In his classic 1945 novel, “That Hideous Strength,” C.S. Lewis wrote of an all-powerful scientific consortium that was doing a lot of weird and cruel experiments with the long-term goal of erasing all forms of life from the surface of the earth, turning the planet into a kind of gigantic cue ball spinning pointlessly through space. I wonder if he knew how right he was.

We do not yet have a world-wide Team Science consisting of everyone who wants to be a scientist. But we do have a lot of strange experiments—grafting human brain tissue into the brain of a rat, for instance—and an awful lot of scientists running in the same direction and saying the same crazy things. I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy, but rather an enormous flow of thick, viscid creepiness that cannot possibly do us any good.

Last week we had a big-shot bioethicist venting his Climate Change hysteria by demanding that the human race cut way, way back on having babies. Too bad he never had the chance to give his mother that advice.

“Morality,” he says, as if he understood the word, requires that we lay off reproduction. He stops short of saying we should have no more children at all: but hey, having kids puffs up our carbon footprint and it’s gotta stop or we’re all gonna die! He does not mention the carbon footprint left by Global Warming-mongers living in multiple mansions and zooming off to Davos in their private jets so they can hold conferences denouncing other people’s carbon footprints. He would prefer we went extinct slowly rather than in just a single generation.

Unable to stop, once he gets going, the Big Professor likens having a child to releasing a murderer from prison, “knowing he will kill again.” As if liberals ever thought that was a problem!

Well, there’s no one more anti-human than a humanist, is there?

Close on his heels, a former Google executive has filed papers with the IRS to pave the way for its recognition of a new religion he has invented—the worship of technology “with the goal of creating a godhead.” Fan my brow: I thought a lot of ninnies were already worshiping technology without any help from this guy.

Yeah, but if Mr. Bioethics has his way, who’s going to be around to worship Mr. Google’s artificially intelligent godhead? Toaster-ovens? Robots? Rats with human brains that make them dumber than any rodent has a right to be? Someone hasn’t thought this through.

So one of The Smartest People in the World proposes that we make something—draw up specs, put our all-knowing computers to work on it, and assemble it with our hands—and then worship it as a god because, as all humanists know, there is no God, not really, so what the heck, we’ve got to make one. And worship it.

I’m no Bible scholar, but I’m pretty sure there’s a theological term for worshiping something that you have made with your own hands. Just let me think a minute, it’s bound to come to me…

Oh, that’s it! Idol worship! That’s what Mr. Google is proposing. Only his idol will be a lot fancier than those old-fashioned idols made of wood or stone. This one will possess Artificial Intelligence. Can you give me hallelujah? Our God made the heavens and the earth, out of nothing. Mr. Google’s god will be made by Mr. Google.

Science has always had its share of fat-heads. In the 1950s they were talking about creating an artificial sun to replace the real one when it finally burned out—sort of like changing a light bulb. As Psalm 2 warns us, “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision.” And the science of those days was a lot less pretentious than it is now.

Now it’s just plain creepy.

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