Whether Nic Pizzolatto’s screen writing for True Detective (an HBO drama) was meant to be based on true events or not is pretty irrelevant.  If you want a visual allegory of the scourge that has infected our justice systems, our law enforcement agencies, our religious institutions, our schools, and our society, take the time out and watch True Detective.

For whatever reason, a percentage of the population just isn’t going to sit down and read books, testimonies, or even court transcripts of real events like the Franklin Scandal, Epstein Island, or even the NXIVM case – even though these are real cases that involve real people and corruption all the way to the highest office in the land.

[I don’t condone the nudity and full sex portrayals of the series, (but such is the depravity of HBO after all).  It’s possible to fast forward through most of them and not miss anything important.]

Season One, which has eight episodes, tells the true story fictionalized of satanic worship and sacrifice in the echelons of religion and governmental agencies – though it classifies it as “voo-doo”.  Don’t watch it as a literal interpretation, but as an allegorical one – with starkly literal examples nonetheless.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking it represents Christianity accurately, but do recognize it represents institutionalized religion shamefully accurately.  There are indeed people who lead in institutional religious settings who are involved in such evil actions as the Tuttle and Childress families in the show.  They hide behind their titles in their religious organizations and fool a naïve populace into thinking they are good or somehow upstanding – all the while leading lives of duplicity.  They have police and sheriff and judges and lawyers on their payrolls, and they get away with their heinous deeds, sometimes generation after generation.

Season One introduces us to two extremely flawed homicide detectives, Rust Cohle and Martin (Marty) Hart.  They are investigating a clearly ritualistic homicide of a young woman.  As their investigation unfolds, it leads to drug lords.  These drug lords are instrumental in administering drugs to the women and children they abduct and use for their atrocious rituals.  Rust gets the idea that other missing women and children may be victims of a similar fate, and begins to dig through missing persons files going back a decade or more.

What’s so shocking for those of us who have been reading and researching, ignoring the hyper-focused attempts of the entertainment industry and societal clamoring of distractions, is that this is actually true.  America (and really most of the world) has shocking numbers of missing persons.  Why?  Where are they?  Who is taking them?

Rust keeps a sketch book for a journal, and he sketches the evidence and symbols at the various crime scenes.  One of the symbols is the pedophilia symbol the pedophiles and traffickers use today and is on the FBI site for pedophile symbols.

As Q says, symbolism will be their downfall.  These people have gotten a little too brazen and taken society’s silence as complicity.  Their pride and arrogance in their elite status as untouchable and unapprehend-able has emboldened them to flash their symbols in their merchandising, their music, their photos, their “brands”.  We can recognize it now and we’re not ignorant anymore.

In True Detective, Rust begins to connect dots that are circumstantial at first, and those dots indicate a lot of the missing children are missing within regions of these religious schools headed by the Tuttle ministries.  Quickly a task force headed by none other than appointees from this religious head (Mr. Tuttle himself) is appointed to oversee the investigation.  Why?  Because the fox must oversee the henhouse to keep the other foxes protected.

For those of us who have tumbled down the rabbit hole of satanic and cult worship and sacrifices, we know that this is happening and has been happening, even in our backyards, and yes in our churches.  We know children are abducted for the nefarious purposes of rituals.  The show depicts Saturnalia ceremonies, which is nothing more than satanic orgies with human sacrifices.  This is not fiction.  This and other “ceremonies” occur at appointed times, and sacrifices and other activities are required.  What is apparently not regarded is the pervasiveness of this.  These are not isolated cases.  These scenarios are replicated all over the land in fields and homes and churches.  There are literally thousands of testimonies of survivors of these rituals, but if you don’t look, I guess you don’t see…

When Rust gets too close to the truth confronting the religious head of the region, he is suspended from his job.  People in high positions don’t like their positions challenged.  The Franklin Scandal depicted this reality quite plainly.  Those truly intent on apprehending criminals and bringing justice are frequently the martyrs of justice in these United States of America.

