As the embers of 2017 fade, I thank you for reading my columns throughout the year.  I trust they made you think, and better yet, take action in your community, state and country.

My goal as a writer, thinker and futurist remains solid: I expect to help change the course of history for the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia—along with all countries being overrun by endless immigration.  I expect to create a national-international debate-discussion on where we want to take our civilizations.  Over a demographic cliff or toward a viable and sustainable future!  The choice remains ours! At some point, at current immigration rates, we no longer enjoy a choice.  That will occur within 10 years if we allow another 35 million people onto our shores.

Thus, I write to inform, educate and inspire you to action.

The one thing I’ve learned about a Constitutional Republic:  you must be a player not a spectator.  During 2018, I will write compelling, educational and encouraging columns that make you think and take action.  Otherwise, you simply remain a spectator as you watch your country degrade into a third world nightmare as you allow over 1.7 million legal and illegal immigrants overwhelm our borders in 2018 and beyond.

Together, let’s change that future to a positive one.  Let’s change course. Let’s create a national debate and solutions for our country, the United States of America.

This column follows our goals: Colossal Dreams Take Colossal Actions 

While moving through childhood, oftentimes parents ask their kids, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”

Like most children, you didn’t possess a clue.  You didn’t know what you faced when you grew up let alone what you might become as a human being.

Nonetheless, you blurted out, “I’m going to be a fireman or nurse or baseball player.”

Everyone smiled while you spoke your answer.  In reality, most people don’t possess an inkling about their life-purpose.  Many lose any chance of pursuing their dreams because they get caught up in life by getting married, raising children and working a job.  They chase their dreams after they retire.

What if you could live your dreams while living your life?   Any chance you could design your life around your dreams?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.”

As you grow into your teens, 30s, 40s and older, explore your natural gifts.  You may be able to draw, sculpt or paint.  You may enjoy tremendous musical talent with a violin or guitar or French horn.  You may be a powerful athlete in swimming, tennis or triathlon.  You may be an exceptional teacher.

Take each gift, explore it and apply your time.  As you hone your gift, try to align it with your mental, emotional and spiritual power.  Explore it from different arenas.  For example, you may be able to paint exact replications of bodies in athletics. Or, you might love abstracts.  Attend an art museum with its multiple artists in every arena.  See what heightens your interest among the many.  Return home to apply your talents.

In that application, you may hit a “chord” in your nervous system, your heart and your intellect.  Once you hear the “chimes” flowing with your talents, pursue them with vigor.

During your pursuit of your dreams, avoid becoming the victim. “Oh, I can’t do that; I’m no good at that; I wish I could draw better, I wish I was more athletic,” you lament.

A big key to reaching your dreams stems from your sense of the “colossal calling of your life.”

  • Spend your time with affirmative thought and energy toward your dream.  Maintain a clarity of spirit and a sense of intention daily.
  • Move with purposeful work toward your dream. Everything takes effort over time.  There’s an old saying, “The harder one works, the luckier one gets.”
  • Affirm your worthiness every day with meditation, prayer or a daily walk.  You must accept and believe in yourself.
  • Affirm your newness in the world.  Break out of judgment into acceptance.  That single act creates a confidence in your mind that drives your dreams forward.
  • Speak to your inner self with positive ideas, thoughts and actions.
  • Affirm your dreams to yourself, your family, your mate, your friends and to the world.

Finally, assert your partnership with the “creative energy of the universe.”  Whatever your connection to the “Creator”, you may think, speak or co-partner with that entity.  Think of it “championing” you toward your destiny.

Accept that the energy that runs through the universe also runs through your body and co-partners with your imagination.   You harness that energy as a purposeful creative process that unfolds every single day of your life.

Along your path, stick your neck out.  Sniff the wind.   Harness your mind.  Call upon your muscles to engage.  Gaze upon the horizon with your eyes.  Remain alert to the creative process.

Your dream becomes your reality by your relentless, passionate and purposeful actions toward it.  Note: many of life’s failures were people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t—you are correct.”

Always understand that “I can! I will! I am!”

Happy New Year 2018 from Sandi and Frosty Wooldridge


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