By Ron Edwards

Throughout our republic there are numerous reminders of the greatest gift of all. Unfortunately, there is a concerted effort to systematically wipe out this greatest gift.  Much like the barbarians who sacked ancient Rome, recently, modern day barbarians in the form of Antifa and black lives matter tried to eradicate America.  Sure, they wielded a big punch and got away with committing dastardly deeds and leaving much damage in their wake.  But instead of only wreaking havoc, the leftist barbarians of today helped wake up the good American spirit that had been lying dormant for more time than I desire to even recognize.  Leftists in various forms have committed themselves to the elimination of anything and everything that evokes even a hint of goodness, wholesomeness, truth, justice, liberty and peaceful tranquility.  The reason they hate president trump to the degree that they do, is because, unlike most government officials he has fought to do what is literally best for our republic.  President Trump has even had to exhort wimpy ministers of the gospel, to stand up, obey God and be strong against evil, rather than try to appease those that would basically close their churches and even prevent them from having bible studies in their homes.

The United States has been blessed with untold abundance in everything imaginable.  In the 1960’s the United States was literally the breadbasket of the world.  The great harbors of Cleveland, New York City, Los Angeles and others would annually send legions of gigantic vessels filled to the brim to foreign lands to feed the teeming masses.  The gift of abundance was taken for granted.  As a result, much of our food supplies today come from Chile, Ghana, Mexico and good forbid, China.  That is because, a sustained indifference to rational self interests has allowed political and corporate under miners to infiltrate and undermine our nation’s food production. A perfect evil example is California governor Newsome’s continuing the plot of former governor Brown’s effort, to destroy the food producing capacity of that state’s famous central valley.

The leftists governors multiplied the effects of drought conditions, by not allowing irrigation waters to flow into the fertile farmlands.  But instead have opened the floodgates for the inflow of illegal border crossers to live in dusty shanty towns throughout the giant valley.  Unfortunately, such damage is a byproduct of a lack of gratitude and moral fortitude.

The city of New York, is one of the great urban centers of all time.  When I lived there I was always grateful to reside in such a great place.  The positive opportunities were endless, for myself and anyone willing to seek them out and work to succeed.  It was easy to realize, that it was a blessing to live in what famous WABC Radio disk jockey Cousin Brucie dubbed “The Greatest City In The World!!!”.  Although I fully enjoyed my time there, I never took it for granted and considered it a blessing to be there.  I never grew tired of the city’s unique opportunities, world class atmosphere and attractions.  But I could sense that even then, far too many New Yorker’s took their city that never slept for granted.  Unfortunately, in varying degrees Americans in general were convinced they should simply take our blessed republic for granted.

Out of such thinking came the acceptance of abortion, which lessened the overall appreciation for the gift of life.  To our shameful lack of appreciation for the gift of life, America has aborted over 70 million innocent babies. The satanic practice of killing innocent ones, both in and out of the womb can be traced back thousands of years when parents would offer their innocent children up to Molech, a foolishly made up fire God of death.  Today America the beautiful faces a choice between life and revival or permanent death.  I would that “We the People” choose life.  But we must also learn to appreciate our sweet land of liberty and give thanks to the ONE who shed HIS grace upon her.

Above all, this is the season to remember and give thanks and appreciation to GOD who gave us HIS only begotten son via the virgin birth.  Because of the birth and gift of Jesus, we have also been given the gift of grace to seek forgiveness for the foolishness of a lack of appreciation for the blessing of being a sovereign citizen of this astounding republic.  The time has arrived for us to not only seek God’s forgiveness for lack of appreciation, but to also do our part to undo the damage besetting America from many directions.  If you appreciate Liberty, that is good, but to better insure the refounding of our exceptional nation way of life, let us give thanks and appreciation to the ultimate liberator.  HIS name is Jesus Christ, the greatest gift of all. He was born to give HIS all, so that we could have it all, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Merry Christmas and enjoy The Edwards Notebook commentary on America Out Loud.

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