Years pass by and Rust has done a lot of digging and is closing in on putting the picture together.  Marty finds the entire projection unbelievable.  He warns Rust that he sounds crazy and this whole possible scenario of a large group of cult worshippers stealing women and children to torture and sacrifice them in their rituals, a scenario that goes back decades and has been going on for decades, is just too conspiracy theorist crazy.  He implies that maybe Rust has created this scenario in his head and has dwelt on it so long he just believes it.  And Rust answers what every red-pilled truth seeker has had to answer as well.

There’s a time when you lay out the scenario to the status quo.  You may choose a few people close to you at first, and gently introduce the data you’ve been learning.  But eventually, the truth cannot stay bottled up in you.  To paraphrase a prophet, it begins to burn in your bones.  And your findings and conclusions are questioned, even sometimes ridiculed as “crazy” or other terms.

But we all have that moment we have to reckon inside of ourselves if what we’ve been learning is truth or not, if what we’re beginning to see and understand is just all in our heads, some wild imaginations with some circumstantial evidence…    In Season One, Episode 7, at the fifteen minute mark Rust answers this question to Marty like this, “I had my time when I wondered if this was all in my head.  That time passed.

Now we know.  We know there are groups of deranged individuals who are abducting or hiring people to abduct women and children.  We know these people are in the upper echelons of religious organizations and government and law enforcement.  We know because too many people have died to expose it and too many people have survived it to expose it.  We can see it and we know and we echo Rust’s words at 22:15 of the same episode, “I won’t avert my eyes.  Not again.

If you can’t stomach the real life testimonies of victims rescued from these scenarios, maybe watch the fictionalized account of it in True Detective.  It depicts reality.  And what is going on in Louisiana (in the show) is going on across this land.  The scourge of pedophilia, abduction, torture and human sacrifice has been covered up by generations of judges, police, religious leaders and otherwise ordinary citizens for decades.

Rust and Marty closed in on one of the ring leaders and almost lost their lives.  Afterwards, Rust laid on the hospital bed and lamented, “We didn’t get them all.”  This is the lament of all of us who have been watching and waiting for the horrific crimes of political leaders, world leaders, religious leaders, community leaders, etc. to be exposed and brought to justice.

Marty responded, “And we ain’t gonna get them all.  That ain’t what kind of world it is.  But we got ours.

We don’t want to hear this.  We don’t want the evil to prevail.  We want justice for the victims.  We want the crimes exposed and penalized.  So we each, in whatever corner of this world we live in, we must each make effort to “get ours”.  We cannot avert our eyes anymore.  We cannot deafen our ears.  We must not harden our hearts because the wickedness is so wicked.

Season One was made before Q hit the American scene, but it had strange parallels to the fight for justice that Q embodies.  In the last scene, Rust (an unbeliever and atheist), expounded on an experience he had as he thought he was dying, and it alluded back to the stars and the darkness of night.  Marty reminded him that the stars tell stories.  But Rust has had some time to think about things and he has concluded, “There’s just one story.  The oldest.”  Marty asked him, “What’s that?”  And Rust responded, “Light versus the dark.

So I guess there’s even some truth in an HBO drama whose lead characters are an atheist and a Christian hypocrite.  The atheist (Rust) ends by telling the now disillusioned Christian (Marty), “You’re looking at it wrong.”  Marty asked, “How’s that?”  Rust replied, “Once there was only dark.  If you ask me, the light is winning.

The atrocities in True Detective are real atrocities and crimes that happen all over our nation.  There are people in everyday AND high positions who are engaged in horrible crimes and they seem to be getting away with them.  But even in our weakness, our frailty, and with our character liabilities, we can choose to no longer avert our eyes and engage in this battle of light and darkness.

There really are horrors that I hesitate to put into writing, for the very words that describe them are traumatic.  Spirit cooking, adenochrome, organ harvesting, cannibalism, snuff films and too many other things are being practiced by leading members of our government, our religious institutions, our entertainment industry, etc.  They are hidden (sometimes in plain sight), and they are despicable, heinous activities of the dark.  These activities are way more prevalent than you or I can imagine.  The NXIVM sex cult recruited women in deception and then bound them into sex slavery, even branding the women as property.  Hollywood, the music industry, politicians and other notables participated in this.  The second season of True Detective represented even more harsh and real realities and activities of darkness.  Just because it’s presented as theatrical fiction, doesn’t mean it’s not real.  It’s time we open our eyes and expose the darkness.

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