By Sid Secular

By August 2020, the demon-driven mainstream media at the behest of their liberal overlords had riled up the ignorant, the gullible, the perverse, the fanatics, and the politically correct conformists among the young and otherwise immature of all ages so as to engage them in riots, demonstrations, lootings, arsons, culture mulching and general waywardness. The catalyst used to produce this poison potion was the media’s concentration on promoting angst among the easily offended to produce conflict with normal folk who did not see evil intent everywhere and were happy enough with their hopes of a second Trump term.

Of course, as in all conflicts, there has to be a “cause,” whether that cause is Fort Sumter or the battleship Maine or the Lusitania or Pearl Harbor, wars – even culture wars – require a symbolic, “call to battle” that seemingly cannot be ignored by the faithful. That “symbol” in 2020 was the death of a ne’er-do-well, meritless low-life, ghetto ghoul named George Floyd. The “phenomenal phenomena” that created an outlandishly big “to-do” over the death of a criminal “nothing-burger” by a self-administered overdose of fentanyl – and no, he wasn’t killed by the cops! –roughly coincided with a national quarantine of economic, cultural and social life that emasculated the US economy and allowed Big Brother at all levels of government to strangle the national psyche via face mask mandates, “social(ist) distancing”and demands for the use of deadly experimental“vaccines.”

Unemployment claims that under Trump’s leadership had bottomed out at around 3.5% —as low as it could go in a fluid capitalist economy –soared to nearly 10% representing some 31.5 million unemployed. The bi-coastal elites stood above the fray while producing frayed nerves in the “blue” States and cities they governed. Meanwhile, the previously recovering but now economically stagnant “fly-over” country took it on the chin and shins, having been hobbled with the closure and bankruptcy of almost half of their small businesses now designated as “non-essential” and therefore,closed.

The ire felt by “right-thinking” people over the Left’s contrived fiery “police/white racism” meme added to the inflammatory atmosphere created when liquor stores, casinos, abortion “clinics” and porno parlors were deemed “essential” while churches, small retail stores, restaurants and groceries were shuttered having been slapped with the sobriquet, “non-essential.” As well, big box stores such as Walmart and Target were open for business while local merchants whose stores were never crowded to the point of health concerns, remained forcibly closed. Very soon it became obvious that the Deep State was waging war not against COVID but against America’s small businesses while the multinationals remained undisturbed.

Forty percent of Americans earning less than $40,000 lost their jobs. Many have never returned to work because stimulus payments, food stamp supplements and forgiveness of rent when taken together exceeded their salaries in terms of overall dollars. As well, those now out of work were needed at home to care for children officially excused from school and left to their own devices – technological and otherwise –without adult supervision.

But the lockdowns and the phony George Floyd clap-trap were not the only catalysts for unrest. Inner-city “youths” – also known as blacks – who are always looking for something to steal and/or destroy, were eager recruits for Soros-funded makeshift mobs and their palettes of “throwing bricks” delivered by trucks while they themselves were delivered to the places designated for violence by shiny new buses. These happy hooligans were soon joined in their rampages by college students, recent graduates and dropouts all burdened by student tuition debt and further enraged that their institutions of learning never told them that their “education” was useless for earning a living. So as their newfangled courses and degrees had no hope of providing a living wage, they naturally blamed society,something that libbers of all stripes are wont to do.

Thus, when the good weather rolled around, these “young academics” were itching to demonstrate their dissatisfaction and looked to find allies to cover their educated rumps. The result was a cohort of malcontents that easily became foot soldiers for the organized and subsidized BLM and Antifa brigades. Of course, insult was added to injury when many in this callow corps finding themselves in low-wage jobs, retreated to Marxist poop to explain their lack of upward economic mobility and decrying society’s culpability in not appreciating their woke genius and potential. COVID-caused mass quarantine combined with the economic tsunami became tinder for the public firestorm of rioting set off by media agitation over the perfectly predictable demise of George Floyd during an arrest for yet another crime.

These conflagrations inevitably sparked further “youthful” histrionics. For instance, during the so-called “demonstrations,” a TikTok video went viral on social media. Remember, it only takes a few “tick-tocks” of the clock for such things to encircle the globe. The video was disseminated by a “ticked-off” recent Harvard graduate of the black variety who threatened to stab anyone who desecrated the holy name of Black Lives Matter by saying, “All Lives Matter.” Her overblown melodramatic declaration won a huge audience – as was, of course, intended. However, her failure to consider “real life consequences” came into play when the video came to the attention of the company Deloitte US, a world-wide financial firm that had planned to give the graduate an internship later in the summer. Needless to say, the firm decided it wasn’t wise to employ someone who threatened to kill anyone who said something with which she personally disagreed – even if she was black!

In response to her sudden loss of opportunity, this “Harvard alum” posted a new video showing her weeping while curled in a near-fetal position and complaining how the world – and especially Deloitte – was unfair and hurtful to her. This video was posted for the world to “share” her pain. In the Woke culture, pain is supposed to be shared not so much to alleviate one person’s pain, but to assure that everyone is miserable. This strategy is analogous to the Marxist principle that the haves are to share everything with the have-nots so that everyone can feel good and “equity” can be obtained. Yeah . . .

