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By Peter Sparacino

March 14, 2003

Ballot Box: Election fraud has gone national ( as witnessed by the last presidential election). Our election system can no longer be relied upon to express the will of the people especially since the one hundred year old secret ballot system has been nullified by the mail-in-ballot inaugurated first by the state of Oregon. It will be used nationally in the 2004 presidential election thus making effective security impossible to otherwise defeat gross election fraud.

Jury Box: For all practical purposes judges have outlawed so-called jury nullification. Moreover, juries have been so dumbed down that they do not understand this legal principle: presumption of innocence must prevail unless the state can prove guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. The staggering conviction rates on mere circumstantial evidence and the growing number of innocent defendants convicted and given the death penalty only to be later proved innocent by DNA evidence makes my point.

Cartridge Box: Military like Swat Teams are now standard throughout our powerful nation, and would squash any attempted armed rebellion in its infancy; thus making violent overthrow of our government by its citizens impossible.

What is left? Freedom of the press is the last bastion. If it falls all is lost. President Bush had a White House press conference this month that in effect nullified Freedom of the Press. Worse! The White House Press Core seemed to go along with a scripted format and the silencing of Core veteran, Helen Thomas, who until now has never been silenced.

What to do? In my opinion to save America from itself: patriotic writers must target the latent goodness in their readers, particularly of those in positions of power, who might be urged via their own latent goodness to do the right thing. Barring that remote possibility... it is all over except for the shouting.

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Peter retired from the Nevada Hotel/Casino Industry as an Internal Security Specialist. He moved to Josephine County in Southern Oregon where he became involved in community affairs which led to the publication of his modest website that was launched in 1997:   E-Mail: