by Kelleigh Nelson

Blacks who have not succumbed to the victim culture have been, are, and will be doing quite well – all on their own, without handouts, affirmative action, and other patronizing measures.  —Tammy Bruce

Of all forms of slavery there is none that is so harmful and degrading as that form of slavery which tempts one human being to hate another by reason of his race or color.  —Booker T. Washington

The Northern onslaught upon slavery was no more than a piece of specious humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the Southern States.  —Charles Dickens, 1862

Have we reached the ultimate state of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?  —Thomas Sowell

We are at war against the communist division of black and white Americans and ultimately the takeover of the greatest country in the world.  While promising freedom, socialism delivers free men into slavery.  Death ultimately comes with communism, and the latter is being foisted on America today.  Over 100 million died under communist regimes in the 20th Century.

Free men in a free society will by their own ability create an unequal citizenry.  Socialist equality is and always has been the death knell for freedom.  Thus, the socialist demand for abject human equality should be viewed with a jaundiced eye.  Socialist and communist equality is obtainable only at the point of a bloody bayonet.

Nowhere in the writings of the founding fathers is there to be found anything close to the Marxist concept of mandatory equality.  However, within this free republic, all citizens are allowed to compete for any social or economic prize.  Not all will succeed, but all are equally free to attempt to do that which they set their mind to do.

Murder and Genocide

Churchill is credited with saying, “History is written by the victors,” but it was most likely, Walter Benjamin, a Jewish, German literary critic and philosopher who expressed the spirit of the sentiment without saying/writing those exact words.  Historical truth must be unearthed by those with a heart for documented facts, even when the victor has done everything to destroy reality and rewrite their own glory.

Surely anyone who has searched for true history knows that not all slaves, whether black or white, were treated humanely and some were murdered, whether by lynching, beating, starvation or excessive labor. The American institution of slavery was evil because it depended on unrestrained domination. One group of people determine, in God-like fashion, the fate of others. Link

In British owned Ireland between 1845-1850 the Perfect Holocaust occurred. It wasn’t a famine; it was a purposeful Irish genocide by starvation.  Irish families rented and farmed British owned land. The Irish genocide began when the European potato crop failed in 1844 and food prices rose, Britain then ordered regiments to Ireland. When blight hit the 1845 English potato crop, its food removal regiments were already in Ireland; ready to start.  The British government-run police state removed the abundant food grown by the Irish and exported what they didn’t need, leaving none for the Irish farmers.  They took more than they needed to survive and in doing so, purposely starved to death Irish men, women and children.  It was outright theft and annihilation by the British government.

Approximately six million Irish starved to death and were buried in hundreds of mass graves. Link  The truth is told in The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept it “Perfect.”

Ludlow Massacre

In 1914, a much smaller murder occurred, the murder of exploited white labor, their wives and children. It occurred when the miners went on strike for better working conditions and housing; they were living in tents.  On Monday April 20, 1914, the first shot was fired at Ludlow, Colorado. One of history’s most dramatic confrontations between capital and labor was the so-called Ludlow Massacre.

It took place at the mines of the Rockefeller-owned Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (CFI). The face-off raged for 14 hours, during which the miners’ tent colony was pelted with 1200 rounds of machine gun fire and ultimately torched by the Colorado National Guard and Rockefeller’s privately hired militia. A number of people were killed, among them two women and 11 children who suffocated in a pit they had dug under their tent. The deaths were blamed on John D. Rockefeller, Jr.  For years, he would struggle to redress the situation and strengthen the Rockefeller social conscience in the process.  Few people understand the evil of the Rockefellers and the slave labor conditions they exacted on the miners.

Shoah Genocide

One of the greatest losses to civilization was the extermination of millions of brilliant Europeans, most of whom were our Jewish brethren.  One need only read the short book by concentration camp prisoner, Gisela Perl entitled, I Was a Doctor in Auschwitz to understand the horror and evil of genocide and the loss of great minds.

In 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million. In the 1930s, a leader arose in Germany who would eventually murder two of every three European Jews resulting in the genocide of over six million of God’s people. Most European Jews lived in countries that Nazi Germany would occupy or influence during World War II.

Dissenters, homosexuals, disabled, Slavs and Romani were also exterminated bringing the total to nearly 13 million lives destroyed in the gas chambers of concentration camps.  The Shoah was one of the most horrific genocides of white European lives, many of whom were murdered after months of forced slave labor.

Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters

Anew study suggesting that a million or more European Christians were enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780 – a far greater number than had ever been estimated before is another story in itself.  The history of white slaves by African masters is rarely heard of or taught.  White slavery was far more prevalent throughout the centuries than the years of black slavery in America.

620,000 Died

There was no peace-loving, Constitution-respecting defender of liberty with the followers of Lincoln during the War for Southern Independence.  Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution in 1861 did it say the Federal Government had a right or obligation to wage war against any state in the Union for any reason.  No state ever rescinded its sovereignty or gave up its independence.  In fact, three states were so protective of their independence that they insisted, before they would join the new Union, that they could secede from it if it became tyrannical in their eyes. Those states were New York, Rhode Island and Virginia.

Slavery was not the issue; it was southern state secession from an overzealous and controlling government.  Slavery was already on the way out as it was becoming less economically feasible although it may have taken a few more years. Jefferson’s attack against it should never have been eliminated from the Declaration of Independence by northern merchants, Georgia and South Carolina.  Unfortunately, it was made the issue by Lincoln and his allies, despite the fact that Lincoln detested anyone with black skin, and in 1862 suggested that with the help of government funds, blacks would return to Africa or emigrate to Central America. That same year, Lincoln signed the first progressive income tax into law.

When the Southern States seceded, they followed the exact precedent set by the Founding Fathers in the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Each Southern state called a convention of the people (commonly called a secession convention), elected delegates as Unionists or Secessionists, debated the single issue of whether to stay in the Union or leave, then seven states voted to secede. Four rejected secessions for the time being.

When the guns of Fort Sumter sounded, there were more slave states in the Union (eight, soon to be nine) than the Confederacy (seven). Of course, the four that had rejected secession, immediately seceded when Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to invade the South; they did not believe the Federal Government had a right to invade a sovereign state or coerce it to do anything.

What was lost was the American system of government the Founders set up; 700,000 plus military lives and scores of civilian lives would have been saved.  The totalitarian potential of the centralized state was revealed in Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus and his jailing of political opponents. He ruled as a virtual dictator during the war.

Confederates Were Not Traitors

Today’s definition of “patriot,” is totally different than the one found in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, which states, “devoted to the welfare of one’s country.”

The definition for “traitor” is even more explicit than today’s definitions.  It’s not just “one who betrays another’s trust or commits treason.”  The 1828 definition states, “One who violates his allegiance and betrays his country; one guilty of treason; one who, in breach of trust, delivers his country to its enemy; and more….

Four-star General Jack Keane has twice stated on Fox News that Confederate soldiers were traitors and every Confederate soldier committed treason.  What a bald-faced lie! Confederate soldiers were not traitors! Those men, many of whom were descendants of Revolutionary War heroes, including Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, fought for independence from an overzealous centralized government of control.  Slavery had nothing to do with the issue until it was brought to the fore by Lincoln.  In fact, the Emancipation Proclamation itself promised a continuance of slavery to States that would lay down their arms.

The very thought of controlling another human being was already being destroyed by Judeo-Christian society, but the right to secede was within Constitutional boundaries and agreements via the state joining with the Union.

Secession wasn’t treason and Southern President Jefferson Davis wasn’t a traitor.  Not one Confederate officer was tried for treason.  Jefferson Davis demanded a trial, but the victors refused to give him one.  U.S. Senator Charles Sumner, (R-MA) a hateful radical, deplored that Davis was even captured because his presence in a northern prison was an embarrassment to the government.  They couldn’t let him go because of Northern opinion, but “to try him would be the ne plus ultra of folly,” Sumner wrote to Salmon Chase, the chief justice of the Supreme Court and Chase agreed.

Chase wrote to his former colleagues in Lincoln’s cabinet in 1866: “If you bring these Confederate leaders to trial, it will condemn the North, for by the Constitution secession is on rebellion.”  In the end, they had no choice but to release Confederate leaders.  Even Andrew Johnson who hated Davis, yielded to the pressure and released Davis on May 11, 1867.  When the former Rebel commander was a free man after two years, thousands of people, (many of them black it was reported) lined the streets and took their hats off in respectful silence.

