Why the Mantra of “Separation of Church and State” Will Not Matter Under a Trump/ DeVos CHOICE Agenda… and they know it.

Will CHOICE explode over the issue of the separation of church and state? No, CHOICE sidesteps the issue. Here’s why.

At this year’s American Federation for Children Policy Summit, Education Secretary-elect Betsy DeVos boasted about the growing momentum for her “education revolution.” Rob Boston, a spokesman for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, stated this about DeVos:

“It’s very alarming,” referring to DeVos as a “four-star general in a deceptive behind-the-scenes war on public schools and church-state separation.”

“People support school vouchers for different reasons. Some make a free-market argument because they are opposed to public schooling. Others want to prop up sectarian teachings with taxpayer money,” Boston said. “DeVos has a foot in both camps, which does not bode well for our public schools.” [Source]

The question is certainly one that must be answered. What is the result of a Trump/DeVos government-controlled CHOICE (versus true free choice) agenda? DeVos believes the church has been displaced by public schools. She believes not just in funding Christian schools, but wants to reform the whole system to bring “greater Kingdom gain.” In essence, DeVos wants all children to be baptized in Common Core for a new world order globalism kingdom.

Perhaps what Rob Boston doesn’t know is that when Title I money “follows the child” and is deposited in an Education Savings Account (ESA), there is no beneficiary to the religious or private school since the money goes to the parent. An Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that a separation of church and state exists. The idea of giving money to religious schools does not meet the legal standard, so this is bypassed when government funds are deposited into an ESA belonging to the parent.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that ESAs belong to the individual parent and thus are not “public funds” subject to that church-state limitation. Here is an excerpt from the decision:

Once the public funds are deposited into an education savings account, the funds are no longer “public funds” but are instead the private funds of the individual parent who established the account. The parent decides where to spend that money for the child’s education and may choose from a variety of participating entities, including religious and non-religious schools. Any decision by the parent to use the funds in his or her account to pay tuition at a religious school does not involve the use of “public funds” and thus does not implicate Section 10.”

In this situation the child could still considered a Title I FEDERAL CHILD under federal guidelines in ESSA, particularly if that child has been determined Title I by the local school district labeling the child. Therefore when ESSA states that public school CHOICE means “direct student services” it means that the services follow the child, which are Title I Common Core mental health support services. The questions then become:

• Must the social, emotional, behavioral baggage of Common Core be implemented as mandated in ESSA in every school that accepts a CHOICE child?
• Does this also mean that an ombudsman will oversee the implementation of these psychological services in every private, religious, and homeschool?

The law is the law. Perhaps President-Elect Trump should push to repeal ESSA! Otherwise this phony CHOICE comes with tentacles – governmental intrusion into private family homes and reaching deep into the religious schools of America’s children.

So, is the next frontier in education the Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)? Aligning the Stars for the DeVos Common Core CHOICE agenda.

What has been achieved so far to make Common Core CHOICE happen:

• Common Core standards mandate directly to the child, bypassing local control.
• Title I At-Risk students are identified under Common Core as disadvantaged—not poor.
• Title I SCHOOL WIDE blankets an entire school—all kids are Common Core disadvantaged.*
• Title I Per Pupil Expenditures in ESSA sets up the “equitable” money following the child.
• FERPA weakened privacy through President Obama’s EO 12866 by allowing 3rd party vendors access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
• State longitudinal data systems tracking students with a national unique ID in which psychometric dossiers are collected and shared.
• IDEA (special ed) uses CHILD FIND to identify normal children with disabilities. (Progressing)
• IDEA’s remediation of social, emotional, and behavioral state standards identify the child with mental health coding.
• Psychological treatment named in ESSA means hiring more psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.
• Psychometric dossiers on children are then transferred to the Feds, NCES/IES. (Progressing)
• IES monitors, evaluates, and creates algorithms on children, teachers, and the curriculum is matched and cross-referenced to identify weaknesses in meeting the government’s Common Core standards.
• 3rd party vendors research and validate curricula, tests, and software directed to Common Core. Corporations profit from Common Core.
• IDEA coding sets up MEDICAID billing for mental health wrap-around “direct student services” for which the psychological techniques are named in ESSA legislation.
• ESSA further expands charter schools as a replacement for all public schools. When this government-sponsored CHOICE is implemented local public schools will fail.

Achieving “future shock” of disappearing representative government—but achieving CHOICE for all children.

Both Senator Cruz’s S 306 and Congressman Messer/Senator Alexander Scholarship Act legislation meet the criteria for the DeVos CHOICE plan.

