By Lex Greene

August 31, 2022

Once again, I will pretend as though the facts actually matter in today’s broken, dumbed down, drugged up and mentally manipulated America.

It has become custom in American politics to misuse words to define, label and target Citizens and political opponents in order to divide and conquer the electorate by pitting American against American on the basis of false propaganda. The false propaganda includes the intentional false rewriting of history as well as “scholarly” new definitions for old words around for centuries.

For decades, democrats have misused the term “racist” as a political attack hammer against republicans, despite the fact that it was Republican Abe Lincoln who freed the slaves, democrats who formed and operate the KKK, and republicans who passed all Civil Rights Acts, while a vast majority of democrats voted against them.

Today, the new buzzword misused by democrats to demonize republicans is “fascist,” a word at the foundation of the violent and destructive militia group, ANTIFA, meaning “anti-fascists.” Yet again, there is no more “fascist” behaving group in America than Obama’s ANTIFA.

Global Marxist-leaning “scholars” who have taken it upon themselves to redefine old words with new meaning, have perfected the art of misleading millions by simply flooding social conscience with false labels under new definitions. The current misuse of the term “fascist” provides a perfect example.


In order of death toll, the following are the world’s best known and most deadly “fascist” dictators in history.

#10 – North Korean Communist Dictator Kim Il Sung is responsible for the deaths of at least 1.6 million political opponents and civilians through starvation and invading South Korea. Kim Il Sung was the leader of North Korea since its founding in 1948, until he died in 1994. His son is the communist dictator today.

#9 – Socialist Dictator Talaat Pasha of the Union Progress Party. Ismail is responsible for the Armenian Genocide, which killed 800,000 – 1,800,000 people. He led the Young Turk Revolution. He systematically murdered over 1 million Armenians from 1914 to 1923. Some of them were starved to death, and others were sent on forced marches until they died. They killed any able-bodied men, and then sent women, children, and old people on death marches through the Syrian Desert.

#8 – Socialist Dictator Vladimir Lenin of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Lenin was responsible for the deaths of millions of people and initiated the Russian Civil War. He led the Red Army, against the White Army. The Red Army were Bolshevik communists, and the White Army was a mix of different groups, backed by many foreign powers in order to halt communism. The war resulted in the deaths of 7 to 12 million people. It was one of the worst wars Europe had ever seen. The Red Army was victorious, and Lenin went on to start the Soviet Union, a one party dictatorship. It was dedicated to creating a communist utopia, and it failed miserably.

#7 – Japanese Socialist Dictator Hideki Tojo of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association. Hideki Tojo is responsible for the deaths of five million Japanese during World War II. While prime minister of Japan, he was responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor, which dragged the USA into the war. Tojo tried to shoot himself in the heart four times and missed every shot. After being nursed back to health, he was arrested and executed after the war. He was nicknamed razor, and killed millions of civilians in China, and thousands of POWs.

#6 – Japanese Dictator Hirohito. Hirohito was the emperor of Japan from 1926 to 1989. He killed an estimated 6 million people, and committed the now infamous, Nanking massacre. In Nanjing, Japanese troops raped and murdered massive numbers of Chinese civilians. It was a six weeklong massacre killing possibly more than 300,000 people.

#5 – Chinese Socialist Dictator Chiang Kai-Shek. Chiang Kai-Shek is a Chinese dictator, who killed, possibly 10 million people. He committed 228 massacres during his 18 year rule. He was leader of the Kuomintang or KMT, a Marxist nationalist party. Shek put on a northern expedition and managed to reunify most of China under him. In 1947 war broke out between the KMT and the communists. The KMT lost and it led to the rise of Mao.

#4 – Dictator King Leopold II of Belgium. Leopold II is one of the most brutal, but strangely unknown dictators in history from 1865-1909. He enslaved 8 million Congolese and killed thousands. The way he killed was incredibly brutal, working them to death, and torturing any who opposed him. He started a colonial empire in the Congo, with the goal of getting as rich as possible, through exploiting a much poorer group of people. Leopold was allowed to start his colony under the agreement that he would improve the lives of the people, but he completely ignored this promise. He killed 1 to 15 million people, by forcing them to hunt, mine gold, and harvest rubber.