Murdering 620,000 Americans

There was no love for southern Americans by Lincoln’s allies.  Congressman Zachariah Chandler stated, “A rebel has sacrificed all his rights.  He has no right to life, liberty, property or the pursuit of happiness.  Everything you give him, even life itself, is a boon which he has forfeited.” (Congressional Globe, 37th Congress)

Lincoln’s men moved from rebellion to Nazi like genocide.  Union General William Sherman was caught up in this Nazi-like practice of “authority and responsibility” as demonstrated by his dispatches: “To the persistent secessionist, why, death is mercy, and the quicker he or she is disposed of, the better.” (Official Records, War of the Rebellion, Volume XXXII, pt. II, pp. 280-281) Sherman’s target was enlarged, and disposing included children: “There is a class of people (Southerners) men, women, and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order.” (William Sherman, Ibid, page 132) Sounds more like Adolph Hitler than a peace-loving, Constitution-respecting, defender of liberty.

Sherman would be welcomed as a fellow comrade by today’s communist revolutionaries and Democratic Socialists with their censorship of free speech and destruction of our First Amendment.  “Freedom of speech and freedom of the press, precious relics of former history, must not be construed too largely.” General William T. Sherman

Lincoln had adopted the “black flag” policy and this policy was executed by several Union commanders. The fundamental meaning of a black flag was to give no quarter, kill them all.  “Warring against noncombatants came to be the stated policy and deliberate practice in its subjugation of the Confederacy. Abraham Lincoln, the commander in chief with a reputation as a micromanager, well knew what was going on and approved.”  Link  Abraham Lincoln never believed in racial equality.

Slaughter continued during the 12 years of Martial Law in the confederate states after the end of the war.  The shelling and burning of cities, systematic destruction of entire districts, mass arrests, forced expulsions, wholesale plundering of personal property, and murder of civilians.  War Crimes Against Southern Civilians also gives full attention to the suffering of black victims of Federal brutality.

Northern historians cling to the Lincolnian myth that only by the most horrendous of wars could the slaves be freed, ignoring the fact that the rest of the Western world managed to bring an end to the institution without bloodshed.

Affirmative Action

The following statistics come mostly from a booklet by David Horowitz and John Perazzo entitled, Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream.

Rather than being institutionally oppressed, American blacks have been accorded a whole array of institutional advantages over whites for nearly 60 years.  This stands as the only known instance in history whereby a racial majority in power has voluntarily agreed to relinquish its standing and allow discrimination against themselves in favor of a racial minority, when that racial minority has been the object of discriminated throughout thousands of centuries and never created an issue of it.

Affirmative Action (AA) was signed into law in 1965. President Lyndon B. Johnson issued E.O. 11246, requiring all government contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative action to expand job opportunities for minorities.  Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall told his fellow justice, William O. Douglas, “You (white) guys have been practicing discrimination for years.  Now it’s our turn.”

AA has spread throughout every government and private organization via tax dollars. In the 1970s, AA was successfully redefined to mean racial preference for non-whites and a new standard was set for admissions policies at universities across the US.  Though black students’ median SAT scores in any given year were at least 200 points lower than the median for white students’, blacks were admitted at much higher rates to nearly all academically competitive schools. (Deliberate dumbing down of minorities was the earliest experiment.)

At the University of Michigan Medical School, the odds favoring the admission of black over white applicants with the same background and academic credentials have ranged between 21-to-1 and 38-to-1.  The University of Nebraska College of Law admission of black over white ratio was 442-to-1, and at Arizona State University Law School, 1,115 to 1.  Even if those black students do not excel, they are kept within the schools because dropout rates jeopardize the school’s reputation among advocates of racial preferences and its formal accreditation. Affirmative grading is done on black students in order to allow them to graduate.

Maintaining racially “diverse” student bodies is now a legal obligation so schools have provided monetary incentives to black students who meet normal standards, but this privilege is not offered to whites or Asians. In 2011, Yale announced that it would provide free tuition to black public high school graduates with a GPA of 3.0 and a good attendance record.  Of course, no white with a 3.0 GPA need bother to apply.

In 2008, Harvard professor Roland Fryer spearheaded an initiative of paying fourth-graders in New York up to $250 for improving their grades, and as much as $500 for seventh-graders.  This doesn’t even account for the thousands of scholarships, grants and rewards for nonwhite students, and many of these black students come from privileged backgrounds…

Schools aren’t the only areas of privilege for black Americans.  Since the 1970s, most major corporations and smaller ones, have implemented wide-ranging, race-specific strategies to recruit minorities.  Financial bonuses are given to managers for successfully recruiting or promoting a significant number of black employees.  With BLM and Critical Race Theory at the fore, airlines are now stating half the pilots they recruit and train will be women or minorities.

