Vance Day, a Christian friend of mine and former GOP chairman,  was appointed August 2011 to become a Marion County Circuit Judge- a six year term-  by a very liberal Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber, anxious to become an example of bipartisan approach; however, on June 26, 2015 (my 60th wedding anniversary) the U.S. Supreme Court approved Same Sex Marriage and by October 9, 2015 when most Oregonians had never heard of Vance Day, this 54 year old Marion County judge became a national headline symbol when he told his staff to direct same sex marriage requests to other judges with no such objections. His First Amendment solution was to avoid having to marry same-sex couples and violating his Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality.

This initial ethics charge reminds me of the DARK MACHINE Witch Hunt in Washington, D.C. against President Trump which we’ve been following for more than a year with Robert Mueller’s Destruction Investigation.


The picture of the Vance Day family was taken in 2017 prior to the birth of Vance’s first grandchild in June 2017. In a recent letter from Vance’s daughter, thanking the financial support and words of encouragement her father has received from patriots but she also wrote to WARN OTHER CHRISTIANS ABOUT THE PERSECUTION BEFORE US.

The initial Ethics charge against Vance for not wanting to marry same sex couples was only the tip of the witch hunt in an effort to force him out of office but he refused to step down so that “ethics” charge has morphed into a criminal case when Day was charged with two counts of illegal possession of a firearm.  Brian Shehan, a Navy Sea, had been arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants and had to appear in the Veteran’s Treatment Court where Day presided.  Shehan’s felony was later reduced to a misdemeanor.

Day befriended Shehan who later was doing work at his daughter’s house.  Day allegedly asked Shehan to retrieve an unloaded gun hidden in a cabinet. The daughter writes that her father had fully intended to clear his name in time to run for re-election in 2018, when his six year term expires but Oregon has been dragging its feet with this miscarriage of justice and he’s since been charged as a felon and unlike Hillary Clinton and other Democrat scum bags, being a principled man, he feels morally ineligible to run for another term so he battles on behalf of other Christians.


A mighty oak is a little nut that held its ground and like Job who persevered in II Cor. 12:11-12, Vance plans to finish the war with the help of our daily prayers; however, we’ve had another mighty oak in Oregon politics and like Trump nearly dropping into the presidential race out of thin air, in 1988 the Oregon conservative grassroots precinct community eventually elected a former Democrat and Vietnam veteran, suffering from Agent Orange by the name of T. J. Bailey into the chair at the Portland GOP headquarters,


However, his election was a little bit different than when I was earlier elected Marion County GOP chairman. The following day I went to the county office donated by some “old guard” businessmen only to find all the office furniture had been stolen in addition to the electric typewriter and files were strewn throughout the office. The Bank Account was non existent.

A friend, a former FBI agent, filed a police report. When he checked several weeks later, not surprisingly, the Salem police report had been lost. Between the GOP office and the office next door was a piece of plywood covering the door where many typewriters for some company were stored and left untouched. I’ve forgiven the pricks who Jesus called responsible for persecuting him in KJV Acts 9:5.  (Webster’s 6 )

It’s taken 30+ years but what goes around comes around and people are finally waking up to the scoundrels in the GOP.  I moved the county GOP office into my home, paid the telephone bill, office supplies, postage, etc. and persevered my term continuing filling precincts with good, honest, moral conservative people. I only remain a Republican because in Oregon Independents can’t vote in the Primary. Psalm 75 says the Lord will cut off the strength of evil men and increase the power of good men in their place and right now, the GOP is struggling. I know because I get their fund raising letters which I ignore.

J. at least had furniture when he arrived at his GOP office but his predecessor, a hateful Portland attorney wrote the “rich” supporters saying , “While we welcome the surge of the new religious right conservative people (many former Democrats) in our party, many seem to be ‘single issue’ people (like Constitutionalists) unwilling to support Republicans who do not agree with them on their issues.” (Abortions) Could he be referring to the Ron Paul supporter types? Another nasty, obnoxious or contemptible chairman ended his term in the red for approximately $65,000. T.J. moved the GOP office from its high-rent, liberal downtown Portland area to lower rent in another area and proceeded to eliminate the painstakingly $65,000 debt.


