They will listen to the lies of the enemy of God and will side with the lawless one. However, there is a remnant that will remain faithful to God. This prophecy has come to pass today. It has happened in advance of the rise of the lawless one who will by intrigue deceive many.

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Trump Trumped

President Trump signed dozens of EOs during his term in office, and there may have been elements in some of them he’d have objected to if he’d been aware of them. The devil is in the details. This is how the Swamp operates—through obfuscation and deceit.

By |2022-01-08T01:20:19-05:00January 7th, 2022|

Democrats WILL Win 2022 and 2024

And THEY are the reason the greatest free nation ever known to mankind is headed for the ash heap of history. People who think they are going to “take America back in 2022 and 2024” didn’t do anything to stop the steal in 2020. They created their own demise! That’s the end of that!

By |2022-01-07T01:36:09-05:00January 7th, 2022|

Faith Followed by Action Will Save This Country

“Faith” is a term that is thrown around in Christian circles as if it is as simple as making a wish when blowing out a birthday cake.  Faith is more than simply “believing.”  Faith is not a stand alone thought process.  Faith is something that is lived out…acted upon.  If action does not follow faith, then faith becomes nothing more than a fleeting wish.

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Humanity’s War Against Planet Earth

One of my dearest friends, Don Collins, former U.S. Navy commander, and brilliant historian when it comes to America’s past and future, gave me a sobering interview from his 90 years of living on this planet.

By |2022-01-06T00:25:54-05:00January 6th, 2022|

Defending Public Liberty

By picking and choosing who has the right to speak, the State of New York and the District Court for the Western District of New York have denied Ms. Carpenter, and by extension all of those who live in that state, the right to speak freely. By establishing an approved way of thinking, the State of New York and this judge have denied freedom of thought, destroyed public liberty, and is thereby destroying wisdom.

By |2022-01-06T01:29:28-05:00January 5th, 2022|

The Bait and Switch Con Game to Destroy Our 1787 Constitution

At the time the Articles of Confederation were written there was a widespread fear of a strong central government among Americans whose loyalties were to their own state rather than any national government.  During the American Revolution, the Articles purposely kept the national government as weak as possible and the states as independent as possible.

By |2022-01-04T00:44:28-05:00January 4th, 2022|

OSHA – No Authority to Force Experimental Injections

Fifth Circuit overturns nationwide injunction on vaccine mandate for health care workers, Dec. 15, 2021 – “In the underlying lawsuit from 14 state attorneys general, a federal judge in Louisiana issued a nationwide injunction against the mandate that cuts federal funding to Medicare- and Medicaid-certified hospitals, hospices and other care facilities if they employ unvaccinated workers.”

By |2022-01-03T01:57:28-05:00January 3rd, 2022|

Government Corruption

This column doesn’t even scratch the surface of how corrupt just the federal government is.  The State governments have proven just as bad. California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and, the majority of all Democrat-run states prove that point.

By |2022-01-02T02:33:58-05:00January 2nd, 2022|

Either You’re Serious, Or You’re Not

There are many troubled people, troubled marriages, dysfunctional families, broken homes, wayward children, grandparents in anguish because their grandchildren are growing up estranged from them and in Godless, secular homes. Friends, the only answer to all these things is humble repentance and turning once again...

By |2022-01-02T01:57:26-05:00January 2nd, 2022|

Bellying Up to Expanding Waistlines

But it is never too late to turn things around and, to a certain extent, regain much of one’s vitality. First, watch your diet! Go back to or stick with unprocessed and even some uncooked whole foods as much as possible, and greatly increase your consumption of fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts.

By |2022-01-01T01:02:41-05:00January 1st, 2022|

They Are Willing To Kill You

To be clear, while there may be a virus, there is no dangerous pandemic that justifies the destruction of our lives, our livelihoods, our liberties, our economy, our health care system, our military and our constitutional system of government.

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