The “never Trump” sycophants are so blinded by their personal envy of Donald Trump that they appear willing to support progressive Gary Johnson in order to help Hillary Clinton take the White House from Trump, who has set records in Republican voter support winning 38 of 50 state Republican primaries.

Johnson holds a LEFT position on most issues and always has… which is why he is targeting former Bernie Sanders supporters left high and dry by the Marxist candidate who in the end, abandoned his supporters and threw his support to Hillary Clinton at the DNC Convention.


• Pro legalized drugs
• Pro legalized prostitution
• Pro amnesty for illegal aliens
• Pro open borders
• Pro jihad resettlement in the USA
• Pro free trade with communist regimes
• Pro unrestricted abortion
• Pro affirmative action
• Pro same-sex marriage
• Pro separation of church and state
• Soft on crime
• Anti- death penalty for violent offenders
• Anti-military
• Anti-national security
• Pro isolationism
In other words, the only two things Gary Johnson has in common with Republicans or conservatives is his opposition to taxation and government regulations. Aside from these two positions, Gary Johnson stands side-by-side with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on every other issue facing our nation today.

Original libertarianism, as-in the Jeffersonian context, was to believe in and support a maximum degree of personal liberty within the confines of reasonable measures of law and order designed to create a civilized society of free people capable of self-governance in a safe and secure environment.

But todays “libertarian” is often much more akin to todays so-called “progressives,” more accurately labeled “democratic socialists.” Johnson is a perfect example of a progressive masquerading as a libertarian, every bit as socially left as Clinton, Obama and Sanders, but pretending to be fiscally conservative.

The problem is this… socially liberal policies always result in fiscally liberal spending. Over 63% of the Federal Budget is social spending today, all of it a direct result of social ills caused by socially liberal policies. This is a problem among many youth voters today, who do not yet grasp the reality that nothing on earth is FREE and socially liberal decisions produce social ills that later result in social spending to address those ills.

Modern libertarians (independents) want to have their cake and eat it too… They want to appeal to socially liberal, aka morally bankrupt voters, while claiming to be fiscally conservative, happy to support the practices that result in massive out of control social spending, while pretending to oppose social spending that has driven our nation to $20 trillion in debt plus another $100 trillion in unfunded federal promises, aka taxpayer liabilities.

The anti-Trump media is happy to prop up a nut-job candidate like Johnson, who will not even appear on many state ballots across the country, with no chance of ever winning an election, just because they prefer to see Hillary Clinton in the White House rather than Donald Trump. The status quo media is on the side of the status quo establishment in D.C.

According to all current national polling data, Trump and Clinton are running dead even with Johnson pulling at around 9%. That’s not enough for Johnson to ever win an election, but it is more than enough to help Hillary Clinton to secure the White House in November.

Since Johnson is by no means conservative or Republican, or even libertarian, and he has no chance at all of ever winning any election, why are people supporting Gary Johnson?


GTCR LLC —————– $10,800
Morning Star Co———— $8,100
O&G Industries————- $6,400
Gbi————————- $5,400
McRae & Metcalf Pa——– $5,200
Marijuana Policy Project—- $5,000
Druid Hills Capital LLC—– $5,000
IBM Corp—————— $4,297
Control Concepts Inc.——- $4,100
Cato Institute————— $3,700

The Libertarian Party seized on Ted Cruz’s anti-Trump rhetoric at the RNC Convention…

“Last night at the Republican National Convention, Sen. Cruz encouraged Americans to “vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.” – The Libertarian Party agrees.”

In short, the Johnson campaign is based entirely upon attracting malcontents from the political spectrum, Sanders to Cruz. The goal of winning the White House for Johnson is not within Johnson’s grasp. But the goal of preventing Donald Trump from entering the White House may be.

We have seen this play out before, when Ross Perot assisted Bill Clinton in 1992 by grabbing 19% of the Republican vote from George H.W. Bush and again in 1996 when Perot grabbed 9% from Robert Dole.

If the goal is to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the next President of the United States, the Johnson campaign may just be what the doctor ordered, or what Hillary had hoped for…

Of course, if Donald Trump is not the next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton will be… Not Gary Johnson!

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