By Lex Greene

A psychosis is defined as “a severe mental disorder in which thought, and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality,” be it temporary or permanent. There is no other way to explain the mass hysteria and ongoing fatal fear that grips a vast majority of Americans today — all of it carefully planned and crafted by the “experts” behind the creation of the COVID19 bioweapon and their highly profitable but fatal, COVID19 vaccines.

How else could anyone think that “white supremacists” are the greatest threat in America when we all know it has been the Black Lies Militia and America’s most dangerous fascists ANTIFA, who have been vandalizing, looting, and burning cities across the country, while also responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes in America? Such claims are a total disconnect with reality!

There hasn’t been a KKK or skinhead rally on U.S. soil in decades! When there was long ago, it was democrats involved, like truly racist Democrat heroes Senator Robert (KKK) Byrd and Joe Biden.

Likewise, nearly 100% of what we have been told about COVID19 for the past 18-months has since been proven false, in fact, outright lies. We were told the virus came from natural animal evolution, but now we know, it was created in the Wuhan bioweapons lab under the leadership and direction of none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci and his NIH.

We were told in early April 2020 that government mandated lockdowns, masking and social distancing would “flatten the curve” and defeat the virus within a couple weeks – and 18-months later, much of the U.S. economy is still shut down or on life support.

We have been told  that 34,449,016 Americans (10.4%) have had COVID19. But only approximately 5,167,352 (1.56%) were actually symptomatic. We have been told that 618,294 (0.19%) Americans have died of COVID19. But the “experts “ have since been forced to admit that the real number who may have died of COVID19 is much closer to 37,098 (0.011%) — approximately 6% of the originally stated false number.

Still, it has been used to totally control 100% of the U.S. (and global) population, mostly people who always “go long to get along,” no matter how insane and suicidal it is! Control is what it was all about from the start, but for what end game purpose?

We now know that DNC mad scientists and their billionaire Global Marxist financiers engaged in global genocide with COVID19, used to force people all over the globe into Marxist government dependency and subservience. We also know that it was used to steal the 2020 U.S. elections and eliminate the only political figure in the USA that was rapidly derailing their global Marxist agenda, President Trump. Now Dr. Fauci may have released “phase two” – the “Delta variant,” since the people are now doubting everything from the past 18-months.

Where did this one come from? How did it get to India and from India to the USA in a matter of days? Who’s responsible for this one, on Biden’s watch? Isn’t China on the edge of war with India right now, along with Taiwan?

None of this is mere “conspiracy theory.” It’s all a matter of fact and public information, just like thousands of criminal Dr. Fauci emails. But we also know that America has not had real journalism or a news media in several decades. They are all bought and owned by a handful of international corporations with NO national interests or loyalties whatsoever.

So, the truth has been buried in the USA for more than a hundred years now, on pretty much every subject. Social media also marches in lockstep with the global agenda and insane leftists like Facebook’s Zuckerberg are spending hundreds of millions to support the collapse of the USA. Again, this is all a matter of fact and public information available to anyone seeking truth.

Despite all of these available facts, a majority of Americans remain in a malaise, a trance, a half-conscious state, seemingly between sleeping and waking, in which the ability to function voluntarily may be suspended. The facts and truth are all around them, but they simply cannot connect with them.

Global communists warned with great certainty many years ago, that they would seize control of the USA within a couple generations, without ever firing a single shot. They were clear that they would take control of American minds and emotions first, through government controlled education, entertainment, news media, the college lecture halls and even many 501c (government run) churches. They were right…they have, and today, many Americans are incapable of gripping that reality, even though they are now living it every day.

Influences outside of the American home, turned two generations against their own parents, grandparents and families, the only people on earth who would die for their children’s well-being. Parents allowed this all to happen, but most, not by intent. Most simply didn’t know it was happening until after it had already happened. They simply trusted people who can never be trusted, their government.

Look, most Americans seldom engage in the self-governance of their own home, much less their country today. Almost half of American voters don’t even belong to the only two political teams in the political game. They took their football and went home, leaving only the worst politicians on earth in charge of both parties when they left.

Most Americans are focused on making a living, paying bills, raising their kids, and saving up enough to take a vacation once in a while. Only when this stuff becomes personal , will the average American set their personal priorities aside for a moment, long enough to engage again in an attempt to put the train back on the track so that they can return to “life as normal.”

Unfortunately, this time…we have at least two generations that were raised on nothing but lies, false history, total garbage, thanks to government controlled education systems, from their classrooms to the video games they play, the music they listen to, and all points in between.

This is not the worst news though… even worse is the fact that these generations were taught to never listen to or believe anything but the lies that were drummed into their psyche since birth. Not only are they entirely uneducated in truth and fact – they are incapable of being re-educated. They are “lost generations” with exceedingly rare exception.

They are the future of America now. And unless and until something happens so horrific that it rapes and tortures their minds back into reality, they will fight the rest of us until they die. That’s what they have been trained and incited to do, by U.S. democrats under the command of global communists.

Just yesterday, those who called Trump a “fascist” and voted for Biden and Harris, got a real taste of true fascism when Joe Biden openly threatened all Americans with unbridled use of military force to squash any patriotic effort to save our Constitutional Republic.

We may never be able to shake these two generations (millennials and Gen X, about 25-45 years old now) out of their anti-American belief structure and as a result, we cannot afford to worry about them. We must work with those who were not raised on that steady diet of anti-American drivel and global Marxist suicide.

Hopefully, as things continue to rapidly deteriorate under the Biden-Harris “democratic-communist” regime, some of these children will be shaken out of their indoctrination. We must hope and we must help when they are.

But regardless, the rest of us must do whatever it takes to stop this death train the USA is on, before there is nothing we can do to avoid the coming catastrophic crash.

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