Sadly millions of Americans are so indoctrinated ,they prefer open borders and whatever negative results over a secure border with a wall component where applicable.   The history of mankind is replete with periods of advancement, followed by tough times due to a turning away from God, good solid principles, common sense and innovation.  After the fall of the mighty Roman Empire, European life declined dramatically in all sectors ranging from the form of government to personal hygiene.  Europeans devolved into a backward Dark Ages that produced a lower standard of living and a shorter lifespan than what the ancient Romans experienced.

It was not until the reawakening years during the great Renaissance that Western Europeans began to experience a rejuvenation of intellectual pursuits, new inventions and the classical music we still enjoy today.  Of course, time passed and eventually the search for liberty led individuals to search for new lands to live as Christians away from the bootheel of brutal European king tyrants.  Many people throughout Europe sought a relationship with our heavenly creator through his written word.  They wanted a personal relationship with God, instead of what the Catholic Pope was telling them or allowing them to read, they began to expect and seek a better way of life.

Hence, many pioneering brave souls, particularly the Pilgrims were driven by a burning desire to create a Biblically based society of liberty.  Through much effort and learning from foolish mistakes, the Pilgrims laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the greatest nation of all time.  As I have mentioned in numerous columns and The Edwards Notebook radio commentaries throughout the years, it was an unyielding faith in Yaweh and his Providential guidance that encouraged the founders of this republic to inspire men toward personal greatness and a higher moral standard.

People came to understand that men prospered more in an environment where they were free to rise by their own efforts or fall by their mistakes and tempered by a high moral character.  Those coming out of the dark Middle Ages eventually understood that when men are free to pursue the fulfilment of their God given destinies, there would be many more instances of success.  Thus, the new age of enlightenment and spiritual growth ushered in unprecedented levels of personal opportunities and societal advancements.

There is an old saying that you can either be bitter or better after enduring hardship, real or imagined.  People ranging from the Pilgrims to the Founding Fathers and beyond refused to maintain a bitter attitude toward their European oppressors and held a forward focus toward a positive future.  Such a wise approach prevented hateful bitterness to foster the duplication of the problems the Pilgrims escaped from and the Founders fought against.  For centuries, many people suffered the wrath of the mighty Roman Empire.  Rightfully so, they were not happy about it.  But during the waning days of Rome as a dominant entity, not one other society arose to present something better.  What followed the Roman Empire was a period of both mental and spiritual digression coupled with brutal oppression by bitter brutish overlords and kings.

In our own republic, there have been periods of great advancements and a few backward steps as well.  One of the most noted American tragedies was the era of slavery.  Of course, slavery was a world wide phenomenon.  But bitter American leftist democrats focus on slavery, past racist/democrat party practices as if they never stopped.  Unfortunately, many people neglect to recognize that the slavery and other evils of the past are just that and have for decades refused to move on and take advantage of the many great opportunities that avail themselves to all who seek to achieve in this life.  As a result, entire communities have bought into the demonic lies of continued oppression and to this very day support policies, rulings and principles that are not only detrimental to their own progress, but if unchecked will destroy our entire republic.

If most Americans adopt the mindset of those who have for decades followed and existed via the bitter stupefying philosophy dispersed to urban ghetto dwellers, America will cease to be great permanently.   “We the People” must fight to avoid the awful temptation to be bitter over past injustices or even current issues that can be overcome.  Frederick Douglas once suffered the indignities of slavery. But chose to obtain freedom and secure greatness through achievement, not bitterness or the dark age mentality of no personal growth.  Thus, there is no excuse other than death or an addle brain for you and I to succumb to past or present trials.  A nation is only as great as her families, moral practices, beliefs and the thinking of her people.  The Bible says, “As a man thinks so is he”.  Collectively that applies to a nation as well.  Together we can avoid a dark age of doom for our nation if will enlighten ourselves with the truth that can lead to the rebirth of our exceptional shining city on a hill republic.

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