Government is another place where blacks excel over whites and Asians.  In police and fire departments, should black applicants fail the qualifying exams, standards are lowered or passing grades are reevaluated.

When a 2009 Quinnipiac University poll asked respondents, “Do you think AA programs that give preferences to black and minorities in hiring, promotions and college admissions should continue or be abolished?”  Discriminated against whites wanted AA abolished by a 64% to 27% margin, while the black beneficiaries favored continuing by 78% to 14%.

Think about Barack Obama, and black skin privilege.  What candidate could go through an election and win easily without any vetting whatsoever by the press?  And what white celebrity who shot his brother as a juvenile, dealt cocaine as an adult, and stabbed a rival business executive with a five-inch blade could count an American president among his friends and be invited to his political fund-raisers?  Rapper Jay-Z.

And as mentioned in Part Two of this series, racist behavior isn’t even a disqualifier for civil rights leaders if they’re black.  Think of Louis Farrakhan who has called for the murder of whites and especially of Jewish Americans.  Al Sharpton was lauded by Obama as “a voice for the voiceless and dispossessed,” and hired as a TV anchor by NBC and now MSNBC despite being a racial arsonist and convicted liar whose incitements led directly to the incineration of seven people.

This racial injustice enforced on behalf of black Americans damages them as well as white Americans.  It empowers incompetence and it has sown resentment.

The Great Society

Thomas Sowell commented, “The black family, which had survived slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life.”

President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” which resembled the New Deal domestic agenda of Franklin D. Roosevelt didn’t really help black Americans, rather it promoted dependence upon the government and included Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, and Head Start, among others intended to win what Johnson called a War on Poverty. The failure was stark.

Statistics showing black and white families were approximately the same in out-of-wedlock children and high school dropouts prior to the War on Poverty, exponentially accelerated in black families and whites followed shortly thereafter.  Like LBJ’s Great Society, Marxist BLM phrases such as “dismantle the patriarchal practice,” “disrupt the nuclear family structure,” and “collectively care for the children” are communist goals focused on destroying the family unit. LBJ was successful in that endeavor.

The rage and violence that draws police to minority communities is not the result of racism, but of family destruction.  Youth who are deprived of a strong father figure end up homeless, in gangs, drug abused and ultimately in divorce court if they even marry the women who bear their children.  Many end up incarcerated for various crimes.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, 84% of black Americans feel that the justice system treats them unfairly.  Blacks are arrested in numbers greater than their 13% of the population would warrant.  Unfortunately, they account for 38.9% of all violent crime arrests, including 32.5% of all rapes, 55.5% of all robberies, and 33.9% of all aggravated assaults.  And these statistics are nearly 10 years old.

In 2010, black perpetrators were responsible for 80% of all violence against blacks (including 94% of homicides), while white perpetrators accounted for just 9% of all violence against blacks.  One must remember the inconvenient fact that promoters of the racial “injustice system” myth is that numerous high-crime cities with majority black populations and high black arrest rates are run by black chiefs. Link Chicago’s south side is a perfect example. The mayor of Chicago is a black married lesbian who has done nothing to stop the murders of blacks, especially children, and she rejected President Trump’s offer of help to curb the violence.


White has become the new black. Centuries of white slavery are ignored, never taught in universities and we are targeted with the Marxist label of “White Skin Privilege.”

Really?  We’re privileged because we were born with white skin?  That’s the propaganda being sold today by communists like South Africa’s Nelson Mandela who promoted the apartheid murder of all whites.

Black American elitists are screaming for reparations, for whom?  No one alive today was a slave or a slave owner.  Where do white Americans who suffered slavery throughout past centuries go for reparations?

Over 60 years ago, racism vs. black people was tolerated, even codified into law and black and white Americans marched together to put an end to it. Yes, we stood with our black brothers and sisters to stop this evil, and whites died to ensure our brother’s freedoms. Today, racism vs. white people has become more and more tolerated, and even some of our laws reflect that.

Despite over half a century of aiding our black brothers and sisters with Affirmative Action, we are being divided once again by the communist desire to shred the cloth of freedom that binds us as Americans.

Communism wants our division.  We stand together, arm in arm, or we lose it all.

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