By Lex Greene

January 23, 2022

There are only two types of COVID vaccinated Americans now. Those who mistakenly believed Fauci and Gates fake science, but also believe in freedom and liberty and the Right of every individual to make their own decisions, and the Karens of society (both female and male), who somehow grew up thinking it’s their place to tell everyone else what to do.

First, the well-intentioned victims of the Gates and Fauci vaccine scam, based entirely upon fake science.

I actually feel bad for you. I’m sorry that you failed to ask any questions or do any of your own research before surrendering to the “global reset vaccines.” By now, you have likely figured out some or all of the following facts;

  • None of the shots are FDA approved. They are only “FDA authorized for emergency use.”
  • None of the shots are actually “vaccines.” They are all mRNA human gene experiments, and you are the lab rats.
  • The shots do NOT prevent infection, transmission, illness, or death.
  • Your mask is useless against any virus.
  • You still aren’t “vaxxed” unless you continue taking booster after booster after booster, until you die.
  • 94% of COVID labeled deaths, died of something else.
  • You failed to follow the science and chose to follow the herd instead.
  • Your decision was based in fear, not science.
  • No one knows how to undo the DNA damage that’s been done to you!

Now for you Karens out there… who still haven’t figured out even the most obvious of realities.

Your demand that “everyone be vaxxed and masked” proves that deep down, in your subconscious, you know that your vaccines will do nothing to keep you safe, and neither will your layers of filthy masks.

There’s no escaping the reality that if you thought for even a second that your vaccine or mask worked to protect you from COVID, a common coronavirus (SARS2.0) with a 99.9% natural survival rate, you would not care at all what choices other people make.

You only want to force everyone else to vax and mask because deep down, you know that your vax and mask does not work. So, still searching for a way to feel safe in this unsafe world we all live in, you believe that the same vaccine and mask that will not protect you, must be forced upon everyone else. Misery loves company!

But what’s worse is that somehow, you were raised to think you have a right to control other people, or to have governmental bodies do it for you. This means you were not spanked enough as a child, and had the misfortune of growing up without ever being punched in your nose for stepping out of line.

I don’t think you realize how stupid and childish your behavior makes you look. If you did, you would be too embarrassed to ever open your mouth on the subject again. Barking orders at others from behind your foolish mask, with your hands on your hips, stomping your feet like a five-year-old throwing a fit, demanding everyone take the same vaccines that are clearly not working for you, makes you look like a total fool.

The funny part is you think this makes you look smarter than everyone else. But sane people look at you like a spoiled child who should have been taught not to speak to others in that tone,at some point in your life.

What you demonstrate is a total inability to make intelligent decisions on your own – and still an uncanny false sense of superiority over all others. The only reason you still act like this is most grownups are kind enough to let you make a fool of yourself, instead of shutting you up with a good old fashioned throat punch, which you absolutely deserve for not minding your own business.

You Karens are a problem everywhere you go. Whoever raised you to think you have a Right to act like this, did you and society a grave disservice. Sooner or later, you’re going to mouth off to the wrong person at the wrong place and time, and then you will get the spanking you needed a long time ago.

Don’t be upset when it happens… shutting you up right now, is for the greater common good of society as a whole.

Now, for you Karens working in Human Resources in companies and schools across this country…you were not just lied to about these lethal human experiments, you were also lied to about your alleged “immunity from prosecution and legal liability.”

No one has the Right to force or coerce inject another person with anything, for any reason whatsoever. And no one is immune from legal liability or criminal prosecution, when they are involved in force injecting others, knowing that those injections are causing massive harm and death, thanks to more than a million VAERS Reports.

Last, for you Karens in the medical profession, who have continued to advance the fake science knowing that your injections are maiming and killing innocent people, your profession is based upon only two things…

  1. To do no patient any harm
  2. To heal the sick

You have miserably failed in both. You have NOT used well-known therapeutics to save lives, while going-along to get-along, injecting millions of innocent patients despite more than a million VAERS Reports that should have stopped this crime long ago. You are NOT immune from liability or criminal prosecution either. You had a sworn duty to protect your patients from mad scientists and you failed to do so!

There is no statute of limitations on murder!

© 2022 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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