Betsy DeVos will have the total support of the Heritage Foundation, sponsor of the agenda of the “controlled” political Right for several generations, to plot the next steps to move forward with the Charter/CHOICE globalist plans. The Heritage/DeVos plan will eliminate representative government, shut down PARENTS’ and citizens’ voices in education, delete a citizens’ right to have their vote represented, and remove the local school board as the community’s taxing authority. Regional workforce industry clusters will be developed to gather taxes, or taxes will be directly sent to the state. Teachers will be hired from the state level.

This dark and foreboding future for American’s parents and their precious children—not to mention the crumbling apart of local towns and communities—is exactly as President OBAMA planned with his equity agenda. This is further complicated with the smearing of the lines between the Democrats and Republicans. They are both working off the same game plan to destroy our Constitutional Republic and representative form of local government. [Source 1], [Source 2], [Source 3]

I am able to call ESSA, and the set-up for what was named in the prior legislation in 2013, the “same-game plan” because when the Democrats were in power, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) sponsored SB 1094. The Per Pupil Expenditure was referred to as FEDERAL SCHOOL CHOICE, whereas in the 2015 ESSA legislation it is called PUBLIC SCHOOL CHOICE. [Source]

Here’s the “same-game plan” (Republicans and Democrats in bed together) that you can expect with the passage of any forthcoming Heritage/DeVos Common Core CHOICE legislation:

• Legislation to make Title I funds portable to cover ages 0-21, to be used as a scholarship for every child in any public, charter, private, religious, or homeschool.
• Set up an ESA, education savings account, for government accountability and oversight over every family receiving federal financial CHOICE assistance. The federal camel will have its nose under your family’s tent.
• Define exact government criteria to receive funding for all educational uses and “quality” evidence-based curricula (i.e., it all must be aligned to Common Core standards.)
• Demand testing/curricula align with Common Core for national evaluative purposes, based on the national assessment test, the NAEP.
• Defined “direct student services” will mandate that public school CHOICE be used as mental health specialized student support services for meeting government standards. This will include all children from birth to age 4, universal daycare, K-12, and through 2 years of free community college, which means hiring or contracting psychological personnel for support services.
• All schools eventually bill Medicaid for support services—which is ObamaCare ages 0-21.
• All schools—whether charter, private, religious or homeschools—become “chartered” under authorized charter management as an ombudsman named in ESSA.
• Schooling is nationalized under the banner of Common Core CHOICE government schools.

Was this Mr. Trump’s promise? Could this possibly be what parents want? Is this what American citizens want?

There is a seductive carrot and a sharp stick for this CHOICE plan. Officially, a family would be able to receive $12,000 per year (split between federal, state, and local taxes), multiplied by 18 years, which is a lot of money to ignore. A $216,000 jackpot awaits those parents who will give up their children to the government’s sci-fi agenda of wonky inferior Common Core and experimental psychobabble. BUT, no one is sure if parents can turn their backs on the money once their child is determined to be Title I and needing IDEA psychological support services by Special Education scavengers looking to mislabel normal children as disabled to get “free” money, i.e., CHILD FIND. This serves a warning to parents who decide to jump on the CHOICE TRAIN: because your decision may be forever for your child’s future.

My final say about this Common Core CHOICE TRAIN: You are bound to lose, not money, but your children. And, Americans, you are about to lose your FREEDOMS. Because this is government-controlled CHOICE from start to finish, a diabolical plan that will put tentacles of control into the private thought life of every single American child. Big Brother is looming. . .

*A Final Note: President Obama and former Secretary Duncan removed Title I poverty levels in schools in which the 40% guideline of free and reduced lunch children was lowered to “0”% by illegally “waiving” the No Child Left Behind federal law. The criteria of a Title I child could be “At-Risk” or “becoming” At-Risk of not meeting Common Core. The Title I guideline called Schoolwide is a net that covers ALL children in a school whether FAMILIES are poor or wealthy. ALL children would become Common Core disadvantaged. In reality, ESSA codifies the Schoolwide agenda and prepares a nation for “NO REAL” CHOICE for every child when the expansion of Per Pupil Expenditures mandate Common Core to every private, religious, and homeschool.

Source HR 5 2013 Republican legislation:

“SCHOOLWIDE Programs: The bill eliminates the 40 percent poverty threshold for SCHOOLWIDE programs, allowing all Title I schools to operate whole school reform efforts. This change, included in the Obama administration’s waiver package, will allow low- income schools greater flexibility to consolidate programs and focus their efforts on raising the achievement of all students.” [Emp. added.]

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