Modern liberalism forbids any kind of discrimination, in any sense of that word. It this continues to be extended to every aspect of life, it will destroy every human society and institution, as it is in the process of doing now. This is the crisis our civilization faces.

Liberal ideology manifests in tolerance and non-discrimination as the ruling principles of society, the principles to which all other principles must yield. A society which cannot discriminate, distinguish, or differentiate between itself and other societies will go out of existence. To truly be, we must be able to be ourselves, whatever that entails. As part of that definition and determination, we must define boundaries for ourselves. Erasing our national borders, a liberal objective, essentially erases our identity as an independent entity.

These liberal principles are very simple and radically extreme. Yet very few people, even hard-line conservatives are aware of these principles; or if so aware, are in dire fear of mentioning them. Instead of opposing the primary principle of non-discrimination, conservatives oppose its secondary manifestations such as multiculturalism and political correctness.

Let’s say we got rid of multiculturalism and political correctness; would that end Moslem immigration? No, multiculturalism is not the source of Moslem immigration. The source is the liberal belief that we must not discriminate against other people on the basis of their race, ethnicity, culture, religion, etc. This was the idea behind the 1965 Immigration Act and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The latter basically said that all discrimination is wrong, period. No one in today’s society is willing to oppose this this utterly ridiculous idea. No one up to now has had the nerve to question the immigration of Moslems per se, or say it should be reduced or stopped, except for mild and contrived restrictions in regards to migration from countries harboring terrorists. If we hadn’t experienced a recent spate of terrorist incidents, the insidious Moslem immigration, incompatible with our basic principles, would go on without practical opposition. The few writers and pundits who have the nerve to say that Islam is a mortal danger to our society still will not say we ought to stop or reduce Moslem immigration. This is because of the overarching liberal zeitgeist which says that it the most morally wrong thing for people to embody is to have or show a critical view of a foreign group, and to want to exclude that group and keep it out.

The equality principle of modern liberalism is expressed in the idea that unassimilable  immigrants must be permitted to flood our society, changing its very nature, since we cannot pronounce judgments on these immigrants.   The prevailing attitude is that one who makes these types of distinctions or value judgments must be banished from polite society, or more and more commonly at least be banished from a mainstream career.

The Civil Rights laws and implementing regulations, in destroying our right to select those with whom we wish to associate or do business with, obviated the freedom of association guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

The liberal inability to agree to establish a standard or common set of ethical guidelines for behavior creates an “every man for himself” approach to life, banishes God from a role in setting forth rules for behavior, and negates generally accepted Judeo-Christian behavioral models from the public sphere.

The inability to discriminate or the prohibition against doing so in regards to one’s dealings with others, or in determining standards or proper ethics or morals, extends “downwards” into the lower realms of personal tastes and behavior. Thus, boorish attitudes and behavior are tolerated, sloppy personal standards in in dress and clothing choices are accepted, foul language becomes standard, improper English usage and grammar become normal, people trample on each other’s personal spaces by not respecting their right to privacy or dignity such as by talking on cell phones loudly where a quiet atmosphere should obtain in places like medical offices or at the theater.

It appears that sufficient conservative resistance to liberalism cannot be generated in acceptable forms to retard or stop it. It is pessimistic, but one can only hope that liberalism will collapse of its own contradictions and irrationality, or that unprecedented occurrences of sufficient magnitude will shake society to its foundations such as physical disasters, disease epidemics, economic depressions deeper than we have experienced, or unprecedented terror attacks sufficient to change the prevailing paradigm. Absent such extreme occurrences or some newly developed technique to force discussion about Islam, unbounded immigration, and unalterable racial differences, there will be no change in the ruling paradigm. Somehow, the idea that discrimination is the greatest sin must be attacked and destroyed. It must be shown that it is incompatible with our continued existence as an organized, orderly society.”

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