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I never followed Dylan Wheeler of Educating Liberals.  I’m not on Twitter, and to be honest, I don’t really follow anyone.  But his recent turnaround has exposed a lot of things.  Here’s what I’ve learned…

If people are really seeking truth, they won’t be mad at Dylan.  Dylan’s a truth seeker. 

A couple months ago I was evaluating some information in a post when I heard the Spirit speak.  He said, “You can have your facts right and still reach the wrong conclusions.”  I think that’s wisdom we can all learn from.

Dylan has looked at some of the same facts others have and has come to some different conclusions.  [Though I would argue David Armstrong’s recording is not fact.]  So what are we mad at?  That Dylan doesn’t believe like we do?  Uh oh.  Who do we sound like now?

I moderately follow Q and I support POTUS.  But I don’t require that you do to know me or talk with me.  You don’t have to believe like I do.  America is still free for a little longer.

No, in the spirit of truth seeking, people should be allowed to draw their own conclusions from the truths they are finding.  That’s part of the process of learning and growth.  It doesn’t mean they’ve drawn the correct conclusions, but I should be able to allow others that freedom without draconian judgments from me.

Also, it doesn’t mean they won’t change their minds as new data is discovered.  Let’s just say that Dylan reached some wrong conclusions about Q or President Trump.  In the spirit of freedom and truth, what’s the best reaction?  Our reactions say more about us than they do about Dylan.

Do I want intellectual freedom?  Absolutely.  Do I want you to have it?  Or do I only want you to have it if you believe like I do?  For the sake of integrity we should be asking ourselves these questions.

If people are seeking God, they won’t be mad at Dylan.  Dylan is a God-seeker.

Dylan fell under conviction of where his focus should be.  His interpretation and understanding of some scriptures caused him to make some abrupt 180 turns.  He made some very bold statements and followed them up with his actions.  I actually admire that.

In a western society where most of the people I’ve seen under the label of Christian are spineless with little to no practical conviction, I can get behind someone who makes a radical stand for his faith.

I happen to have not reached the same conclusions as Dylan.  My understanding of Scripture and my application of current events toward those Scriptures do not align with Dylan’s.  But I can understand from his explanations why he has reached those conclusions, and he has the freedom to walk out his own faith.

If people believe we should be free to think for ourselves, they won’t be mad at Dylan.  Dylan questions the narrative.

That’s the irony of this whole truther/patriot movement to me.  People have been lied to and deceived for most of their lives.  When we come to the revelation we’ve been deceived, there’s a process we go through to begin to free ourselves from the deceptions we’re in bondage to.  Part of that process is to question everything.  Everything.

Yet in this movement if someone comes out with questions that conflict the truther narratives, they come under attack from fellow truthers.  Apparently you can question the narrative when it’s the enemy’s narrative, but you can’t when it’s the counter-narrative.  Can you see how dangerous this mindset is?

Our response says more about ourselves than the other person

These are some of the things that bother me about the Dylan Wheeler responses in the truther movement.  As a believer, I should not put my total faith or trust in anyone before Christ.  That’s how I get deceived.  That’s how the enemy can get in.  If you’re asking me to check my cognitive processing at the foot of your truther spokesperson, you are just as guilty of deception as the last person.  Here’s a little secret:  no one has all the truth.  We’re all in the process of learning.  Q is not infallible.  President Trump is not infallible.  But I know someone who is, and He never changes.

I have not reached the same conclusions as Dylan Wheeler, and I can expound on that in a separate article if there’s interest.  But I have been dismayed and discouraged by the people who have come out in droves to ridicule, scorn, and even verbally abuse him.  We’re no better than those we’re contesting if that’s our stance.

“Where We Go One We Go All” is a profound motto.  It’s the essence of unity in diversity.  Diverse thoughts should not be feared.  If there are concerns about Dylan Wheeler’s new direction, the team player will come alongside and listen to the concerns Dylan has laid out.  Then they will bring counterpoints to the points of conflict, in an effort to move to common ground and hone the pursuit of truth into reaching correct conclusions.  Attacking the person is Liberal Practices 101.  In contrast, evaluating the data and trying to reconcile differences is the spirit of love and maturity.

God’s Plan, not Man’s

Lastly, if I have learned anything in this past decade, I have learned God is more concerned with the character of man than his success.  The Spirit asked me one day, “would you rather be popular or wise?” It’s interesting to me it was an either-or and not a both-and.  The wise of this world are not generally popular.

I’d rather be wise.  Wisdom is a crown and brings honor to God.  Popularity is fickle and fleeting and demanding and…   In the past decade that I’ve been paying attention, I have noticed a ramping up of exposing the heart of man.  All that we go through and are going through is merely an exercise in developing our character.

Kamala Harris was just nominated as Biden’s vice-president.  That’s quite laughable to me, and there are no less than a hundred absurd things about this whole scenario.  Yet someone posted on social media a prophecy about Kamala.  I was immediately annoyed by it and tried to dismiss it.  I don’t know the person who prophesied it – whether he’s legitimate or a kook or what.  But I had to check my heart.

Here’s the prophecy:

Now I’m not saying this is a true prophecy.  I’ve never heard of this guy, don’t know him, don’t follow him.  BUT what if it is true?  What if God has a calling on Kamala Harris’s life that the devil has waylaid?  That would be a real Saul/Paul conversion.  I’ve heard she comes from a long line of Eastern Star allegiances and her sister was in the Podesta emails for a Hillary Pizza Party.  She literally dwells in the lair of the dragon.  What if she encounters God and embraces His call on her life?  Isn’t that the better picture?

I just want to pause a moment in the insanity of a globalist takeover through a virus, in an election year with American’s Liberties on the line, in the chaos of rioting and broken cities, to pause and seek the heart of God.

What if we’re getting lost in the details?  What if the events of Our World 2020 are catalysts for our hearts to be refined for our Creator?

Yes, I think Dylan Wheeler has reached some wrong conclusions.  Yes, I think Kamala Harris is a Deep State Swamp creature.  But what does God think?  What if these events being brought to our attention are just as much about exposing our own hearts?  What if they’re to show the hypocrisy of our own thinking?  We profess to be about love and grace and mercy, but we’re really filled with judgment and hatred and discord.

What if in my pursuit of justice I abandon grace?   Heaven forbid!

And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. —Matt 24:12 [ESV]

The depravity of man actually hardens the heart of man.  It is a concerted effort to posture ourselves to pursue the heart of God.  We think we know.  What if we’re wrong?

Yes.  I vehemently encourage the pursuit of justice and the diligent protection of liberty.  Let’s be just as fervent to walk in grace and love, leaving room for the Spirit of God to move on hearts for the glory of His Name.

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