Thus the Harvard harridan instantly became the poster girl for BAM, the current frenzied Black Adoration Movement, a new zeitgeist of black worship whereby blacks are said to have invented everything and can do no wrong for two reasons: first, because of the magical melanin in their skin that confers black privilege to the degree of its concentration – that is, the blacker the better! This results in  “hue” – black – “mans” individuals or groups getting away with criminal behavior against“humans” who are not so endowed – that is, whites!

The second reason arises from the unrelenting victimization throughout all history of all blacks by – naturally! – whites. Thus black violence is justified and the criminals remain unpunished. This stunningly stupid swill should cause millions of decent, intelligent Americans of all races to revolt against the destruction of our history and the communist takeover and ongoing transformation of our society including attacks on law enforcement and the outrageous behavior of the raging revolutionaries heretofore presented.

The main iteration of today’s male leftist “randy revolutionary” involves ongoing mindless pronouncements couched in vile profanity while having his pants located just above his knees. Add to this our “hero’s” endless taunting of the police and the use of spray paint to vandalize monuments of actual heroes of the Historic American Nation and you get a good idea of the type. Of course, the use of spray paint has for years done double duty by creating the “art” of graffiti, dubbed as such by a debauched culture. Nonetheless, the establishment recognizes that these rioters and looters have delicate egos and must therefore be handled with care as befits the fragile beings that they are, lest they suffer injury from the macro number of micro-aggressions that abound in their delusional world. Indeed, most of the middle class snowflakes melt away like butter on milquetoast anytime their bluffs, blusters, and banalities are in any way challenged.

Earlier generations of protesters, despite carping about “the system” did not incur mountains of debt but generally went to work, bought affordable homes and started families after their period of cultural revolt – albeit such families became increasingly dysfunctional as a result of our increasingly dysfunctional culture. Indeed, that culture eventually saw the very basis of civilization – the family – in extremis arising from divorce, contraception and abortion and the increasing temptation to do one’s own thing and “let it all hang out.” Over time,personal debt increased while savings shrunk to pitiable levels when compared with other Western countries. And of course, nothing flourishes in unrelieved debt, neither families nor nations, and so the consequences became obvious.

While all this was going on, the Cultural Marxists (i.e.communists) were taking control of the curricula in public schools and most private schools as well; indeed, they became the new Educational Establishment. Today, freedom of speech in the classroom depends entirely upon whether or not the Left agrees with what is being said while those on the Left are permitted to shout down all opposing and conservative views to prevent them from being presented and debated. Now college students and recent graduates are woke; that is, they are godless, arrogant, ignorant and violent, people who are wont to strut and demand, but who melt away when any heat is directed their way. They have degrees but are poorly educated. They are broke but have enough money to buy pot. They are ambitious but ignorant on how to plan for the future. These are the ingredients of rot, riot, and a retrograde revolution. Universities are amply funded by American tax dollars through student loans together with grants from multi-million dollar Foundations who ask only for ideological obedience – to the Left, of course!

But those same universities provide no educational foundations for their charges! Bachelor’s degrees have become the 21st century equivalent of a high school diploma and are recognized merely as the first step in getting an education that may lead to professional careers! Why? Because much of what is “taught” in college is remedial education that should have been taught in high school. Nevertheless, those who obtain these pseudo BA degrees believe that they should be counted among the educational elite and all that that belief entails. When the BA no longer garners such intellectual gravitas, millions of debt-racked dolts have become conditioned for social discontent including looting,riots and vandalism. This situation is little different from the French peasants whose poverty and helplessness primed them for Revolution.However, unlike our present revolutionaries, the French peasants at least had real reasons for their discontent!

The “belea-gored” middle class, especially in the white suburbs, for the most part did not join the radicalized rioters and ghetto ghouls in their violence, looting and destruction especially as their businesses were targeted after their jobs were lost in the fake “plannedemic.” Small stores that had somehow endured two months of shutdowns could not survive the flames and looting that devoured entire city blocks in what remained of many blue, left-run minority favored, major metro areas. The nation’s wealthiest, from their fortresses in Malibu, Silicon Valley and other favored zip codes played the Jacobin role of cheering on violent protests, smug in the knowledge that they were exempt from the consequences of their follies as was illustrated when a BLM mob was tear gassed while trying to enter Beverly Hills! There are some things the most sensitive of liberals will not accept, even from blacks!

The absurdity and irony of this whole scenario is that the system these perps claimed they hated because they were being ignored and denied was in the process of being corrected and by the very president whom they despised because he was no longer a “celebrity!” Donald Trump’s policies had just begun to arrest decades of economic stagnation and was in the process of achieving record low youth and minority unemployment. As a result, the rioters covered over their own poor personal choices with a veneer of “cosmic injustice” and the damnation of a system that was already in the process of being co-opted by their Cultural Commie leaders with the fall of Trump, a fall they helped bring about. All that remains for our unhappy “youth” is a return to the poverty of the ghetto while their Leftist leaders grow ever wealthier at everyone’s expense – including theirs.

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