More and more people have been telling me that they think it’s getting crazier and crazier out there. It’s not just the stories that we see in the news, although they’re bad enough. I think I’m seeing it in the way people drive—but let’s take a look at a couple of those news stories.

Maybe it’s just idle left-wing piffle, but there’s a claim out there that drinking milk, or advocating the drinking of milk, makes you a racist. True, just about everything you do makes you a racist, these days. It’ll be wearing white boxer shorts next. But some leftids, like this chucklehead of a college newspaper editor, see something shockingly Simon LeGree in hoisting a glass of milk. Can actual slavery be far behind?

The advantage liberals gain by making claims like this is that normal people will have no answer ready for it. Really, what can you say? It would be like arguing with someone who says he shot Abraham Lincoln.

But if racist milk is piffle, feast your eyes on mega-piffle—the assertion that “men can menstruate, too,” put forth in a newly-published children’s book (no kidding), “The Adventures of Toni the Tampon.”

Again, what do you say to this—“No, they don’t”? One gets the feeling of being lured into a parallel universe where chairs creep out of place when you go to sit on them. I mean, are we actually called upon to debate the question of whether men can menstruate? Does anybody truly have that much time to kill?

Someone could, I suppose, offer a $10,000 cash prize to any man who can prove that he can, and does, menstruate—excluding as ineligible any intensely disturbed woman who says she’s a man. But would even this silence such preposterous gabblings? Probably not.

What can possibly be the fate of a culture that gets into the habit of denying reality and insisting on the truth of things that are patently untrue?

Another story, this one not so funny, sheds some light on this.

In Argentina recently, a group of abortion-happy feminists set up on the sidewalk outside a Roman Catholic church and staged a mock abortion of the baby Jesus. I refuse to provide a link to this story: the graphic images are not something I can bring myself to circulate. No one needs to see a thing like this.

The craziness, as you can see, has a sharp and jagged edge to it. Leftids hate everything that normal people love, especially hating whatever we deem holy. Consumed by hate, they even reject their own salvation—and would take it away from us, too, if they could. They, like the crowd who clamored for Christ to be crucified, declare they have no king but Caesar—and they want to be Caesar.

Their god is the state, an extension of themselves. Snuffing out an unborn baby’s life is the ultimate statement of their power: it makes them big, they think. It goes along with all that other stuff that statists love—the barbed wire, the forced labor camps, the purge trials, the mass graves. If the history of the twentieth century has taught us anything, it should have taught us that.

History has told us who these people are and what they want. The lesson is so horrible, so dark, that many of us are afraid to take it seriously. But this is where they’re coming from, the culture-killers, who demand that we adopt their crazy notions, or else.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.

History leaves us no excuse for not knowing this.

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