“There is overwhelming bipartisan support outside of Washington that we need to finally secure our borders, enforce our laws, and stop the problem of illegal immigration.”  —Ted Cruz

“Quite simply, federal laws already on the books aimed at stopping the flow of illegal immigration must be enforced.  Furthermore, states must be given the resources necessary to confront the problem, which includes strengthening the border patrol.”  — Allen West

In spite of President Trump’s crack down on illegal immigration, illegal aliens are pouring into our country in large numbers.  For the months of March, April and May of 2018 over 50,000 illegal aliens have crossed our southern border each month, according to the U. S. Border Patrol.  50,000 illegal entries per month equals 600,000 illegal entries per year and you, a legal American, get to pay for each one of them, and pay through the nose.

Right after the U. S. Government’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decided to end family separation at the southern border due to irrational Democratic pressure and U. S. District court decisions, the word traveled like a wildfire to Central and South America.  On September 13, 2018, DHS reported a huge spike in the number of families crossing into the U. S. seeking asylum.  Of course, we have to take them all in under U. S. law.

In 2012, Obama issued an executive order that shielded millions of illegal aliens from deportation, who came here illegally with their parents. (DACA)   Once again, the word got out to Central and South America and a humanitarian crisis erupted at America’s southern border with tens of thousands of minors showing up at the border without parents or guardians.  These children now live in America and legal Americans are paying for their care, to the tune of billions of dollars per year.  Thousands of those un-accompanied minors were and are members of the brutal gang known as MS-13.

Several credible research organizations have pegged the illegal immigrant population between 11 to 12 million.  Many Americans are skeptical of these numbers and believe the illegal immigrant population is much higher, maybe even as high as 20 million.  What most of these research organizations forget to mention is that illegal immigrants have babies.  Pew Research, in a recent report, stated that 275,000 babies were born to illegal aliens living in the United States in 2017.  Each one of those babies became an anchor baby under the 14th Amendment and at the same time became a U. S. Citizen, creating a huge magnet and spurring further illegal immigration.  Most of these new illegal alien babies are born into poor illegal alien families and require growing government assistance.

Further, birth rates among minority groups are much higher than the white population, increasing the ratio of the minority population to the white population.  The birth rate of the white population has fallen below replacement.  In 1940 the white population in America was 89.8%.  Today it is 62%.  The fact is, America is slowly browning and becoming a poorer nation.  This is not meant as a racial statement, only a statement of fact.

If it isn’t clear by now, it may never be clear.  When it comes to protecting our borders and allowing hordes of poor illegal aliens into America, the American government is failing the legal citizens of America and failing them badly.  Will the legal population of America sit back and watch while indigent, non-English speaking illegal aliens overrun their country?  Will they ignore the thousands of tons of narcotics pouring into America every year, a real and present danger to their children?  Will they watch as their taxes go up to pay for this extremely poor illegal alien population?  Will they turn their heads as the low-skilled jobs dry up for legal Americans?  Will they look the other way while diseases that were eradicated in America years ago, return to our shores from disease-carrying illegal aliens re-infecting Americans?

If government won’t protect us then who will?  If our representatives that are suppose to represent the people in the people’s best interests, are incapable of defending America’s sovereignty and its borders, who then will do the job?  Is the answer just to let them all in anywhere at any time and grant them amnesty?  If the laws of America are not sufficient to stop the hordes of illegal aliens then the laws should be changed, or the laws should be ignored by law enforcement.  Since government won’t do it, the job to change the laws, ignore the laws, or enforce the existing laws, falls on the shoulders of the American people, en masse.

Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t need a fortress type wall, with concrete and steel on the southern border, we need a heavily armed human wall.  If 50,000 armed legal, citizen Americans, or the National Guard, descended on the southern border with orders to apprehend illegal aliens under arms and then immediately deport them without regard to individual situations, the hordes will continue and the cost to support the hordes will go up exponentially.  If they can get in for free, more will come.  If there is no price to pay, there is no deterrent.

America can’t take in all the poor of the world without destroying our standard of living, seriously increasing our national debt and swamping our own lifeboat!  The Democrats don’t care.  Illegal aliens are future Democrat voters.

Oh, but you say, the job of protecting our borders is the job of the border patrol or the military.  Why should American citizens put their lives on the line?  BECAUSE THEIR VERY FREE LIVES AND PERSONAL SECURTIY ARE ON THE LINE!  Until American citizens start putting their lives on the line, all this socialist, environmental, illegal immigration and one-world-order crap that is going on in America today, will continue and get worse while gutless legal American citizens are being led around by the nose by their representatives, the elite, the establishment, the central bankers and the deep state.

