by Lee Duigon

March 31, 2022

“Our education system sucks” used to be one of those things you just said, not quite meaning it—usually adding, “Yeah, but our schools are still okay!”

But now it’s a thing that’s literally true, and dangerous. You can’t spend billions and billions of dollars, year after year after year, pumping children’s heads full of garbage—can’t do that without winding up with a garbage country. That’s what we’re doing; and not just us, but countries all over the world.

I used to say you could report on a new “education” outrage every day. But there are whole websites devoted to reporting them (Campus Reform, College Fix, et al), one example after another filling up the page: it’s more than one a day.

Here are a couple of examples.

First, from New Zealand (we are not alone): a celebrated Queer Fat Studies professor recently died at 42. Her mission in life, as she put it, was “tearing down white supremacy with my fat fingers.” She herself was white, of course. It’s always white leftids who say this. She described herself as a “fatlicious feminist” dedicated to “glorifying obesity.” The world’s “educators” are always glorifying aberrant, self-destructive behaviors. Eventually they’ll get around to glorifying smoking.

How much tuition money do you have to pay to get a degree in Queer Fat Studies? What doors will that open for you? How will your work in this field—I can hardly believe I wrote that—benefit society?

Second, here at home in Austin, Texas—don’t be thinking your schools are okay because you live in a Red state—a public school held a “Pride Week,” complete with a “pride march” held indoors so people wouldn’t see it. This instruction was given to four-year-olds—along with admonitions not to tell their parents. What you hear in the classroom, kiddies, stays in the classroom. Your parents mustn’t know.

Can you believe they got away with that, even in Austin? “Don’t let your parents find out what we’re teaching you!”

Complete the sentence in 25 words or less and win a tin foil hat: “I let my children be ‘taught’ by these wastes of space because _____.” We’d all love to see the answers.

Third, from Colorado: the Cherry Creek school district has decided to do away with valedictorian honors… because “learning is not a competition”. Heaven forbid that they should reward excellence, or even acknowledge it. Class rank will also be abolished. This will prepare students for an adult world in which everyone is absolutely equal, there is no competition anywhere, for anything, and everybody gets the same reward. Now all they have to do is find such a world.

We could do this all day and not run out of examples. I won’t even discuss the intramural punch-out staged by the Flint, Michigan, school board over who would get to control $150 million (!?) in “COVID aid” doled out to the school district by the government. If you can’t make it to tonight’s pro wrestling matches, try the school board meeting. But it would be depressing to wade into that.

Why, why, why do we continue to send our children to the public schools? We’ve got homeschooling, neighborhood teaching co-ops, Christian schools—what alternative isn’t better than the public schools? And the colleges and looniversities are even worse.

People forget that public education wasn’t even invented until well into the 19th century. How did we get by without it? But we did, though, didn’t we?

We can surely do it again. And we had better. There’s only so much folly a civilization can tolerate before it falls.

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