#3 – Socialist Nazi Party Dictator Adolf Hitler, leader of Germany’s Socialist Party following his leadership of the German Workers Party, eventually evolving into the Nazi Party. Hitler killed an estimated 30 million people. The most well-known of this is the holocaust, which killed six million Jews. He was also responsible for the less well known Generalplan Ost, a genocide of millions of Slavic people. He killed them through the hunger plan, where he purposely starved millions of Soviets, whom he saw as an inferior race. This killed between 4.5 and 13.7 million people. In total the holocaust killed potentially 17 million people if you include non-Jews.

#2 – Communist Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin, leader of the Bloc of Communists and Non-Partisans movement. Stalin is probably the most infamous communist dictator, responsible for about 40 million murders. As Lenin grew closer to death, he worried about how much power, Stalin had accumulated, and after he died, Stalin took his place. He led the Soviet Union and committed horrible atrocities. In only 12 years in power, he killed between 40 and 62 million people. The Gulag was a series of labour camps where he sent political dissidents to work as slaves. Many of them worked until they died of exhaustion. He also committed genocides, including Holodomore…stealing food from Ukraine, and then blocking off the country, forcing them to starve, to subjugate any nationalistic ideas.

#1 – Chinese Communist Dictator Mao Zedong (1921-1976). Mao is the deadliest of all world dictators to date. Through communist policies he starved millions of people, possibly as many as 80 million. He killed any intellectuals who disagreed with him, putting people in labour camps, and condoning the beating and stoning people to death in struggle sessions. His “great leap forward” campaign was supposed to transform the country from an agrarian economy into a socialist one, but instead it caused the Great Chinese Famine. A famine that lasted 3 years and killed an estimated 15 to 45 million people. As world dictators go, few really come close to the destruction and devastation he caused, though there are some who will try.

(SOURCE) NOTE: Feel free to confirm the truth about these fascists at any legitimate source.

Unfortunately, we now have generations of Americans who no longer know true history and as a result, they are highly likely to help this history to repeat, as generations too young to know any better mislabel all “patriotic Americans” fascists. They have been Pavlov trained to vote the nation back into bondage as young unwitting students of global Marxism, socialism, communism, and the world’s most treacherous and famous dictators.

They cheer when democrat politicians use national security and justice agencies to terrorize and assassinate political opponents. They march in lockstep to unconstitutional and unlawful dictates from Washington D.C. as if they have no knowledge of freedom and liberty at all. They can’t wait to spread proven lies against their perceived enemies on social media. They have a violent reaction to the presence of truth.

The young have been conned into believing that acts of true patriotism, love of country, freedom, and liberty, are acts of “fascism” and “extremist” notions. Even worse, they have been so dumbed down, drugged up and mentally manipulated that even those who love and care for them most, their parents and grandparents, are often treated as their enemies.

All ten of the world’s most deadly and well known “fascists” were communist, socialist, totalitarian dictators responsible for creating the most brutal deadly conditions for millions of innocent citizens all over the world. But still, the young have been dog whistle trained to believe that patriotic Americans who simply desire to Make America Great Again are “fascists.”

Like almost everything the younger generations have been taught in recent years, there is absolutely no truth whatsoever to their false claims of “fascism” against all freedom loving Americans, including Donald J. Trump.

Instead, it is the global pied pipers of the Marxist Global Reset leading them to slaughter, whom they see as heroes worthy of their trust. Only if and when they are introduced to real history and the leftist foundations for all forms of fascism demonstrated throughout history, is there any chance that the young will stop destroying their own futures and ours.

They need look no further than the inhumane conditions of every major democrat controlled city in the USA for modern proof. They need only recognize the current “democrat dictators” in Washington D.C. ruling by unconstitutional “mandates” beyond any lawful authority, to understand reality.

It is up to the rest of us to put these facts and truths right in their faces until they can free themselves from the mental bondage that leftists have chained them to. The future of freedom and liberty all over the world depends on it.

CONCLUDING FACT: Fascism is NOT a “right-wing” ideology. History has repeatedly proven fascism to be a far-left form of extreme totalitarianism promoted only by communists and socialists. Today’s American socialist democrats and their Global Reset partners are the only real “fascists” in the USA.

In reality, at the far LEFT extreme is brutal fascism, a totalitarian dictatorship. At the far RIGHT extreme is the total opposite of fascism, an unbridled lawless anarchy, survival of the fittest, with no rule of law at all.

All of American politics needs a major housecleaning, eliminated all career criminal politicians, no matter the party. It can only happen when all freedom loving Americans unite against the career politicians. Let it be now!

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