All over the Western world, the leftids are kicking it into high gear. In America, we’re getting inundated with meaningless “protests” by millionaire football players. More on that later. For the moment, let’s hop into our private jets and see what the libs are up to in Australia.

Come November, Australians will vote on whether to inflict “gay marriage” on their country. For a time, a friend Down Under tells me, the “Yes” vote looked like it was in the bag. But as the vote draws near, the “No” vote is gaining ground: and one of the reasons for that is the bullying behavior of the Yessies.

As leftids see it, you’re not allowed to be opposed to the redefinition of matrimony and anyone who does so must be rigorously punished. So they got up a petition to revoke the medical license of a doctor who stood up for real marriage, throwing in a death threat for seasoning. They’ve been able to get other likely “No” voters fired from their jobs. A former prime minister, known to be on the “No” side, was physically assaulted by a Yessie.

The less violent among the Yessies have been content merely to cancel lifelong friendships they’ve had with persons who think marriage ought to be reserved for a man and a woman. Leftids just can’t conceive of anyone holding that opinion. Again we see the leftids being everything that they accuse us of being: fanatical, intolerant, determined to impose their belief on others regardless of the cost. With this crowd, projection is everything.

Hello, Australia: be guided by America’s experience. Once they get their “gay marriage,” their demands won’t stop. They’ll go on to demand “trans” bathrooms, legalization of polygamy, recognition of pedophilia as “a lifestyle”—whatever card is next in the deck. They’ll never stop, and they cannot be appeased. It would be folly to try.

Meanwhile, we’ve got football protests.

Remember Tim Tebow? He used to “take the knee.” (I promise not to use that expression again: you’re surely as fed up with it as I am.) Tebow knelt on the football field to give thanks and honor to God; and for that they ran him out of the league.

Just last year, the Far Left was gunning for the NFL. Lawsuits over the Washington Redskins name. Howling over the concussions suffered by football players. They really seemed to be going all out to get football banned. Why? Because Americans liked it and they don’t like America.

But suddenly we had all these vacuous “protests” over this or that “injustice,” all this flap about America being racist and bad and just plain awful—and the football team owners saw their chance, and grabbed it. All aboard the Social Justice Express! In a display of toadiness worthy of an award, the owners declared their “solidarity” with the players. What better way could they have found of mending football’s fences with the Left? “See? See? We’re on your side, dudes! We hate America, too! Don’t you see us showing our disrespect for the National Anthem?” They’ll find themselves funding Antifa, if they don’t watch out.

Because the “protests” are not about anything concrete, there’s nothing America can give the protesters that will satisfy them. In their eagerness to curry favor with the Left—somehow a lot of people have gotten the impression that leftids rule America—the NFL owners spit in the faces of the fans, most of whom love and respect America and are proud to stand for the flag and for the anthem.

What kind of wacky business model is this—insult your customer base and tell them that you loathe them? But the owners think the fans are so addicted to football that they’ll keep on watching the games week after week, keep on buying NFL jackets and T-shirts and huge inflatable football players for their front lawns, and just grin and bear it all the way to the Super Bowl.

That won’t stop the stupid protests, which have become an end in themselves and a useful tool of leftid propaganda.

You can’t appease people who will be unsatisfied no matter what concessions you make, no matter what you give them. Leftids aren’t made that way.

The only thing that must be done is to put them out of business, once and for all.

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