Envisioning a state and nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. — Christian Civic League of Maine Vision Statement

I didn’t write the vision statement above. It was created sometime after I resigned in 2009. Readers of this column will know that I am no friend to the current administration of the League. I served at the League for over two decades.

During her first eighty years the League fought gambling and alcohol. It was created at the height of the prohibition movement in America, in 1897. The sexual revolution of the 1960s knocked alcohol and gambling out of the top spot of moral concerns for evangelicals in the 1980s. During the 1990s and 00s the League fought back against the sexual revolution.

We reasoned that Big Gay required our attention. Two issues were dominant in the public/political mind at the time. Abortion and homosexuality. We took sodomy and left the Roman Catholics to lead on abortion/life.

This division of labor by Big Christianity in Maine worked for awhile. While we were fully behind the Catholics on life they worked overtime behind the scenes to undermine my leadership on the sodomy issue. Now the Catholics are happy because nobody is taking on Big Sodomy, while the League is sharing the burden on life. Evangelicals went full surrender on the “gay” issue in the closing years of my tenure. Their capitulation emerges in the motto above.

They don’t mention the threat sodomy poses to our civilization. Instead, sounding like the progressives they have become, they are “Envisioning” a state and nation where “religious freedom flourishes.” Gays want religious freedom. The League wants religious freedom. Where’s the fight in that?

What’s worse is that when the League uses that phrase “religious freedom” they are signaling that they want the government to protect them from the homosexual movement. It’s pathetic. What’s really dangerous is the fact that their definition of religious freedom welcomes the Muslim threat. A jurisdiction doesn’t have any sort of religion if it doesn’t have the power to choose only one. A religion brings unity to a neighborhood, not eternal division and squabbling over ultimate questions like the question of who God is.

This is nothing like the Christian religion. It is really paganism — the belief in many gods. It bubbles up from the Masonic influence at America’s beginning. Their ideology pretty much silenced Christianity in official circles at the end of the 19th century.

The religious syncretism of Masonry rules the day in America today. Some protestant denominations still maintain condemnations of this syncretistic ideology. Even in those circles, however, the criticism is muted. Roman Catholics maintain a muted resistance to Masonry.

But America is full on Masonic when it comes to religion. All religions are equal and even the individual is free to make up his own. Even though there is much talk about Christianity in American politics most Americans believe that their religious life is exclusively their business. The only role American government and institutions are assigned is that of occasional referee. Public religious squabbling is emphasized because it reinforces satan’s narrative of trivial bickering between irrelevant wackos.

Out of this smoking chaos emerges the LGBTQ movement like a victorious gladiator. Homosexuals are the grand unifier. Don’t believe me? Follow Mayor Pete’s rising campaign within the Left. He’s the master victim, lecturing Christianity on tolerance and love. It’s disgusting. I can’t even watch it.

The League is making a play to be the leader on life. They are carrying two people vetoes. One concerns abortion and the other euthanasia. The Catholics are in the background. The League has a budget of $120,000 to get them over the finish line in three weeks. Maine’s former Governor LePage threw his hat in the ring on the League’s side a couple days ago. He did a phone call. 4,000 people called in.

I’ve discovered no evidence that they have engaged paid circulators. I had to do that every time I ran a referendum. There just wasn’t capacity in the Church to get enough signatures in time. Maybe that dynamic has changed, or the League has paid circulators on the ground and I don’t know about it. Their list of locations for petition collection is unimpressive.

I’m praying they make it, but I’m really angry that they are giving the sodomy movement a pass. Janet Kills signed a law passed by this Legislature that inserts the government in between parents and confused children. The League offered passive resistance during the legislative session. It is illegal in Maine for parents to seek professional help for their sexually confused child. ILLEGAL! Queers can marry. Everyone must bend over to sodomites or risk lawsuits. Homosexuals are America’s new model citizens.

Christianity says and does nothing. No, it’s worse than that. Christianity demands that the government protect them from America’s new model citizens. The cry for religious freedom is nonsense. It’s ridiculous.

Two thousand years of Christianity built the West. No other single factor accounts for anything close to what Christian theology, philosophy and culture delivered to Western Civilization. It is what’s good in our society. And we are throwing it all away for sex.

It isn’t going to work. The League doesn’t get it. But a rising number of people in the world do. The Left has overplayed it’s hand. It’s only a matter of time now. The days are numbered for institutions like the League. Jesus Christ will not be mocked. And paganism will not prevail.

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