I’m betting millions of Americans are still reeling from the alleged outcome of the elections last November. In a recent column I linked to a list of Muslims allegedly elected. It blew people away because they cannot understand why Americans are so blind to the truth about that America, freedom – hating fake religion.

Two new superstars of the Democratic/Communist Party USA are open socialists just like loon, Bernie Sanders. I warned about the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) holding 57 seats in the U.S. House back in 1996. In June 2005, I wrote yet another column, this one for WorldNetDaily, about this immediate danger: Insanity: Socialists, communists serving in Congress

Still, the relentless machine of communism continued to march on and look what we have today infesting the halls of Congress like a plague. A 29-year old mush head (Yes, her cranial area is nothing more than an echo chamber) who has taken Washington by storm. A very dangerous female who has absolutely ZERO knowledge of our constitutional republic.

Ocasio-Cortez wants to control ‘3 chambers of Congress

“If we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress – uh, rather, all three chambers of government, the presidency, the Senate, and the House…” she explained.

Molly Prince at the Daily Caller News Foundation reported the “progressive darling” and self-proclaimed Democratic socialist “seemed to be confusing the two chambers of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, with the three branches of American government, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial.”

“The report points out she graduated cum laude from Boston University in 2011.

“Radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday called Ocasio-Cortez the “It Girl” of the Democratic Party “who doesn’t even know what the three branches of government are.”

This is American public education at work,” Limbaugh said. “She’s a former bartender. You gotta wonder if she knows the difference between Scotch, bourbon and whiskey. You know, the three chambers of liquor.”

Another dangerous nut job is a Somali Muslim who apparently married her brother. Ilhan Omar denies it, but if you read this article on PJ Media – a source I trust – I believe she’s lying. Read the article:

State Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Swore to Apparent Falsehoods in Court — While Divorcing Her Alleged Brother

Petition to Impeach Vulgar Trump-Hating Loon Rashida Tlaib has 174,000 Signatures – Another dangerous Muslim allegedly elected to Congress of ‘impeach mother F—er Trump’ fame. Another lying Muslim but as I said in a previous column, they are taught to lie from birth to promote Islam.

“RASHIDA TLAIB of Michigan was fraudulently elected to our house of representatives during the November 2018 primary election process. She lied about living in Detroit using her father’s house address… she never lived there…she lived in Dearborn…her father has verified this… you must live in the district you are running in to represent. We demand a full investigation and recount of every vote that she supposedly received… we also demand a full list of all campaign contributions and who donated to her since she is said to have ties to terrorist organizations such as HAMAS, HEZBOLLA , CAIR & the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Inbreeding is rampant in the Muslim world.


‘Everywhere in the western world, people look at the savage violence that is a daily occurrence in the Muslim world and shake their heads in stunned disbelief.  A pastor of a very small Christian flock in Florida burns a Koran.  Weeks later at literally the global antipode, Muslim imams drive through neighborhoods in a vehicle with loudspeakers attached, calling the townsfolk to riot.  The townsfolk respond, and before it is all over, at least 22 innocent people are dead at the hands of these townsfolk, with at least two of them beheaded. How is this possible?  How can this be?  How can human behavior and culture be so monstrously different?  Is this difference attributable to nothing more than environmental nurture theory?

“No.  There is something else.  There is a catalyst — absent in every other culture on earth — that has poisoned the cultural soil, thus yielding the fruit of bad harvest for nearly 1,400 years.  That catalyst is inbreeding.  As a direct result, the Muslim population is mentally developmentally disabled on a mass scale.”

Muslim Inbreeding is a Huge Problem–And People Don’t Want to Talk About It – Marriage between cousins remains rampant in much of the Muslim world. And the results are truly tragic. Genetic defects.

A full investigation by the House Ethics Committee must be opened. Whether she married her own brother and lied about it on court documents, culturally or for immigration reasons, it doesn’t matter.

Creeping socialism has been underway for a long time yet most Americans have little or no understanding of that political ideology any more than they do about communism and Fascism. Limbaugh is absolutely right – as millions of us already know – it’s the public toilet system they call schools.

Nothing more than incubators for socialism so by the time these millions of sadly under educated young adults get to college, they shove Marxism down their throats. Your tax dollars support many of those same colleges and universities peddling poison.

And, it’s not just Congress infected, the vermin is in our state capitols, judges and elected offices all over the country. Our constitutional republic, sold as a democracy, is teetering and if people don’t get off their duffs, we cannot defeat our domestic enemies.

