/May 2021

Democrats Erasing History – DC Cannot Become a State!

The Dem Communists are determined to make Washington, D.C. a separate state in order to add two more representatives for the House in order to swing all political actions to the left. They also intend to pull in Puerto Rico for the very same reason which would give them double advantage in making certain that only the left can make and pass laws.

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‘Public Education’ as a Car: A Parable  

Suppose the government decided you had to buy a new car every year, whether you want to or not. If you already have a car, you can keep it. You don’t have to take possession of the government car, but you’ll still have to pay for it. They suck the money out of your taxes, so you’re stuck.

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The Seven Principalities of Hell

I have never used my column to discuss something that another author had written but I am going to break that tradition. On my daily show we talk about all things spiritual and how the dark forces are having their way with the American church.  We are warned in Scripture that “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”

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The Big Business Buffoons Who Run Berkshire Hathaway

An objective history of World War II exposes the failure of the West, except for Winston Churchill, to foresee the aggression of Hitler’s Third Reich. Today, some of the smartest businessmen in the world still do not understand the menace posed by Communist China, even as its China virus continues to wreak havoc on the United States and the world.

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To Prop Up The Black Race We’re Dumbing Down the White

Perhaps the dismal performance of American students over the last several decades explains why America is in so much trouble today and how socialist Democrats have become the party of choice of a majority of the purposely dumbed down American voter.  Perhaps that is why socialist-in-chief President Biden has a 53.9% approval rating after only 100 days in office.

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Dysgenic Islamic Inbreeding

During the KV-197 band C-130 pilot transition program run by Lockheed Corp. in Saudi Arabia, American instructors found that most Saudi trainees had very limited night vision, even on the brightest of moonlit nights. Also, the trainees had very poor retention rates from their training, including the mechanics and maintenance personnel as well.

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Communist Media Attack Western Vaccine Successes

With my pro-vaccine columns getting censored and dozens of people dropping off my subscriber list because of them, a friend wrote to me, saying, “I’d move on.  Biden/Harris are doing plenty of other things wrong to write about.” There are a couple things wrong with this approach.

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2020 Election Audits: What’s the End Game Plan?

Americans wrote books on it.  I wrote my Blind Loyalty booklet in 1998, sold 700,000 copies at cost and retired it as the data became too old.  That 46-pg booklet dealt with vote fraud, provable case after case, page after page.  Entire web sites devoted to nothing but proving vote fraud ignored by the prostitute media and the masses.

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Joe’s Joint Session of Socialists

Pseudo-President Biden gave his first teleprompter reading to a joint session of socialists on April 28th – which drew about as much audience and support as the average Biden or Harris campaign rally last year. Nearly none…just a handful of socialists, most of whom are his handlers

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I’m So Old

I guess it’s official. I’m officially old. It’s not just the multiple mailings I get every month from AARP or the fact that the grocery store checkout clerk routinely asks me if I qualify for the “senior discount.” Lately, I’ve been thinking about the way things used to be and feeling a little like a dinosaur.

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America’s Lack Of Judicial Integrity, Part 1

Some people have said that America is heading for a reset.  In many cases, I agree that we are in desperate need of a reset when you look at what is happening in our country.  Cities are burning, violence is off the charts, though all this is only happening in Democrat-controlled states, it is still happening.

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No Tears, Only Cheers by The People for Demise of Communists

The purpose of this article is to report the real feelings of The People toward the Communist rulers who usurped our Constitutional Republic and are rapidly destroying our country. The ruling class minions consist of Communist media, academia, large corporations, banks, elected officials, government bureaucrats, actors, judges, military flag officers, stock market manipulators,  et a l.

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An Unaware and Compliant Citizenry, Part 2

In Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell's THE IMPACT OF SCIENCE ON SOCIETY (1953), he wrote that "it is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries.

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