It is a dog-eat-dog world, one characterized by nations collapsing, economies imploding, wars, genocides, and chaos.  It is a world in which group identity politics reign paramount, meaning, it is a world in which humans collectively act and vote and war with one another on the basis of the group to which they belong.  And there is every reason to believe that humans  have been and always will be motivated by this form of group consciousness, because it is a consciousness rooted in our DNA; we are hardwired for it.

It is in this world and this reality that today’s new and fraudulent Enlightenment came to us, demanding that Westerners and Westerners alone, in the name of a higher morality, jettison their previously held notions of race, group identity, and nationalism, and replace those things with an embrace of universalism, globalism and deracination.  It has become increasingly apparent, as this evolution of Western societies has progressed, that its logical culmination will inevitably translate into the numerical displacement of Westerners in their native countries, leading to their eventual political dispossession as well.   As this becomes more obvious with each passing decade, we are told that the creation of nonracial societies is the natural evolution of our nation-states, and all resistance to what is happening is fundamentally evil and futile.

What a huge, steaming load of horse dung.

It is in this fecal reality that we now abide, one in which most of our neighbors are incapable of comprehending the extent to which concepts like “diversity” and “multiculturalism” must ultimately raze the West to the ground.  Rather than resentment and rage, in thousands of American neighborhoods one now encounters yard signs denouncing xenophobia, promoting diversity, or demanding exhibitions of kindness and tolerance, along the lines of “Hate is Not Welcome Here,” “Celebrate Diversity,” “Wherever You’re From, You’re Welcome Here,” or “Create Inclusive Community.”  These virtue signaling messages are often found in the front yards of individuals who likely as not decline to speak to their own neighbors, even if passing them on the sidewalks.

What, then, is one to make of these messages?  In essence, they can be perceived as emblems of brainwashing, peer pressure, the need to conform, and collective madness.

Forty years ago, in Jonestown, Guyana, the very same behaviors were evident as almost a thousand settlers in a cult led by the demagogue Jim Jones created an imaginary socialist utopia.  Mr. Jones was an imaginary Christian who kept cult members under control by telling  them they were living under the  threat of a U.S. military invasion, and all the while, Mr. Jones busied himself with torturing and molesting his coreligionists.  When he became mentally unhinged by the prospect of a dozen defections from the group, Mr. Jones slaughtered the entire village, lining them up to drink poisoned Kool Aid.  Those few who refused to imbibe were forced to drink the poison, or were injected with it, or shot.

Today, on an infinitely more massive scale, we are also being asked to drink the Kool Aid when we are asked to imbibe the imaginary benefits of having the American nation-state being numerically, politically, and culturally displaced through a massive Third World invasion.   This latter invasion, however, is far from imaginary, as any examination of its incredible demograhic impact will reveal.   America’s founding European stock, which was ninety percent of the population in 1965, will now be a minority here within twenty years.  Our history, historical icons, traditions, cultural institutions and way of life will be invariably altered and eventually irrelevant in the face of this onslaught.   As things grow grimmer, our wealth will be taxed away from us to subsidize imported poverty, and our political voice will be stilled.  Ironically, as the oxygen grows thinner, we will find our founding documents and freedoms increasingly used as weapons to neutralize and deconstruct and colonize us.  And, all of our delusions aside, if political persecution is in our future, no one will look back in hindsight to see who should receive clemency for having been liberal or Jewish or gay.  There will only be the discomfiting glare of guilty white skin and the reflections of the new America’s archaeologists and historians, studying articles like this, wondering why some members of the new melanin-impaired pariah class were not as gracious as most of their group in ceding ownership of their country.  As if all of this won’t be nightmarish enough,  we can be certain that things will be destabilized even further as devastating environmental destruction and resource depletion unfold hand in hand with the importation of hundreds of millions of people.

If our political dispossession seems improbable, we need only examine California, once a bastion of strength for the Republicans, and now a stronghold for the Democratic Party, undeniably a result of massive Third World immigration and the move toward socialism that has been required to subsidize the poverty imported along with many of the immigrants.  Texas, Florida, and other states are on the edge of making the same political and demographic metamorphosis seen in California.  Once this occurs, the Democrats / Socialists will have a permanent stranglehold on our national political system.  This is not destined to occur decades into the future.  It will occur tomorrow.  The Republican Party, like America’s founding stock itself, is headed for its burial ground.  As this occurs, our only resistance involves pathetic attempts to punch back at liberals by adopting their own terminology and presumed moral highground regarding concepts like civil rights, tolerance, and a slop pail called “diversity.”  This strategy can only be a recipe for failure, because it exemplifies our timidity and our lack of moral courage to speak plainly.

For those of us living in the real world, the pretend benefits of America’s reinvention are an unmistakably dangerous mirage, delivering us into what will almost certainly be a permanently Third World, socialist, and one-party state.  This brings us logically to a fundamental question:  What then do we have the right to do, in response to the purge being directed against us, a purge that never needed to occur?  The answer is simple.  The primary function of any government is to protect and perpetuate the nation-state and culture that placed it in power.  Our government has failed in this duty.  Like any people facing their purposeful erasure, we have the right to force our way back from the edge of the precipice where our traitors, fools, and cowards have placed us.  We must begin by adamantly rejecting the pernicious lie that the sins of our past obligate us to collaborate in our own extinction.  We must begin by acknowledging that, like all other peoples,  we have the primal right to survive, and this right confers on us a second right, the right to resist.

We owe our ancestors and children no less.

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