When I say Cultural Marxism in Congress must be destroyed by that I mean any incumbent who pushes that ideology has to be thrown out of office in 2020. Any candidate who vomits up that puke by the gallons, i.e., Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, must be defeated in the next primaries. Yeah, it is that close as time flies.

How can we the people do it? Like any other problem you want to solve. One step at a time with a game plan for success instead of failure. AND, courage. Courage to stand up and say no more.

First, we have to stop illegals from voting in the primaries. I’ve been hammering on this for decades. EVERYTHING depends on defeating these America haters in those primaries because otherwise, come November, its hold your nose and vote. When are Americans going to stop doing the same thing over and over that produces the same failure?

The time to start on 2020 primaries is today, November 8, 2018

“The general election of 2018 is over. The GOP primaries of 2020 should begin now if we ever hope to build a meaningful majority in Congress.

“While disappointed with the results from the House races, conservatives are likely happy that Republicans appear to have netted three Senate seats and flipped the de facto Democrat seat of Bob Corker from Tennessee with the election of Marsha Blackburn. Rather than going back into our caves like a bunch of Election Day groundhogs, we should begin focusing on the 2020 Senate primaries now.”

I know. Election burn out. Fighting the bastards on this issue and fifty more. Trying to work and put food on the table. Summer will be here before you know it. I know.

But we’ve run out of time. Once people understand the big picture then you don’t have to fight so many fires. You destroy the cancer instead of just treating it.

All over this country we have to demand paper ballots. Where I live our county has new, modern voting equipment. I can tell you, I’m not well liked because I keep raising the argument that those machines can be hacked.

Do people really think all the socialist newbies and progressive candidates (communists like Kamala Harris [Sen. CA]) actually got elected? Don’t believe it any more than you should believe some of the long- time incumbents in the GOP, once again, managed to smash constitutional candidates in order to keep their establishment RINO/globalist in office.

This can only be done at the grassroots level unless your state legislature can be persuaded to junk the machines and scanners in your state and return to hand counted ballots counted in front of the public. Otherwise, we will continue to allow vote fraud to dominate our elections along with dirty voting rolls and allowing illegal aliens to vote.

How Judicial Watch Won the Battle for Election Integrity in Los Angeles County, CA

Next: We MUST defeat the ideology that has infected our nation: Cultural Marxism.

What is Cultural Marxism? The majority of Americans know nothing about this toxic poison gradually injected into our culture over the decades through the schools, the sewage coming out of Hollywood, political parties and churches. Yes, churches.

Churches who support the myth called same sex marriage, support sexual deviants, abortion (Leftist Grandmothers Launch New Group to Promote Abortion – Want their Grandkids Aborted), the mental illness called transgenderism, bastardizing the real meaning of the Bible and every other destructive cultural trend destroying this country. Too many churches today are nothing more than feel good get-togethers.

Communism CANNOT grow and thrive in a country that is dominated by real Christians. That’s why it’s imperative to destroy God and Christianity in America.

Democrats Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono Push Anti-Christian Bigotry against US Judges (Of course she would. Hirono was born in Japan and is a Buddhist so she attacks a Catholic. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Last time I checked, Buddha isn’t God.)

But, how and when did it get started? How has it affected our beautiful republic and the family unit? How did it give us this useful fool? Drudge: Ocasio-Cortez becomes TWITTER queen. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has more Twitter power than media, establishment

Well, my mother always said: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. We can make it happen.

Cultural Marxism – The Corruption of America is available in DVD form. Order it and pass it along to family and friends. We MUST get Americans to understand what is being done to us.

It is also free on You Tube. You MUST take the time to watch this presentation. Other things can wait. We are in deep, deep trouble so it must be priorities vs importance. I know some of the individuals in this documentary and know of all of them. Watch it and then get the link out on every social media you can.

“We, who were raised in pre-nihilist America, find most of today’s movies, TV programs and literary works hideous and depressing. We cringe at the obsessive sexuality of Hollywood’s cinematic pretensions, at its love affair with anti-heroes, and the reprehensible way it so cavalierly saturates its stories with over-the-top violence. We find ourselves aghast at how much boorish mediocrity and phantasmagoric ugliness pulsate through the commercial byways of modern America calling itself “cutting-edge art from the avant-garde.”

