People don’t understand just how bad the Democrat Party has become. We still want to believe they can’t possibly, on purpose, want to demolish America as we know it, and turn it into something else. No, not that: they just have some different ideas as to how to go about governing America. Really, we’re all on the same page here… not.

Well, here’s a quote from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, made in 2017 to “New York” magazine, Sept. 4 issue, that tells you, in just a single sentence, everything you need to know about this party. Keep your barf bags handy.

“If I had my druthers [said the mayor], a very, very powerful government would determine your day-to-day reality.”

What would be his idea of a “very, very powerful government,” and how—and upon whom—would it display its power? The Soviet Union, under Stalin? Communist China, under Mao? Maybe a little Pol Pot thrown in, just to show that the government means business.

Who would run this very, very powerful government? Who should be entrusted with that power? Why, Democrats, of course! And don’t stand in the way, or you’ll get run over.

How powerful would he like the government to be? That’s something that ought to keep you wide-awake at night.

And then we can wonder what he means by “determine your day-to-day reality.” Like, how many genders are there today, boss? Do we get to hold the same religious beliefs we had yesterday, or have you thought up some new ones for us? Do we still own the same property today that we owned yesterday, or does the government now own all of it?

I don’t know about you, but it makes me uneasy that such creatures as De Blasio have any power at all.

Meanwhile, on the social media front—

This weekend I posted an article on my blog, “Can You Say ‘Boiling-Over Hypocrisy’?” It’s about looniversities laboring to suppress “acts of intolerance” while at the same time holding workshops and offering courses on the evils of “whiteness.” I illustrated it with a headline from a college newspaper proclaiming “White Is Over” and “Your DNA is an abomination.” I don’t deny that this was offensive. It certainly offended me. But that was the whole point of the exercise: displaying the academic world’s flagrant hypocrisy.

They wouldn’t let me post it on Facebook. It violated Facebook’s “Community Standards,” I was informed. I wonder what “community” they meant: it’s a very tricky word when leftists use it.

I wanted to post it on Facebook, but how? By and by, it occurred to me that the problem might be not the text of the article, but the illustration. And I wondered what would happen if I replaced the photo of the college newspaper’s front page with a nice picture of a happy puppy.

Success! Once the photo of the happy puppy was in place, “Boiling-Over Hypocrisy” sailed onto Facebook without a hitch. Angry, hate-spewing headlines, no go. But happy puppies—well, even social media censorship algorithms can’t object to happy puppies. Probably I could have gotten away just as cleanly with cuddly kittens or crisp stalks of celery.

One last note: this week the nooze media are experiencing collective orgasms—they really like anything that can be described as “collective”—over President Trump denying a fatuous allegation that he “worked for the Russians.” In their jihad to undo the 2016 election, the Democrats’ media acolytes leave no tern unstoned. They seek the bottom of the barrel but can never find it.

But they’ll try anything that offers hope of their finally getting that “very, very powerful government” that leftists dream of.

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