A person who was a fundraiser for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) was hired by the former chairman to fundraise for the GOP. The only problem was the guy had access to the OMSI warehouse and he had sticky fingers and had stolen some items from the upcoming OMSI fundraising auction. A small article in the OREGONIAN newspaper next to the obituaries indicated he had a first-degree theft charge dismissed after he paid $5,000 to the court but he was also required to undergo counseling – a civil compromise accepted by OMSI.


It was during T.J’s 30 turbulent months as Oregon’s GOP chairman that a friend of his, Lon Mabon, was also embattled with the homosexuals in Oregon attempting to stop the “special rights’ movement. Several campaign staffers were subjected to gun shots (fortunately missed) and some EVANGELICAL LEADERS were not only AWOL but critical of Bailey and Mabon.

I’m glad this information popped out of my files as a remembrance because we have come full circle on the “special rights” movement to “normalize” their lifestyle with same-sex marriage and once again, who is to blame – the cowardly evangelical church leadership who were also thinking about not marrying couples any more for the same reason Judge Vance Day quit. [Link]

T.J. died in Portland on December 4, 1997. Mabon later memorialized the chairman: “Last week a friend and conservative warrior died. He assisted me in founding the Oregon Conservative Alliance (OCA) in late 1986 and together, we officially filed the legal papers in February of 1987. For all the time that I knew T.J. he fought cancer. He endured some level of pain or discomfort and was close to death several times but even in his death, the liberal media could not find a kind thing to say but again wrote pieces giving their negative slant to this man’s life.”  The 10/14/1989 HUMAN EVENTS newspaper out of Washington, D.C. said T.J. was one of the most controversial, hardest working and least boring Chairman of the Oregon GOP. Praise the Lord for such leaders as T.J. and now we have Judge Vance Day in another battle. Read the article about a sampling of Ron Paul’s adversaries.


The next three-week trial will begin on October 22nd in “Sanctuary city” Portland, Oregon.  If Vance loses this case, the government will have effectively put in place a “religious test” for judges and ministers and who is to stay if that happens, why not just ban all Christians from public service and who in our already nearly corrupt religious system will stand up for the persecution already taking place?  That should run chills up the spine of every Christian and it really isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility, considering the historical revisionists with whom we have been dealing. Couples on the wagon trains coming west could be married by the Wagon Master “in front of witnesses.”  It’s been the state again who mandated licenses for minister and judges to perform marriages so they could control – Freedom going, going, gone.

In the state of Virginia, a man received an eviction notice for holding Bible study in a Senior Living Community. The State of California wants a bill that would ban all Christian Bibles. In Minneapolis a pastor was arrested and handcuffed for telling Muslims why he converted from Islam to Christianity and in Portland, Oregon, bring your Bible to school and watch what happens.  What Vance’s daughter hates most is the slander against her father but worse yet grand children witnessing the possibility of media coverage showing him being dragged off in handcuffs for something he didn’t do.


Many supporters have recommended the family ask for some pro-bono groups to help with the legal work and costs and she said they have. Her father has been a volunteer attorney for some very successful pro-bono Christian-friendly legal firms for many years including the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), and the Rutherford Institute and they have offered as much help as they can but due to the very complicated ethics and the criminal case, it’s been necessary and essential to hire local counsel.   And because of this necessity and the scale and length of this case, it has led to legal bills that will bankrupt her parents.  Maybe this would be a good time to contact President Trump with this information and encourage him to select Vance Day for a Supreme Court appointment.  Remember, God can move in mysterious ways… Psalm 125. President Trump, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20500

