—Dennis Kelly

Is It Really About Staying Safe?

Before I go any further I must clarify that I am not a medical expert or a physician and do not practice medicine.  I do however use the mind that the good Lord gave me and put it to use through His guidance and direction.

Ok Folks, it’s time we get real about this ridiculous notion that wearing face masks and keeping six feet apart is keeping anyone safe.  You know it and I know it that pulling a ratty old face mask out of your pocket or purse and slapping it over your face is doing nothing for your protection or the protection of others.  In fact repeatedly wearing the same face mask is unsanitary allowing bacteria to form around your nostrils and mouth and accumulate on the fabric itself. Those in authority who put this practice in place absolutely know it does nothing to prevent the spread of any type of illness and in some cases will cause more harm.  They simply want a face covering on you.  It doesn’t matter if it meets medical standards of any kind.  People are wrapping literally anything around their faces and it all is in compliance according to the “CDC” guidelines I guess.  You’ve all seen the colored bandana that some people are using.  It goes from off their head or around their neck to over their nose and mouth. They look like they’re ready to rob a stagecoach. Stick’em Up! Not for a second does anyone believe this practice is preventing any protection to anyone. Yet, as long as you’ve got something over your face your governor is pleased.

My dog Buster wasn’t feeling well so I took him to our Veterinarian last week to get him checked out.  To be in compliance with social distancing I suppose, the new procedure is to stay in your vehicle; they will send someone out and retrieve your pet to be examined.  This all takes place out in the busy parking lot.  Of course everyone is masked up to the hilt, except me.  So the Vet that I know comes out to check out Buster and of course he’s wearing the mask.  I tell him what’s ailing poor Buster and the Doc seeing I’m not wearing a mask says, “So you’re not concerned about this Covid thing I guess”.  I replied, do you honestly think this virus is blowing around in this parking lot?   He simply replied, I suppose not.  He knew it is for appearances.

Can we now get to the truth of the matter about why we are going along with all of this? Those in charge know exactly how the majority of the population will react and behave.  They absolutely know keeping six feet apart from each other prevents nothing.  Wearing a goofy facemask over your mouth and nose doesn’t keep anyone safe from anything which means it’s not about anyone’s safety.  It’s about appearances.  It’s is about programming.  It’s about conditioning you and me.  How do you explain the arrows on the floor which showed up at your grocery store directing the proper path to take while shopping, or the markers indicating proper spacing while standing in line?  How does directing the flow of shoppers down the aisle help us stay safe?  If the person in front of you stops to examine an item are we to wait six feet behind until they’re ready to move on or do we quickly move around them holding our breath to not breathe their exhaust or let ours out?  It’s crazy isn’t it.  To be blunt it’s “Herd Mentality” or “Sheeple Syndrome”.

Is there a virus out there?  There must be.  Otherwise why would we be doing this?  Someone posed the question; if not for the Main Stream Media would you even know that we are in the midst of a global pandemic?  Do you see it all around you?  I do not see it.  What we are seeing is dramatic reductions in estimated cases and death rates.  Due to the alternative media sites which are there for all to research if so inclined, you can find interviews with numerous physicians and  healthcare officials claiming Covid -19 may very well be a monstrous psychological operation.  Can you imagine that?

To make matters worse the Democrats recently introduced House Bill 6666, which if implemented would allow healthcare officials to forcibly take you or a loved one from their home under the guise of safety and protection of the household.  The term is being called CONTACT TRACING which will allow mobile health units (called tracers) to track you down if you’ve been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19.  Using your mobile device, they can determine if you’ve come in contact with an infected person.  This is why they are so adamant about getting EVERYONE TESTED.  This is no joke my friends.  It’s coming unless we take a stand.


To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

Read Bill HB6666 Here.

By now a good portion of the population are waking up to the fact that the official story on Corona Virus is not true.  There are also a good many who are not sure and have their doubts and yes, there are still those who are buying the standard narrative hook line and sinker.  If you’re still on the fence I would direct you to a 4 minute video clip from “The Dead Zone” Plague (TV Episode 2003) Episode #14 which can still be viewed on Amazon Prime in its entirety.  In it you will discover this exact Corona Virus scenario being played out in America and around the world was a screen play written seventeen (17) years ago.  View Clip Here:  https://youtu.be/-abaEhDoEzU

How is this possible you might ask?  I have my own views but only you can answer that.  I suggest you pray on it and ask for your eyes and ears to be opened.  I did that several years ago and life has never been the same.

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