Where in the Hell are the mavericks of America that won’t stand for dictates and edicts from those that consider them selves superior to the masses?  Where are the heroes that run headlong into battle to defeat the enemy or save their comrades?  Have the men of America turned into sissies who are afraid to get their hands dirty or their feet wet?  Where are the leaders among men that can motivate an army of men?  Where are the financiers that have the contacts to raise the money to feed, house and maintain that army of men?  Are we Americans that say we cherish freedom, that impotent?

Brave Americans saved the world from the Nazis, the Japanese and the Soviet Communists.  How difficult of a job would it be to save America from the socialist Democrats?

We all moan and groan about how bad it is, but which of us will pick up the pen, the shovel, or the gun to preserve, protect and defend our freedom and the Constitution of the United States?

The previous Senate battle over the ascension of Brett Kavanaugh to the U. S. Supreme Court was just a taste of more things to come.  It is the re-enforcement of mob rule in America and winning by any means, by the left that has been going on for decades.  They are not going to let up until they push conservatives into the ground and silence their message of constitutional freedom forever.  Sadly, the bullies may just have enough brainwashed “zombies” (voters) to get the job done ….. that is if free Americans don’t stand up to this collective socialist bully with a greater force.

If we don’t push back against the Progressive bullies (Democrats) that are trying to take over America by mob rule, then we might just as well let all of the illegal aliens in, stop our activism and let the chips fall where they may.  America will be dead as a free nation anyway, if it isn’t almost there now.

We have put forth a very BOLD PEACEFUL PLAN to reclaim our Republic.  Some say our plan can’t be done because it is just too bold.  But then of course the same naysayers said freedom could never be born in America in 1776 but freedom was born anyway.  Many said we couldn’t tame the frontier and bring the railroad to the continent but we did.  Some have said we could never go to the moon, or explore the solar system, but we are.

If those among you who haven’t become American sissies and have decided to do something besides moan and groan, try turning your anger into meaningful action by determining for yourself if our plan is too bold.  We will lead the charge if enough will join us.  But alas, the general that leads a charge without an army is a fool and a martyr.  He will die or be locked up and tortured.  Rest assured, we have no intentions of becoming a martyr.

Otherwise, you might just as well let all the illegal aliens in, give them an amnesty card like the one shown above and pay the piper, that is if high taxes and strangling regulation under mob rule haven’t made you go broke and you are forced to join the hopeless, drug infested, mentally deranged homeless on the streets of our big cities.

Now of course you can say that there is no war and everything is just fine in America.  Why expose yourself to government scrutiny or government wrath?  It’s OK that your taxes are too high and sorely wasted by government.  It’s OK that the wealthy elite and international corporations are working feverishly to dissolve American sovereignty in favor of one world government.  It’s OK that radical environmentalism has overwhelmed the freedoms and liberties we have come to expect under our Constitution.  It’s OK that health care premiums are going through the roof.  It’s OK that most of our public school teachers and college professors are rabid environmentalists and socialists that were taught in our liberal colleges.  They are teaching our kids how to be good little socialists.  It’s OK that the Democrats want to repeal the Electoral College.

It’s OK that our borders are empty vessels with no bottoms that allow all the Jose’s, Juan’s and Maria’s that want to, pour through without being impeded and then abusing America’s generosity.  It’s OK that many cities and some states have declared sanctuaries for illegal alien murders, rapists and robbers.  Certainly it is no problem that the nation’s infrastructure is in a serious state of repair.  It’s OK that the 13 Colonies that gave to birth to freedom are now hotbeds of socialism.  And why should we worry that our government institutions have now been weaponized for political purposes with their number one enemy being every American conservative individual or group.  It’s OK that the Internal Revenue Service has been turned into a politicized Gestapo collection agency that has every American shivering in fear.  We could go on, but what’s the point if nothing is going to be done, or no one is going to lift a finger to change it.

Good God!  When are Americans going to wake up?  You can’t win a war with teacups, crumpets and pleasant conversation, or moaning and groaning over the loss of freedoms …. or looking the other way.  You can’t win a war just by voting for politicians who don’t respect their solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Yes, voting is one tool in the war but not the only tool.  To win a war you have to get courageous, determined and mean!

Ladies and gentlemen, at considerable personal risk, we’re putting ourselves on the line.  Which of YOU have the courage to join us?

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