By Andrew C. Wallace

October 22, 2022

You must get in their faces and Demand that they obey the Constitution or you will find one honest judge and charge them with treason at the very least. Yes, treason because all of our federal elected officials from both parties are mostly ignorant, bribed and cowardly. Those few who are not corrupt are ineffectual.

Following is absolute proof of just some of the treason by officials, may they rot in hell for eternity. They are the real enemies of the Republic. If they would correct the Constitutional issues listed below we would have almost instant return of our Constitutional Republic with all its benefits, I guarantee it. I defy anyone to question a single statement.

Returning our American Dream, Prosperity and Freedoms is very simple, but requires real courage and patriotism. It is simple ( I did not say easy) because we know what has to be done from past experience, and we know the enemy.

Our primary enemy is the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), our wealthiest families, the corporations they control and the traitorous minions they bribe in government for total control.

The PSRRC are determined to destroy our Republic, impoverish and enslave us in order to rule us in New World order. Period.

I am only going to write about the most important issues that will break the back of the traitorous PSRRC, otherwise a book would be required that you would not take the time to read.

1. The most important thing we can do is break the financial back of the PSRRC by returning to tariffs so our manufacturing will return to the United States along with our middle class jobs. The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) will use the FBI and any other corrupt government agency to stop imposition of tariffs. Just look what they did to President Trump. Tariffs will finance government and allow termination of income tax.

2. We must make it unlawful for Financial whores like Black Rock to use fiat dollars generated by the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank to buy single family homes to rent, thereby denying families from participating in the “American Dream” ( home ownership and accumulation of wealth).

3. The border must be closed using deadly force and all invaders deported forthwith. If the federal government won’t do it, then the states have to. Otherwise we are another destroyed Europe with millions of anti-American criminals where women can’t walk the streets. Officials and NGOs who assist invaders are guilty of Constitutional Treason and must be charged accordingly.

4. To prevent inflation, no win wars for profit and transfer of the peoples wealth to the PSRRC we must terminate the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank and return to the gold standard. This will absolutely raise the living standard of every man woman and child in the United States while putting an end to all kinds of government and corporate theft. Without fiat money it will put an end to 75 years of no win wars for profit.

5. We must end all foreign deployments of our military except by declaration of war when the security of the country is at risk. That is not now the case anywhere in the world. We must also end all foreign aid and take care of our own people.

6. The FBI must be disbanded at once. Corrupt officials must be prosecuted. There can never be a Constitutional Republic with the FBI intact.

7. The Federal government must end its usurpation of state powers and limit its functions to the Enumerated Powers in the Constitution. This will allow the government to reduce its size and expenditures by about half supported by tariffs. This would end PSRRCs plan that started with Lincoln to concentrate all power in the federal government so they could better profit and control us.

8. Any legislator who votes for an unconstitutional law should be charged with treason. A majority of Federal laws are unconstitutional because they do not comply with Enumerated Powers in the Constitution.

9. Remember major corporations under the control of the PSRRC are anti American and financed the burning, looting, and destruction of American cities ( which included their small business competitors). Democrat officials ignored the chaos or were complicit.

10. We must have a free press. Media must report all the facts without embellishment. They can’t be allowed to report narratives.

11. The Supreme Court is a major failure because it failed to declare countless acts to be unconstitutional, made decisions based on politics and refused to hear cases involving clear violations of election laws. Court also dodges issues by claiming citizens have “no standing”.. Could part of the problem be that most of the Justices have Harvard law degrees?

12. Donations to politicians must only come from “private constituents” in limited amounts to be specified

13. Foreign ownership of property, land or corporations must be prohibited. Foreign students must be prohibited if the institution receives any government funding. The abuses that this would correct are endless.

Legislators work for you. Either you know this, and get in their face and demand they obey the Constitution or you are a cowardly ignorant apathetic slob who deserves to starve, and are a disgrace to those who died to give you this Republic.

Just a reminder if you don’t do your duty there is a strong possibility of a French style “Reign of Terror and a Revolt” with copious destruction and bloodshed .

God Bless America

© 2022 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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