“And we wonder what is it that has wrought such decadence — where once righteous ideals and a heroic sense of life prevailed? Is there a reason, we lament, why we must endure movies about sniveling Ratso Rizzos instead of dashing Rhett Butlers and plucky Gunga Dins? Why miasma and moroseness now dominate the social stream instead of the spirit of magnanimity and unbridled optimism of our ancestors?

“Why sweet drug poisons such as “crack” and “Methamphetamine” invade the lives of callow youths in ghetto and country club alike? Why middle-class Americans (who once worshiped self-reliance) now shamefully demand more and more entitlement handouts from government? Why our elected leaders in Washington have become despicable quislings slithering around in Machiavellian muck?

“Why family life and marriage, the very founts of civilization, are treated so shabbily by psycho-babble experts? Why androgyny is so zealously promoted by liberals on every other television show and homosexuality is pawned off as a “Marlboro Cowboy life style?” Why tradition and honor are scorned by professorial elites pontificating endlessly about how America’s original moral principles were repressive?

“There is indeed a reason why this tragic disintegration of American life’s value has swept over the country this past century. It is called “Cultural Marxism.” It is not the only reason why our culture is collapsing into decadence, but it is perhaps the most important reason. Cultures are vast mosaics of human aspirations, loves, needs and fears played out within the context of their time, their geography, their natural wealth, and the vision of their most brilliant thinkers. There are always numerous factors that move a culture toward truth and high-minded freedom or toward fallacy and the dust bin of history.

“But usually there are one or two of the reasons that are paramount while the others are secondary. In this case, the paramount reason is the deliberate ideology of “Cultural Marxism” that invaded our nation back in the 1930s. What exactly is this horrific ideology that has brought our way of life to such a sorry denouement, and how did it originate? That is what Jaeger’s film is all about; and he paints a riveting portrayal of a great country brought to ruin over an 80 year stretch by patiently sinister minds warped by a Mad Hatter’s view of reality.

“In 2007, William S. Lind, a brilliant conservative thinker affiliated with the Free Congress Foundation in Washington, wrote an article titled, “Who Stole Our Culture?” In it he outlined what Cultural Marxism was all about, hammering home for the first time to Americans in general what Cultural Marxism had done to America. The article was a political / sociological tour de force because of the exceptional clarity with which Lind explained the ominous goals of the Cultural Marxist theoreticians beginning in the aftermath of World War I in Europe, followed by exportation of their agenda to America in the 1930s.

“James Jaeger’s film duplicates the brilliance and lucidity of Lind, only with the visual imagery of film. It gives Americans a perceptive explanation as to why our nation is committing insidious suicide under the guise of erecting the false ideal of social egalitarianism. Americans are being dumbed down to a vulgarian’s existence with Orwell’s famous reversal of definitions (“Ignorance is Strength, Slavery is Freedom”) infecting everything in which we partake. Jaeger’s film exposes in spades this heartbreaking destruction of the Republic.

“The film’s power lies in its haunting imagery and conceptual resonance. Thus, it offers a wonderful educational tool to spread the word to the populace about how and why we as a people are so apathetically condoning enslavement and decadence.

“Our most treasured values have been turned upside down in a diabolical, “behind-the-curtain,” Marxist orchestration that has taken over our schools, churches, movies, publishers and media in the way gangrene spreads its pustules up the length of a man’s legs to invade his body’s core where the lungs and heart reside.”

You take the time away from distractions and watch it. This way we all learn and can then tell ten people to watch it who then spread the message across this country. From sea to shining sea and border to border. For all Americans.

Then we are armed with the truth to destroy this cancer eating our country like ‘Political Correctness’.

Then we are armed to reject slick talking candidates selling socialism and communism on the campaign circuit.

Then we are armed to stand up and say no to the people destroying this country, our liberty and freedom all in the name of the toxic ‘democracy’ sales pitch when it is in fact Cultural Marxism.

Only we the people can save this country.

The second MUST watch which has been around for quite a while and should be in every junior and high school in this country: A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation

That DVD is truly a treasure. It should be watched by all adult aged Americans – especially naturalized citizens so they can understand and appreciate all that went into birthing this republic. You may know, but there are tens and tens and tens of MILLIONS of Americans who have no clue.

We cannot defeat our enemies without being armed with facts, accuracy and truth. Cultural Marxism is first on the list. For full disclosure, I do not and have not ever received any compensation for books or DVD’s I promote.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions. 400 pages of facts and solutions.


Is Cultural Marxism America’s New Mainline Ideology? October 11, 2018

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