The liberty and sovereign nation hating globalists got their way again. I am referring to France, where brainwashed voters chose to further their nation’s standing in the world.  Sadly, because the people of France chose potential destruction over rebirth.  Paris the city of lights will continues to lose that shimmering luster.  The European Union will continue to force France to take in Muslim refugees.  Of course, they are only on a worldwide mission to destroy western civilization and replace it with sharia law.   Sharia law is designed to brutalize women and wipe out general societal norms and decency.

I must admit that while growing up here in America and having the opportunity to see Paris during my college years, no one could have convinced me to believe that the French would allow uncivilized Islamic refugees to destroy neighborhoods and the general quality of life in some neighborhoods.  In the Bible it is written, “My people parish for lack of knowledge.”  Right now, not only in Paris, but in France could conceivably parish due to a lack of wisdom and little confidence in their own society.  History has proven that the lack of wisdom does bring about destruction.  When one opens the door to destruction, it will waltz in and destroy you.

People can allow themselves to be or are forced to accept being brainwashed like American students in what used to be compulsory education but has evolved into forced indoctrination.  The end result is a growing population of pop culture gumps who are convinced it is better to allow dangerous enemies into America than to protect our society from brutes who will rape your women for not wearing a head towel.  Former president and always globalist Obama campaigned for fellow French globalist and extreme leftist, Emanuel Macron.  Obama told the French people in a campaign video that “appeals to peoples hopes and not their fears,” offering a subtle shot at sovereignty protector LePen, who drew comparisons to President Trump.

“En Marche Vivala France,” he said.  It is quite evident that globalists will stick together no matter what destruction, their philosophy unveils.  The globalist/leftist way is indicative of a lack of both wisdom and an no appreciation for history and the results of placing more allegiance to an oppressive European Union than French sovereignty and unalienable rights.  The recent election results in France are one of the many reasons I agree with the Biblical scripture in Proverbs 1 Amplified “How long, O naïve ones you who are easily misled will you love being simple minded and undiscerning? How long will scoffers (who ridicule and deride) delight in scoffing.  How long will fools who obstinately mock truth hate knowledge?

The answer is until either wisdom or circumstances dictates a change in thinking and actions.  As more Muslim atrocities occur and the French finally grow weary of their weak economy and loss of sovereignty, the French people will awaken from their current stupor and repel the madness.  Then the odds will favor a serious change in direction in the 2022 elections.  If not, France will suffer many years in utter Islamic and EU misery.

“We the People” of the United States of America can avoid such long term freefall from greatness.  But there must be a willingness to admit we have allowed far too many destructive elements to become influential.  Among them is the government school system that is turning out millions of socialist oriented graduates annually.  Then there is the breakdown of the family, unconstitutional government encroachment into almost every area of our lives.

But possibly the worst thing of all or biggest mistake Americans have made is not adhering to the advice of our first president, George Washington.  He warned that if America ever turned away from God and his infinite wisdom, that it would not bode well for our republic.

The great Frederick Douglas had it right by maintaining his strong faith in the promises of God in HIS word.  Even during the lowest points of enduring slavery, Douglas believed that because of his no quit faith in our creator, he would not only escape slavery, but also prosper as a free man.  The word states that as a man thinks, so is he and Frederick Douglas not only escaped the shackles of slavery, but prospered mightily as well.  He knew the without God there was no hope or blessings.

The same holds true for America.  If we ignore the sage advice of George Washington, national sovereignty and wisdom will evaporate only to be replaced by a dumb preference for globalist inspired tyranny.  America, the time to choose either national life and blessings, or politically correct societal death is now.  We made a good first step in the right direction with the election of President Trump.  But without God in our midst, the foolishness of destruction through progressive politics will overtake our republic like the droughts that devoured the wheat fields of ancient Egypt.  “I would that you choose life America.”

© 2017 Ron Edwards – All Rights Reserved


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