College has become a standing joke. It’s where you go into debt for $100,000 to get a worthless degree in some inane pseudo-subject: Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, My-Brain-is-Installed-Backwards Studies. It’s where you go to get the rest of the country laughing at you for whining about, well, virtually everything.

Yes, America’s colleges have certainly been fodder for the laugh track, lately. What could be more laughable than an unemployed, unemployable, 25-year-old college grad living in his momma’s basement with a lifetime’s worth of debt clamped to his back and nothing to show for it but a degree in Stupid Studies?

But it’s getting to be not so funny anymore. In fact, it’s getting downright dangerous.

Case in point: vegetables posing as “authorities” at the University of Northern Colorado recently decorated the campus with 680 professionally printed signs warning the students to say nothing, ever, that might possibly offend a thin-skinned liberal. The cucumbers in charge say that it’s not censorship—perish the thought!—but only a gentle reminder aimed at blanketing the campus with “civility.” So, you see, it would be uncivil and “insensitive” to say, for instance, “All lives matter,” when you’re only allowed to say “Black lives matter.”

As always, the collegiate powers that be belch out their watchwords of “diversity” and “inclusion” as cover for a rigid uniformity of thought and speech.

We’ve been laughing at this, but it isn’t funny.

In addition to equipping students, at great cost, for long lives of flipping hamburgers, sweeping parking lots, or collecting welfare checks, our universities also equip them with an authoritarian mind-set that threatens the future of our free republic. How can we possibly preserve our liberties if millions of mal-educated voters have no idea what those liberties are, no interest in preserving them, and a pounded-in habit of seeking to curtail—and punish!—any speech, any writing, or any opinion that differs from their own?

It does seem a little silly to be afraid of ineffectual college-“educated” dodos who know nothing about anything and break into tears and whining whenever anyone says anything, no matter how trivial or unintentional, that they don’t like.

But I’m not afraid of one of them. I’m afraid of millions of them flocking to the voting booths to repeal the First Amendment and elect the reincarnation of Hugo Chavez to be president for life. If you think that can’t happen, think again.

America’s university system is overgrown and bloated, over-financed, and doing everything in its power to make a whole generation of young people unfit to be citizens of a constitutional republic.

Why? Because our professorial class thinks they’ll wind up being the ideological honchos of a socialist utopia, complete with fantastic pensions and absolute authority. Because they don’t like America as it is—they hate it, passionately—and wish to turn it into something else.

And we’re letting them do it. By sending millions of our sons and daughters to these universities, to be rendered ignorant, powerless, and poor, we’re letting then do it.

“Oh! But we have to send our kids to college or they’ll never get good jobs!”

Don’t make me laugh. When everybody has a college degree, a college degree becomes meaningless. Especially when the degree holders prove it whenever they open their mouths. A degree may even be a disadvantage, employers knowing, all along, that a thin-skinned, undisciplined, incapable college graduate is hardly going to be an asset to the firm.

Our university system must be cut back down to size. The Marxist professors, not their hapless students, should be the ones standing in the unemployment line.

A republic populated by pampered, ignorant ninnies will not stand.

It really is quite scary, when you come to think of it.

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