The next phase is the exploitation of our laws.  In America we have the freedom of religion and muslims take full advantage of that.  One of the things about the Islamic culture is their women must be covered, Some times it’s just a head scarf sometimes their whole body must be covered with only slits for eye holes. I’m sorry but there are times when their demand to be covered cannot and should not be allowed.  Three Muslim women have each reached a $60,000 settlement with New York City after they were forced to remove their hijabs to be photographed while in police custody, according to a city official and court documents obtained on Wednesday.

Documents outlining the settlements were filed in Brooklyn federal court on Monday and reported by the The New York Daily News on Tuesday. Asked about the report, Kimberly Joyce, a spokeswoman for the city’s law department, said in an emailed statement, “The resolution of these matters were in the best interest of all parties involved.”

The settlements involved separate cases claiming that the women’s religious rights had been violated.

In 2012, a Brooklyn high school student detained on a harassment complaint was told to remove her head scarf to be photographed at a central booking center in the borough. She had asked that a female officer take her picture in private, but the request was rejected, according to a complaint filed in district court that year.[1] The purpose of the photo was to be able to identify the subject.  Whether is was just a scarf or full hijab, it hides the color and style of hair and it needs to be exposed.  They claimed ‘modesty’.  I think that’s a false claim.  Remember they chose to immigrate here and in doing so OUR laws must be adhered to, but they demand to live by their laws.  They demand that we adapt to their culture at the same time refusing to adapt to ours.  Keep in mind that when they immigrate, they have major concerns for minority rights but in their native country, there are no minority rights.

These are things that we see all the time.  Stories that are not reported on well are also disturbing like the muslim doctor in Detroit, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala , that performs female genital mutilation on young girls.  We have a federal law against this barbaric procedure but because she is muslim and it is part of their ‘religion’, she has been performing them for years.  But this law had been unused so this case would set precedence.  A judge in the case declared the law unconstitutional!  Nagarwala has denied any crime was committed and said she performed a religious custom on girls from her Muslim sect, the India-based Dawoodi Bohra.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman threw out mutilation and conspiracy charges against all the defendants. He ruled that a 1996 federal law that bans female genital mutilation was unconstitutional because Congress didn’t have the power to regulate the behavior in the first place.

Heidi Kitrosser, a law professor at the University of Minnesota, explained that Congress doesn’t have unlimited authority to legislate and can only make laws that fall within powers explicitly outlined in the Constitution.

In this case, Friedman found that Congress lacked authority to regulate the practice under the Commerce Clause because the procedure is not a commercial activity. He also said Congress’ treaty powers don’t give it authority, because there was no rational relationship between treaty obligations that call for equal rights and a law banning genital mutilation.

But the judge clearly stated that the power to regulate female genital mutilation lies with state governments, which have primary authority in defining and enforcing criminal law.

“The court really could not have been clearer in suggesting this is something that states can do,” Kitrosser said.[2]

This is how they ‘backdoor’ their shariah law into our courts.  Now if a state court determines that it is illegal, there could be riots in the streets.  This is their nature.  Everything by force, intimidation and the sword.

After this they begin to enforce their sharia law throughout their enclaves and where ever they can.  These courts are operated out of their mosques.  The UK has begun to allow them which is very problematic as it puts the citizens under two ‘justice systems’, if you can call shariah a justice system at all.   At least 85 Islamic sharia courts are operating in Britain, a study claimed yesterday.

The astonishing figure is 17 times higher than previously accepted.

The tribunals, working mainly from mosques, settle financial and family disputes according to religious principles. They lay down judgments which can be given full legal status if approved in national law courts. 

However, they operate behind doors that are closed to independent observers and their decisions are likely to be unfair to women and backed by intimidation, a report by independent think-tank Civitas said.

Commentators on the influence of sharia law often count only the five courts in London, Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham and Nuneaton that are run by the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, a body whose rulings are enforced through the state courts under the 1996 Arbitration Act.

But the study by academic and Islamic specialist Denis MacEoin estimates there are at least 85 working tribunals.

The spread of sharia law has become increasingly controversial since its role was backed last year by Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams and Lord Phillips, the Lord Chief Justice who stepped down last October.

Dr Williams said a recognised role for sharia law seemed ‘unavoidable’ and Lord Phillips said there was no reason why decisions made on sharia principles should not be recognised by the national courts.

But the Civitas report said the principles on which sharia courts work are indicated by the fatwas – religious decrees – set out on websites run by British mosques.[3]

A nation will not survive trying to live under two Constitutions.  There are a few cities in France where the majority of the population is muslim and informed the city councils that they will no longer abide by French law.  This is what they do.  The only way to stop them is to not let them in.  Japan has done a good job of this: Dr. Mordechai Kedar, writing in The Jewish Press, offers some of the details (emphasis mine throughout):

This country keeps a very low profile on all levels regarding the Muslim matter: On the diplomatic level, senior political figures from Islamic countries almost never visit Japan, and Japanese leaders rarely visit Muslim countries. The relations with Muslim countries are based on concerns such as oil and gas, which Japan imports from some Muslim countries. The official policy of Japan is not to give citizenship to Muslims who come to Japan, and even permits for permanent residency are given sparingly to Muslims.

Japan is a nation of roughly 126 million people. And yet, according to Dr. Kedar, there are only 10,000 Muslims in the entire country. This represents less than one hundredth of one percent. (Other estimates are higher, but none suggest a number above 100,000.) Muslim immigration is officially and culturally discouraged, and a Japanese woman who marries a Muslim man becomes a social outcast.[4]

In 1952 we passed the McCarran-Walters Act which states – Is the prohibition of the entry to the US if the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.  Their ONLY purpose for immigration is to remove existing government and replace it with shariah.  Remember the founder of CAIR stated that they were not her to be equal, but to dominate.

We are seeing islam creep into out courts, laws and society in general.  They said they would and they are doing it.  Let’s demand Congress enforce our laws.

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