By Lex Greene

July 21, 2022

The short answer is, worse than in 2020.

It’s no secret that the Biden (Obama 3.0) administration is the most unpopular administration in U.S. history, and for plenty of good reasons. No previous administration has ever created such a huge dumpster fire across the country and around the world in such a short period of time.

Clearly, Joe Biden lacks the mental capacity to read a teleprompter correctly, much less run anything, or even know where he is, or why, most of the time. Kamala Harris is even worse than Biden, but not due to late stage dementia. She’s always been dumber than a box of rocks. Biden is down to a 28% approval rating, but Kamala is even lower.

So, Americans predicting a “red wave” on November 8th can read these tea leaves and draw the conclusion that democrats across the country will be politically slaughtered in the 2022 mid-terms. But there’s a key element to that prediction that most are ignoring…we don’t have legitimate elections.

2020 isn’t the first time democrats worked to perfect the art of stealing an election. In 2000, they tried to seat Al Gore in the Oval Office by denying the certification of the overseas Military vote, while knocking “hanging chads” from paper ballots on the floor in endless Florida recounts…A fraudulent process eventually stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court.

All the way back in 1936, the Democrat E. H. Crump political machine based in Memphis, which controlled much of Tennessee, extended to McMinn County with the introduction of Paul Cantrell as the Democratic candidate for sheriff. Cantrell engaged in electoral fraud, both by intimidating voters who voted against him, and by allowing ineligible people to vote. The U.S. Department of Justice had investigated allegations of electoral fraud in McMinn County in 1940, 1942, and 1944, but had never taken any action.

But by 2020, the Democrat Party had perfected a plethora of election fraud methods and they used all of them, making the 2020 elections the most fraudulent election in human history! The entire world knows it, and they can’t figure out why Americans have allowed it to stand.

For decades, the Democrat Party has been cheating in elections, by any means necessary. The Republican Party has allowed it to continue for decades, in part due to a legal agreement called a Consent Decree, which the GOP made with the Democrat Party back in 1982. Since 1982, the Republican Party had been legally prohibited from contesting elections due to suspected vote fraud. Of course, Republican voters and donors never agreed to any such thing, and most never even knew about it. A Federal Court allowed that agreement to expire in 2018, just ahead of the mid-terms.

Still, with massive fraud on open global display in the 2020 elections, the Republican Party sat quiet as the worst administration in U.S. history stole the White House and numerous Congressional seats in broad daylight, or the dark of night when it came to after-hours DNC ballot drops at key swing state distracts, captured on film. Republican Vice President Mike Pence participated in the steal and continues to participate in the coverup, as do many other Republican officials, the worst among them, Liz Cheney (WY) and Mitt Romney (UT).

Countless groups have worked around the clock to evidence and expose the massive 2020 fraud since, as all news networks and both political parties continue to deny any wrongdoing even today. The evidence isn’t just compelling, it’s overwhelming, despite an obvious effort to cover it all up.

So, just how bad will the democrat party fraud be in November 2022?

Well, when there are no consequences for committing massive election fraud in front of the entire world, there is no reason to stop committing that fraud. In fact, it encourages the cheaters to up the ante in election after election until someone finally puts a stop to it. All they needed was a little cover, such as the fake COVID19 scamdemic used to open up unverifiable mail-in and drop box balloting, along with illegal ballot harvesting and election machine hacking. It worked once, so they will most surely do it again!

Because nothing at all has been done about the fraud in 2020, there is no reason to expect that democrats won’t continue that practice in 2022. No one in the USA has successfully challenged their crimes.

How far are they willing to go in 2022?

Again, the short answer is, however far they need to go to make sure they retain political power after November. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING AT ALL, is off the table in 2022.

Democrats know they are highly unpopular today, even among many lifelong democrats who foolishly voted for them in 2020. They know they have no chance of legitimately winning any election this November. As a result, they also know that they will have to cheat more in 2022 than they did in 2020 and they are already doing it across the country.

  • Will democrats use all of the fraudulent methods they used in 2020? YES
  • Will they launch another scamdemic to force unverifiable voting? YES
  • Will they continue to ratchet up war with Russia in Ukraine? YES
  • Will they continue to sell USA resources to Communist China? YES
  • Will they continue to demolish the US Military? YES
  • Will they continue to put illegal invaders and convicts on the streets everywhere? YES
  • Will they continue to target all law enforcement and border agents? YES
  • Will they continue to threaten and attack all Constitutionally Protected Rights? YES
  • Will they continue to destroy our schools and churches? YES
  • Will they continue to flood the USA with bioweapons and fentanyl? YES
  • Will they continue to plant terror cells in every city? YES
  • Will they continue to intentionally destroy our economy? YES
  • Will they continue to cause massive inflation and supply chain shortages? YES
  • Will they do all they can to cause a total economic collapse before November? YES
  • Will they continue to unleash Marxist terrorists like BLM and ANTIFA on the public? YES
  • Will they use “false flag” events to gaslight unsuspecting citizens? YES
  • Will they use the Military against Citizens if need be? YES
  • Will they continue to create a never ending stream of “emergencies” to win? YES
  • Will they continue to lie to win? YES

All the above is a known given… no need for any imagination, since we have watched democrats do it all for many years.

The democrat party also teaches their candidates in RED districts in open primary states, to run on Republican tickets. They also teach democrat voters to cross over in open GOP primaries to vote for the republican candidate, whom they want to run against in the general election.

Even worse, the democrat party is spending millions on republican candidates in open republican primaries, just to manipulate GOP elections and hand pick the candidate they think they can defeat in the general elections.

And of course, there is nothing new about global nation-wreckers like Nazi George Soros spending billions to manipulate elections from the top of the ballot to the bottom, coast to coast.

Will they flood our country with criminals and terrorists from every 3rd world toilet, replacing uncontrollable Americans with easily controllable 3rd world voters? YES

In my opinion, they are even willing to sponsor mass shootings, BLM and ANTIFA riots, or even nuke U.S. cities with dirty bombs they can blame on Putin, just to retain their ill-gotten power in an election year they are doomed to lose BIG! These criminals are highly capable of doing anything to retain power and any casualties of their crimes are acceptable collateral damage to whatever they deem necessary.

So, how bad will election fraud be in 2022?

Far worse than in 2020, and this time, they won’t limit their tactics to merely stuffing and stealing votes. They are desperate, and desperate people are very dangerous.

Unless American Citizens make it their business to do whatever it takes to secure the November elections, a RED WAVE remains highly unlikely, despite running against the most unpopular administration in U.S. history. There are many things the people can and should do to turn the tide, they just have to do it.

I work with that just released their most recent Citizen Call to Action. Anyone can do this, and everyone should, unless you have already surrendered. More action items will be issued by the group, so get connected with us to get properly engaged.

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