by Servant Gonzalez

—Illegitimi non carborundum

The measures taken by the Trump administration to fight the Corona virus remind me of the guy who was trying to catch a black cat in a dark room . . . but the cat wasn’t there.

Most of the asinine “suggestions” to stop the propagation of the virus: wearing a mask, stop touching surfaces, not going to restaurants or cinemas, etc., which they have told us may extend for three or four months, would be risible if they weren’t tragic. On the other hand, if the true purpose is to destroy the US economy I would agree that they have been highly successful.

These measures reminded me of the tactic used during the Vietnam War:  destroying the village in order to save it.[1] While bars and restaurants have been forced to close, allegedly to stop the propagation of the Corona virus, Amazon trucks keep running around disseminating a virus which has proven to be much more damaging than the Corona virus: the monopoly virus.[2] While they have been freeing criminals, allegedly to avoid the propagation of the virus, they are threatening law-abiding citizens with putting them in jail is they  don’t wear a facemark while doing their shopping.

Only idiots, or ill intentioned people, can suggest taking measures to fight a virus we don’t know anything about, what it truly is, how it propagates, how as if by magic it has contaminated people who had no contact whatsoever with infected people.[3]  As of today nobody has a good explanation why it has infected Northern Italy but not the South.[4] Moreover, nobody is telling why no cases have been reported among the large California homeless population living on the streets, sick, undernourished and lacking in sanitation facilities.

Even though I am not a “conservative” Republican, much less a “progressive” Democrat, I have supported President Trump mostly for one single reason: he is not a politician. But I have to confess that the measures he has taken to fight the present crisis have confused me.

Why is President Trump passing emergency laws systematically destroying an economy just a few weeks ago he was so proud about? What is the true purpose of this artificially created crisis? Are George W. Bush and Barack Obama advising him? What’s really going on? What’s Trump’s deep game?

There are rumors going around that the government is planing to mobilize the National Guard and deploy it to the streets. But usually the government calls the National Guard when there are riots the police can’t control. So, is the government planning to deploy the National Guard to incite the riots?

One of my pro-Trump friends told me a few days ago that he has changed his mind and is now convinced that Trump is nothing but a Trojan Horse, a secret agent the globalist conspirators are using to implement their New World Order. But that doesn’t make any sense, because they had Hillary Clinton ready to play that role. So, why this unnecessary sidestep?

Some members of the Trump administration are telling with a straight face that the present crisis could extend for several weeks more.[5] What? That doesn’t make any sense. Even during the worst days of WWII when the Nazi V-2s were hitting London, British citizens continued drinking at the pubs and living their lives as normally as possible.

Moreover, there is something highly suspicious going on. Since President Trump announced these drastic measures, allegedly to stop the dissemination of the virus, the “progressive” Left, which previously opposed everything Trump did, now is fully supporting him. This is difficult to explain, at least to me. Why this sudden change in the Left’s behavior?

Nevertheless, as I have written in several articles, Donald Trump has shown the ability to confuse both enemies and supporters, but, at the end, he shows the winning card he had kept hidden up his sleeve. I sincerely hope he will prove again that he is a true American patriot.

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[1]. On March 16, 1968, a company of US soldiers went into the village of My Lai 4, in Vietnam. A soldier later testified, “The order we were given was to kill and destroy everything that was in the village.”

[2].  Monopoly capitalism is not capitalism t all. It is either Fascism, when corporations control the state, or Communism, when the state control the  corporations. I was John D. Rockefeller, not Mars, Lenin or Mao, who said: “Competition is a sin.”

[3]. Conspiracy theorists are infecting YouTube and Facebook with theories that 5G mobile internet is responsible for the coronavirus. Of course, government sources have denied it, but we must not forget this rule rule-of-thumb: It is not a confirmed truth  until the government officially denies it.

[4]. An interesting theory is that Northern Italy was hit harder because more people there had been vaccinated against the flu. See, Paolo, “Italy —Vaccinated Area is Hit Worst,”, March 20, 20202.

[5]. See Rebecca Shabad, “Fauci Predicts Americans Will Likely Need to Stay Home for at Least Several More Weeks, “ NBC News, March 20, 20202.

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