by Lee Duigon

October 27, 2022

Consider these two examples.

Stacy Abrams, the Democrat running for governor of Georgia: “Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas”. Want to stop inflation? Abort more babies.

And New York’s Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Kathy Hochul (incumbent), in a televised debate this week, responding to the Republican candidate’s concern for their state’s soaring crime rate: “I don’t know why that’s important to you”. Yes, she really said that. On TV.

Inflation isn’t caused by the government spending preposterous amounts of money on baldly questionable things. What’s a trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there? Oh, no—the problem is those stupid plebs out there who insist on having babies.

In New York City the Democrats’ disastrous “bail reform” turns criminals loose without posting bail—unless, of course, you commit a truly egregious offense like using the wrong pronoun. The official government figure is that New York’s crime rate is up 40 percent over 2021.

Well, heck, Gov. Hokum’s right. It’s no big deal. Silly of the Republican even to mention it. He must be a Racist.

How do these people get away with saying such things? Last year the whole Oakley, California, school board had to resign after a “streaming error” let everyone hear what they really thought of their constituents. They despise the people who elected them: had a lot of nasty things to say about their public. They were out of office toot-sweet.

But Kathy Hochul won’t resign, and Stacy Abrams won’t drop out of the race. Has God hardened their hearts, as He hardened Pharaoh’s heart so he wouldn’t let God’s people go? Pharaoh’s folly brought disaster on his country. We aren’t there yet, thank God; but no one can point to a single Democrat public action that hasn’t blown up in America’s face. Over-the-top inflation and skyrocketing crime rates are only two of many.

So you can’t walk down the sidewalk or ride the subway in New York without fear of being violently attacked by some yahoo who knows he won’t be jailed for doing it. What’s the big deal? It’s a small price to pay for “diversity and inclusion.”

So a couple million more babies get murdered in the womb if Ms. Abrams has her way. More than half of those babies will be black, by the way—but Stacy Abrams doesn’t care. And what if aborting all those babies doesn’t slow inflation? Oh, well, we tried!

How do Democrats get away with such self-destructive public policies? Erasing our border, using the schools to foment racial strife, herding children into early sex and pushing “transgender” as if their very lives depended on it, cutting off our energy supplies to stop imaginary Man-Made Climate Change—do they ever do anything that doesn’t hurt America? And turning the FBI into a Far Left goon squad to stomp on their political rivals—they’ve done that, too. The FBI may already be so badly corrupted as to be beyond repair.

We need to stop doing stupid things, all of them. But we can’t stop doing them for as long as Democrats, funded by teachers’ unions and Far Left billionaires like Zuckerberg and Soros, remain in office.

This year’s elections are very much a matter of do or die.

Let’s pray for “do”—and then go to the polls and do it.

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