By Lex Greene

As of this morning, 295 days have passed since the November 3, 2020 elections which resulted in an overt global Marxist overthrow of the USA via the most blatant election fraud in the entire history of elections, worldwide. Millions have been spent to uncover hard evidence to support the claims that as many as fifteen-million ballots were illegally cast or counted across the country… but to what end?

Trump remains the most popular man in America, drawing tens of thousands of hardcore supporters at every rally. But at his last rally in Alabama, the Trump crowd erupted in “FIX IT NOW – FIX IT NOW – FIX IT NOW” at the mere mention of 2022 and 2024 elections, uttered in error by Congressman Brooks.

More than 45,000 Trump fans objected to any notion that anyone should have to wait for another fraudulent election cycle in 2022 or 2024, with so much hard public evidence of a blatantly fraudulent 2020 election. The crowd knew better, even if Brooks and Trump didn’t.

Do these cowardly Republicans really think we will ever have a legitimate election in this country again, when there are NO CONSEQUENCES for the theft of our nation that took place on November 3, 2020?

What is the purpose of exposing all of the 2020 election fraud, if no one including Trump, is going to do anything real about it? What’s the purpose of these rallies, widely supported by angry Americans from every race, creed, religion and political stripe and every walk of life, if the rallies are not intended to right the blatant wrongs in this country?In other words, FIX IT NOW!

And why is Trump still patting himself on the back, taking full credit for creating the deadliest mRNA gene therapy experiment in world history, responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and “super-spreaders” all over the world? Doesn’t Trump even know that “his vaccines” aren’t even real vaccines, or how many have died or been permanently injured by the mRNA human experiment? Does he not know that over 332-million Americans are mere lab rats for Dr. Fauci’s highly profitable mad science?

The world has watched the fraudulent Biden regime totally destroy the USA for seven months now, driving the nation to trillions more in debt, stranding U.S. Citizens in Afghanistan while turning that country and billions in U.S. Military arms over to the Taliban to use against our own people, while continuing to threaten every American man, woman, and child with deadly “vaccines,” masks, more lockdowns, segregation, intimidation, and forced medical procedures against people’s will.

Does Trump really have a legitimate plan for STOPPING THIS INSANITY? Or is he just another politician now, supporting all of the same things coming from Marxist democrats and their media, while conning his supporters out of more wasted money to elect more worthless Republicans in the next fraudulent elections?

The people are rising up all over the country. Doctors and nurses are leaving the profession to avoid forced deadly mRNA experimental injections. Parents are raising holy hell against “unlawful and unconstitutional medical mandates” in school board meetings all across the country. Where is any “leader” to stand up for them and with them, to begin righting all of the many wrongs in our country today?

Over 80-million Americans thought Trump was that leader… but is he?

At this moment, it appears that Trump is doing nothing more than holding rallies to raise money for the same Republicans in D.C. who have refused to STAND UP with the people against all of the evils currently destroying our country and the future of freedom and liberty everywhere…

The crowd in Alabama was right! We the People must “FIX IT NOW – FIX IT NOW – FIX IT NOW” with or without Trump or any other spineless Republican politician.

Here we are, facing pure evil all day every day on every front… and so far, no one is standing up to fight for the people to end this madness, not even Trump.

No excuses! Leaders LEAD, they don’t make excuses!

Life and Liberty for all current and future generations, hangs in the balance. Hope isn’t a strategy, and neither is waiting for or funding yet another fraudulent election. We either STAND TOGETHER NOW or openly admit that we are surrendering our country and the future of freedom, liberty, and real elections from now on.

Who is responsible for all of the “medical mandates?”

The answer is – whoever issues the medical mandate and whoever chooses to enforce those mandates.

The Federal Government has not issued any such mandates, because they know it is unlawful and unconstitutional for anyone to do so. Every employer, school district, public or private transportation, college or university, business, store, facility open to the public, and even professional sport leagues. If they issue the “medical mandate,” they are responsible for anything and everything that happens as a result of their mandates, PERIOD!

This is going to be “trip and fall” lawyer’s fantasy… Billions will change hands in thousands of lawsuits. Everyone issuing and enforcing “medical mandates” is legally liable for their actions, whether they know it or not.

Is Trump going to lead, or is he just going to keep following the enemy?

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