I recently received in the mail a survey from the Founder of IN GOD WE TRUST,  Michael Chartrand and like so many others, of course, he asks for donations but not big amounts . He asks for as little as $10 to help him build his organization to get more involved.  The survey asks, “Does America Hate God” to show America’s leaders and the American people that there are still plenty of Americans who believe God has a place in the public life of our nation, and God is an honored part of our history so his National Survey Campaign will be distributing, collecting and tabulating the results of ONE MILLION SURVEYS from good people who love America and we can proclaim with one voice:  IN GOD WE TRUST.”  If you’d like to participate and donate $10 or more if possible, he may be contacted at IN GOD WE TRUST, P.O. Box 96197, Washington, D.C. 20090-6197. Phone 571-425-4165


He said shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, he heard a member of the clergy give a sermon that mocked the phrase, “God Bless America,” asking sarcastically: Whose God and whose America.” His mailing included numerous attacks on Christians that, of course, goes mainly unreported by the MSM.  Following are incidents of persecution:

ABOARD THE U.S.S. ANZIO (2004)- Lt. Gordon Klingenschmitt, a Navy Chaplain preaching at a Catholic Sailor’s funeral, was reprimanded and sent ashore for uttering the name “Jesus.”

“CAMP LIBERTY’ NEAR BAGHDAD, IRAQ (2005) – a brigade official ordered Army Chaplain Capt. John Stertzbach to “modify” his prayers at the funeral of a slain sergeant to minimize use of the name “Jesus.”

DES MOINES, IOWA (2006) – The God-hating “Americans United for Separation of Church and State” won a lawsuit when a federal judge ordered a Bible-based prison program out of the Newton Correction Facility…and ordered the Bible group to re-pay the State of Iowa $1.53 MILLION!

STIGLER, OKLAHOMA (2006) – The American-hating “American Civil Liberties Union” (ACLU) sued to have the Ten Commandments removed from the lawn of the Haskell County Courthouse, even though it was erected with private funds.

OMAHA, NEBRASKA (2007)- State Senator Ernie Chambers sued God in Douglas County Court, alleging that God has caused “calamitous catastrophes resulting in the wide-spread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants including innocent babes, infants, children , the aged and infirm without mercy of distinction.”

MADISON, WISCONSIN (2008) – The Freedom from Religion Foundation, promoting itself as America’s largest atheist group, put up billboards urging people to “Imagine No Religion.” The group vowed to place these inflammatory billboards all over the nation to confront people of faith.

THE WHITE HOUSE (2009) – President Barack Hussein Obama dropped the long-standing practice of holding a public event at the White House to commemorate the National Day of Prayer.

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY (2010) – A simple wooden cross was placed at the “Wiccan Chapel,” a circle of rocks in the woods near the service academy used by witches and warlocks for “black Sabbath” Satan worship. The Superintendent, Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, defended the witches and issues a statement declaring, “I consider this no different than someone writing graffiti on the Cade Chapel,” a Christian place of worship.

WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL CENTER (2011) – The hospital that treated thousands of the most severely wounded soldiers from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan posted a new rule: “No religious items (i.e., Bibles, reading materials and/or facts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.

TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY (2012)- A group called American Atheists put up a billboard at Christmastime proclaiming, “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!” On the billboard, next to “Merry” is Santa Claus; above “Myth” is a picture of a Jesus statue.

ON THE AIR AT MSNBC (2013)-  Radical left-sing TV host Lawrence O’Donnell demands President Obama get rid of the Bible when he is sworn in as President, saying it is “filled with things that no one in the United States of America believes.”

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA (2014) – For Christmas, the Satanic Temple built a display of a fallen angel plummeting into a pit of fire with the sarcastic caption, “Happy Holidays!” It was placed right next to a Nativity Scene in the State Capitol.

WASHSINGTON, D.C. (2015) – Shortly after Islamic State terrorists burn a man alive on worldwide TV, Barack Hussein Obama goes to the National Prayer Breakfast to tell the assembled faithful it’s the same as Christians during the Crusades.

ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY (2019)- The ACLU and other liberal atheist groups won a lawsuit to force the Pentagon to start removing crosses formerly used as grave markers in all the nation’s military cemeteries.

At this point, Michael adds: My friend, if you’ve read this far and you’re not angry yet, you may as well throw my letter away now but if you are like him, you’re furious and you’re asking: WHOSE AMERICA IS IT ANYWAY and I’m going to add a few of the Hate God stories I’ve collected.

We could start with my friend and former Oregon Republican Marion County GOP chairman and Circuit Court Judge Vance Day who was appointed by a Democrat Governor but after the Supreme Court on June 26, 2015 decided same sex couples couple could marry, Vance decided to not marry at all and he was removed from the bench without a salary for “ethics violation.”  Vance and his family decided to fight the injustice, hired attorneys and sold their home to pay for attorney fees and court costs. Within a short period of time, he was falsely accused of allowing a veteran with whom he’d been helping to have a gun.  In the end, the vet refused to testify and Vance was exonerated. Day said it was never about the gun. It was because he refused to marry same sex couples. More than 20,000 people donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his legal battle for which he is humbled and grateful but he lost his career as a Judge.

A Wisconsin correspondent in December 2018 writes: A school principal in an Omaha, Nebraska elementary school has outlawed candy canes because they symbolize “Jesus.”