When these ridiculous charges first surfaced, the Oregon Supreme Court suspended his pay for three years forcing Vance to sell their home. He and his wife of 30+ years now live in a trailer. Vance lost his $124,468 a year while our former Oregon Governor Kitzhaber received only a slap on the wrist with a $20,000 Ethics Panel civic penalty as described below.  He is probably receiving monthly checks from a totally unconstitutional agency called PERS, which Vance is also eligible.  Article 1, section 20: “No law shall be passed granting to any to any citizen or class of citizens (government workers) privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens.” The final outcome is union “class warfare” on the way to socialism- Does your state constitution have similar wording? Think Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for President because he’s still part of the Deep State battle and many young folks liked him.

Past donations have been sent to Merrifield, Virginia but the Day family has requested Merrifield send donations to the legal defense trust fund here in Oregon. In that way there is a third-party who is responsible for collecting and accounting for the donations.  This case is so much bigger than Vance. It is about our Constitutional liberties, our freedom to act according to our conscience.  JUDGE DAY LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, P.O. BOX 1962, MERRIFIELD, VA 22116-1962.


In 1980 domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn became anti-Vietnam war organizers.  She worked closely with the Black Freedom Movement. After completing her legal studies, she became a national student community organizer for the New York City-based National Lawyers Guild. In 1980, Ayers and Dohrn surrendered to law-enforcement authorities but all charges against them for 30 bombings against police and civilians were later dropped due to an “improper surveillance technicality“ – government authorities had failed to get a warrant for some of their surveillance.

Ayers said it was a stroke of good fortune: “Guilty as sin, free as a bird. America is a great country.” He then decided to radicalize America by working within so when he should have been in prison, he decided to embrace education and in 1984 Ayers earned a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, three years later, a doctorate in Curriculum and instruction where he could inculcate Marxist ideas into young folks at an early age and falls in line with his revolution so it’s, to Russia, with Love.  And now it’s getting weirder and weirder. Since 1975, IQ levels have been falling consistently.  And now they are coming for our children.


Kitz was serving his unprecedented  4th term in Oregon state history when he set off a cascade of ethics violations using his public office for private gain in addition to violating state Conflict of Interest laws when twice divorced Kitz with a son,  decided to place his fiancé Cylvia Hayes in a powerful state policy role while she continued to do paid advocacy work.

However, Oregon’s first lady, 47 had a past which Kitz was unaware until the Willamette Week peeked. Embarrassed and ashamed Hayes was twice divorced and not yet 30 when she married the 18-year old green-card Ethiopian teenager immigrant in 1997 (and divorced in 2002) with whom she associated in classes at Evergreen State College near Seattle. She said “It was a marriage of convenience. He needed help and I needed financial support,” she said.  She used the $5,000 to buy a laptop and cover school expenses.


Governor John Kitzhaber forgave her but resigned in February 2015 and turned the reigns over to then Secretary of State Kate Brown, and while Christine Hallquist, a former executive in Vermont on August 14 took a major step towards becoming the first ever transgender governor of a U.S. state, Oregon already had transsexual Kate Brown in the governor’s chair. Whether she’ll be elected in November against a Republican remains to be seen. The race is tight. And Kitz, guilty as sin and free as a bird was fined a mere $20,000 for Ethics violations.

In June 2018 Cylvia Hayes was filing bankruptcy and because of her violating State Ethics laws, she had accumulated about $125,000 in debts and penalties during her legal battles with the THE OREGONIAN/OREGON LIVE NEWSPAPER who submitted a public records request for her emails for an investigation into her Consulting Contracts (while her office was in Kitzhaber’s governor’s office). Bankruptcy will shield her from paying the full legal costs.

It also should be noted that both former Governor Neil Goldschmit (a child abuser) and Kitzhaber and Rep. Ron Wyden all took their oaths on the Talmud years ago. And Kitzhaber was way ahead of Obama when it came to socialized medicine. He received national attention in 1992 for authoring the groundbreaking Oregon Health Plan and gays were at his initial inauguration.

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