Fifty-Five Years of Mainstream Media Lies

Recently Rush Limbaugh was talking about the latest lies by the NYTs against Justice Kavanaugh, and people were calling in asking what to do.  I know Limbaugh knows about the 1964 Supreme Court case, NYTs v. Sullivan because he’s spoken about it before; yet he never mentioned it.

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Ukraine Set Up: Three Very Important Questions

The media feeding frenzy for each one of these phony scandals keeps growing like bad weeds. If we thought the prostitute media – an extension of the Democratic/Communist Party USA – was bad for the Russia collusion hoax, then get Kavanaugh, this latest manufactured set up has those whores running lies 24/7.

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Agonizing Death of American Citizenship

Judges do nothing to sustain the laws already on the books:  US Code 8, Section 1324, makes it a crime to employ, house or transport an illegal alien living within the USA.  Fines:  $2,000.00 per illegal hired and up to 5 years in prison.  The American Civil Liberties Union thwarts our laws at every juncture. They must be the most Un-American organization operating in the United States.

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World Tax-Genuflecting to Plants and Impeachment

Final Word Dept: Please be kind to animals. Sign petitions the moment you hear of someone mistreating God's creatures. And join me in contacting your representatives to make it a law that anyone who hurts an animal or is cruel to an animal, is to be charged with a felony, with jail time mandatory.

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Basket of Deplorables

Our hope going forward is walking in obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ. We must begin by acknowledging the reality of sin. There are many, many things we must change. We won’t be able to see the narrow path’s beginning through the swirling cultural chaos that currently engulfs us until we start loving one another.

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The Political Landscape In America

The pastors have allowed the strength of the Gospel to be diluted by ignoring the humanism that has crept into society. In all towns leading up to and after our fight for independence, businesses would close down on Sunday and most people would attend church.

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Do Not Grow Weary

Weariness has become epidemic in America. The mental and physical exhaustion being suffered is evident on the faces of a great number of people nearly every day.

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Lies, Damned Lies and 9/11

Unfortunately, the true perpetrators of 9/11 are still at large. Hint: one of them claimed to be a Christian, but was always making the Devil’s sign with his hand. If you still don’t know who they are, you are either disinformed, a fool, a die-hard member of the Repucratic Party, or a globalist anti-American traitor.

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Are AI Robot Priests The Future?

First we’ve got a sales pitch for robot priests, their theology grounded on Artificial Intelligence, a euphemism for Artificial Stupidly. To illustrate just how much thought has gone into this, check out this headline. “Robot priests more acceptable to Protestants than Catholics, says professor.”

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Kavanaugh and the Crime of Bearing False Witness

It’s now been over a week since The New York Times correctly retracted its slanderous libel against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It turns out the “new allegation” isn’t supported by the victim, a fact many believed was purposely left omitted from their the story.

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The Groveling Jewish Lefties

But will the leftist Jews of the world wake up and smell the coffee? Realize that the people they're fighting for loathe them? Reclaim their own glorious heritage and start to fight on behalf of their DNA brethren?

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Iran Allegedly Attacked Saudi Arabia – According to This Idiot, the U.S. is Completely at Fault

I am in no way endorsing war with Iran, and hopefully cooler heads will prevail. A war with Iran is not a winning strategy. The entire Middle East is one huge ticking time bomb – one wrong move and Word War Three could be instantly upon us, and the majority of the people in the U.S. do not understand this or are simply ignoring reality.

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Devolving America Into Disparate, Un-American Immigrants

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55 percent of the Somali immigrants preferred Sharia Law over American law.  In fact, they de facto practice it. Problem: Sharia Law runs counter to U.S. Constitutional Law. No women’s rights, animal rights, no free speech, no free choice of dress, no choice of religion, etc.

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Found Difficult

Christianity is weak at the top right now because our leadership is too worldly. It spends far too much time being at peace with the world. The Church is a peculiar institution. It is a Holy Priesthood. It is set apart to God.

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Is There Anything The Democrats Won’t Ban?, Part 2

They want to ban all fossil fuels, airplanes, cars, internal combustion engines, oil drilling, fracking and most everything else that makes our world function.  And as usual, they don’t think these ‘plans’ through to evaluate the consequences of their ideas.  Keep these things in mind when you vote in 2020.

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Is Justice Waiting for Jurisdiction?

He explains that our “justice” system is running under different rules than we understand.  He further explains that each court “transaction” facilitates more bond and money movement.  If you think it’s difficult for the average American citizen to obtain justice or fair trials, it’s because the court system has been redesigned for brokering deals for the banking system.

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Hell Yes, We’re Going to Take Your Freedom

People, mostly politicians offer promises of hope and visions of a utopian future.  False hope mostly, but collectively we Americans are proven slow learners.  It’s false hope because it’s always proven fallacious, but usually after Americans bought it hook, line and sinker.

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POW MIA Recognition Day:  They Should Never Be Forgotten

By Act of Congress in 1979, the third Friday of September, while not a national holiday, is observed annually as “POW-MIA RECOGNITION DAY.” Its purpose is to remember and honor all those who suffered as prisoners of war, and all those many thousands who were and are still missing in action.

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The Bible Was Once Used As A Blessing Toward American Education

The Biblical book of Proverbs tells us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (1:7).  The American Founders certainly understood this truth, and from the beginning stressed the relationship between a sound education based upon biblical absolutes and the future of this nation.

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