The ACLU had the 10 commandments removed years ago. It’s obvious that human logic went with them and has been replaced by paranoia…the paranoia of their wickedness.


March 7, 2019 An 84 year old widow threatened with EVICTION from a California Veterans Home for BIBLE study.  Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) represents Artis Breau.  Her husband had served as a Merchant Marine in World War II, served in the famed 82nd Airborne division overseas, and then served in the Air Force during the Korean War. Meanwhile, Artis worked as a civilian employee in the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army at the Pentagon during the Korean War. She began encountering opposition from officials last September when it was claimed that a discussion between herself and ANOTHER RESIDENT about heaven and hell had allegedly caused him to LOSE SLEEP and therefore was elder abuse, emotional abuse, and otherwise illegal.


And just as I was finishing the above statement, up pops on my computer screen something New York, atheist antagonist Robert Berger once again craving attention sent to me believing I might be interested in the following post about hate:

Berger it seems has nothing better to do with his life than write single spaced page after page of criticism of many or perhaps all News With Views contributors refuting anything we have to say about the left wing crazies in our midst. He admits he is not a Christian and doesn’t believe in Christianity or any other religions and he doesn’t fear an imaginary place of eternal torment called “hell.” He doesn’t hate us, he just pities us and claims that same-sex marriage doesn’t hurt anyone but he forgets  Christians like former Judge Vance Day who lost his entire career over the U.S. Supreme Court ruling. [Link]


And perhaps the last best piece of information I might add to this article can be found in an article by Pastor Mike Spaulding who says the birth pangs Jesus describes in Mark 13:1-13 are upon us. Yet, they are essentially ignored by all but a few. The desire of many in these days is for peace and safety.  That leads them to explore all types of activities that have spiritual components to them. Being ignorant of the devices of Satan is a sure recipe for bondage and destruction.


Utopian dreams burst onto the American mainstream consciousness in 1967 with the iconic “The Age of Aquarius.”  Spaulding says the drive toward a one world religion has gained momentum over the last few decades and in Part 2 he said America has undergone an effective New Age indoctrination which is now so pervasive that today we have churches offering yoga classes, so-called Christians selling Angel Boards, the equivalent to the Ouija Boards. Christians are participating in all sorts of activities such a Transcendental Meditation, Psychic Health and Healing Practices, contemplative Prayer, Mantra Meditation, Higher Self, Centering Prayer, Reiki, Labyrinths and Spiritual /formation. These practices are nothing more than white-washed New Age inspired activities, which is to say, they are demonically controlled deceptions. All that remains is for governments across the earth to give their approval to a new spirituality of man-centered, earth worshipping, and humanistic amalgamation of god-hating people who have been strategically elevated to places of prominence by devilish people with the ability to do so.


Democrats went to so far as to block the passage of a Republican bill that would prevent the unborn babies BEING GIVEN  a sedative before the dismemberment abortion was to begin to prevent them from suffering.  This is known as compassion, even though warped since this procedure should never have been allowed to take place to begin with the approval of Roe –vs- Wade in 1973.   It makes me sick to my stomach having to write about this depravity.  It amazes me how much effort will be put into saving the puppies after an apocalyptic disaster, and yet not the same compassion for a baby about to be born.

Spaulding says the question sober-minded people should be asking is this: is that possible? Is peace and safety possible in a world where dictators rise up and devastate nations with their greed and murderous ambitions while the world watches silently? Is it possible to have a new spirituality that allows for all expressions of alleged faith except that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life with the one true God? Is it possible to have peace and safety when entire nations of people are taught from the time they begin to walk and talk that other people groups are pigs and apes?

Is peace and safety possible without a brutal totalitarian regime that Orwell and many other modern prophets envisioned? Can the darkness in the human heart be overcome for the benefit of mankind across the world without the Light that is Jesus Christ?


All the machinations of mankind whether political or spiritual, are doomed to failure because they begin without God, and they seek an end that is anti-God. Utopian dreamers void of the God who created all things are nightmares in the making said Pastor Mike Spaulding.  Here’s an example: Sustainable Development was first proposed by the United Nations in 1987 which we now know as Population Control but we already had shackled the planet to save it using abortion, euthanasia, mandated vaccinations, cremation instead of funerals and now human composting.  Much to the surprise of millennial greenies, they may all come back as trees.

Spalding pleads with the dear readers to consider this day whom you will serve. Will you serve the God of Creation, the God who has revealed Himself through the Son of Jesus Christ? Will you trust Him for the salvation of your soul and the reconciliation with the Father that He offers? True peace and safety is only found in Jesus Christ.


Lee Duigon wrote in a recent NewsWithViews.com article he can hear the hoof beats – the Calvary is coming in the nick of time. According to a recent study by Harvard and Indiana University Bloomington, Christianity in America is not shrinking, not getting weaker, but growing and getting stronger.  In 1989, says the study, American Christians who had “strong beliefs and practices” were 39% of the total. By 2018, that number had grown to 47%. This in spite of public schooling, practically universal college, Hollywood, and the snooze media, all of them implacably hostile to the Christian faith, all of them constantly trumpeting its imminent demise. It seems the American people are not as fond of the Far Left as our self-anointed sages think.  As icing on the cake, a Pew poll reported that strong Christians have more babies than do liberals, so naturally our numbers grow. All this should be encouraging news for the Founder of IN GOD WE TRUST so jump on board with your $10 if you agree.

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