By Lee Duigon

Bad enough we have to listen to pap like “Men are women with penises, women are men with vaginas,” all white people are racists, and “riots are Mostly Peaceful Protests.” The list could go on all day.

But now we’re told that 2 + 2 ain’t 4 no more.

Yes, that’s the contribution offered by “school officials” in Ontario, who have announced their plan to teach 9th graders that “Mathematics has been used to normalize racism” by its “marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges” (

Does that make sense to you? If it does, you’re as loopy as they are.

See, it’s all those “right answers” to math problems, like “2 + 2 = 4.” Sez who? Maybe, to People Of Color (POCs), it makes five. Or three. Maybe in Ontario it makes a different sum day by day, depending on how you… feel.

Do you want these idiots calculating your week’s pay? Do you want a woke paycheck?

But never mind that! What if any old answer you feel like giving on any given day is the math that goes into building multistory condos, airplanes, and bridges? The condo collapses, the plane crashes, and the bridge falls down. Because even if you’re only a few percentage points off, that nice bridge you just designed is going to fall into the river. And heaven only knows where that rocket you just launched will land.

We live in an age when barking crazy nonsense rolls sonorously out of the mouths of people who are supposed to be experts, sages, authorities, role models, and (God help us) “leaders.” We’ve got a senile “president” to prove it.

How much of this can any civilization stand before it keels over onto the ash-heap of history? Go ahead—try to maintain your own household with hokey arithmetic. See how far you get before they turn your lights off.

With the voice of God’s wisdom personified, the Bible says “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36). We reject wisdom—and experience, and tradition—in favor of leftid political fairy tales, many of them decidedly unwholesome. Just because 2 + 2 always used to make 4 doesn’t mean it does so anymore! That’s a white people’s answer! It disrespects all those wonderful people for whom 2 + 2 make 3! Not that such persons ever actually existed, outside of a mental hospital or some incredibly rustic environment—but wokies can’t be bothered by such petty considerations as reality.

If enough people decide to be gay, be transgender, or have abortions, sooner or later the human race dies out. If we all do it, we die. Our planes crash on takeoff. Our smart cars decide to play demolition derby. Everything goes wrong.

What percentage of the population has to believe woke fairy tales before we reach a point of no return? When are things so screwed-up, they can’t be fixed? When have we strayed far enough off the road of sanity that we can’t find our way back?

If it were only a few micro-constituencies, we could just shrug it off. But these micro-constituencies enjoy the throttle-wide-open support of the Democrat Party, teachers’ unions, Big Tech, wacko Far Left billionaires, Hollywood, the universities, and even pro sports—all of them pushing this garbage as if their very lives depended on it. God only knows what they’re thinking. I very much doubt that they can explain themselves.

We have to take back our civilization. We appeal to God, the Judge of all the earth.

God can do without this civilization; another one will take its place, built on the ruins.

But we can’t do without God; and I would like to see our civilization survive.

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